“There is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land. By swearing and lying, killing and stealing and commiting adultery, they break all restraint, with bloodshed upon bloodshed. Therefore the land will mourn...” (Hosea 4:1-3)

This Christian Voice website shows how brutal Britain is becoming today. It gives the lie to those who maintain things are no worse than they have always been. It shows a level of depravity unimaginable twenty, ten, even five years ago. And it is getting worse as our rebellion against God gets worse. KEEP READING

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4 December 2017• David Davies MP's anger as new Scouts' guidelines ban the labels ‘boys’ and ‘girls’

4 December 2017• Teen killers with string of convictions for carrying knives who disembowelled 17-year-old boy in busy street are jailed for life

4 December 2017• Number of transgender prisoners rises by 80%

4 December 2017• Nursery books encourages children as young as three to question their gender

3 December 2017• Meghan Markle: “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.”

3 December 2017• Record number of children left in day care

3 December 2017• Teen blade blow: number of under-18s let off with cautions after being caught carrying a knife hits eight-year high

3 December 2017• Most disturbing video game ever? Sickening abuse scene shows violent dad beat daughter, 10, to death

3 December 2017• Pupils suffering from anxiety and depression to receive counselling in schools

3 December 2017• Sister Fact: How this lesbian twin and her identical straight sister could reveal the secret to human sexuality

2 December 2017• Sexual harassment plaguing classical music sector, study finds

1 December 2017• Children suffering from a serious illness should not be given the right to die, warns Britain's most senior family judge

1 December 2017• More than half 18-24 year-olds admit to having unprotected sex at least once, finds survey

1 December 2017• Soaring numbers of children seeing psychiatrists amid anxiety epidemic

1 December 2017• Callous yobs caught on CCTV wreaking havoc again at Glasgow project for traumatised war veterans

1 December 2017• LGBTQ Children's Books Celebrating Diversity

1 December 2017• Kids home alone Mum abandoned her three children in UK for a week while she went to Spain

30 November 2017• Muslims could make up 14% of Europe’s population by 2050

30 November 2017• Will a robot take your job? 800 MILLION workers will be replaced by machines by 2030, report warns

30 November 2017• More gamblers 'self-excluding' as online betting grows

29 November 2017• Wisbech man arrested following online grooming trap by paedophile hunters on Facebook

29 November 2017• Number of pensioners in prison has TRIPLED since 2010 due to sex-crime avalanche

29 November 2017• Sex offences by adults in position of trust up 82%, says NSPCC

29 November 2017• Paddy Power advert banned for normalising gambling at work

29 November 2017• Jesus Christ tomb shock: Test results on holy site add PROOF tomb IS that of Christ

28 November 2017• Paedophile who boasted of sex acts with dogs jailed for child images and bestiality

28 November 2017• Starbucks launch new Christmas cups after same-sex design controversy

28 November 2017• Child knife deaths in England and Wales set for nine-year peak

28 November 2017• Christians are deemed 'dangerous and offensive' says Tim Farron

28 November 2017• Europe's HIV epidemic is growing at an 'alarming pace' as infections reach their highest level since records began, WHO report finds

27 November 2017• The creepy socially intelligent robots that are so realistic they feel like 'they are alive'

27 November 2017• Cyber Monday marks the start of Britain's £16 million online fraud bonanza

27 November 2017• No takers at half of same-sex marriage venues, survey says

27 November 2017• Oxford college votes down calls for gender neutral toilets amid fears it will make students feel 'uncomfortable'

27 November 2017• 'How to have sex with your child' – YouTube admits it showed 'profoundly disturbing' results

27 November 2017• Girl Guides to let BOYS SHOWER WITH GIRLS if they claim to be gender fluid

27 November 2017• Number of older single mothers doubles in a decade

27 November 2017• Political correctness means no-one in Britain DARE tell the truth anymore – Morrisey

27 November 2017• Transsexual woman who pushed cop onto train tracks released on bail

27 November 2017• Children will always suffer in a divorce

27 November 2017• Heart attack deaths to rise as obesity EPIDEMIC takes hold of UK

27 November 2017• More than one in 10 babies are born to parents who live apart for the first time, official data reveals

26 November 2017• All you need to know: What is the rainbow lace campaign, why are the players wearing them and where can you buy them?

26 November 2017• Twisted Jon Venables trawled internet dating sites in search of single mums

26 November 2017• Christmas shopping 2017: ONE in THREE parents reliant on credit cards

26 November 2017• Court judge calls for change in high profile careers 'ruined by unproven abuse claims'

26 November 2017• New powers to stop campaigners intimidating abortion-clinic patients considered by Government

25 November 2017• Divorce is a disaster. Don’t let’s make it easier

25 November 2017• British birth rate at RECORD LOW & women opt out raising a family – ONS

25 November 2017• Angry people fall ill more often: Just one of ten reasons why your bad temper could be killing you

25 November 2017• And if you insist on grace at meals, don't mention God say Guides

25 November 2017• Footie Trans United: Premier League football fans will get the option to identify as gender neutral on match tickets

25 November 2017• Record number of same-sex couples adopting children, heterosexual applications decline

25 November 2017• Sunday schools 'should be monitored'

25 November 2017• Cambridge University introduces special services for LGBTI Christian students

24 November 2017• "A horrifying charity": Irish politician slams bpas support of gender selective and late term abortion

24 November 2017• Call to regulate video game loot boxes over gambling concerns

24 November 2017• DfE promises crackdown on home schooling

24 November 2017• 'Wrongful birth' payout: Mum gets £9million compensation for autistic son she would have aborted if doc hadn’t botched test

24 November 2017• Woman ‘made three suicide pacts with men’

24 November 2017• Mother's fury as school asks 11-year-old pupils to rate BLACK PEOPLE as potential neighbours they wouldn't want to live next to

23 November 2017• When the trans becomes tragic, and cool becomes cruel

23 November 2017• Minimum price for tobacco ‘will help smokers quit’

23 November 2017• More than 40% of reported rapes in the EU take place in England and Wales

23 November 2017• More LGBT couples and fewer heterosexual couples are applying to adopt children in the UK

23 November 2017• James Bulger killer Jon Venables 'back in prison after child sex abuse images found on laptop AGAIN'

22 November 2017• Revealed: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision

22 November 2017• Scouts Scotland back LGBT teaching in schools campaign

22 November 2017• Five reasons why ‘no-fault divorce’ would be a disaster for marriage

22 November 2017• British law must recognise Muslim marriage ceremonies

22 November 2017• Gender row: Furious mum pulls ‘trans-curious’ son, 16, out of school after he was sent home for wearing a wig and make-up

22 November 2017• Married Pakistani doctor, 44, who molested student nurse, 21, then blamed it on 'different cultural norms' in the UK gets to keep his job

22 November 2017• GENDER ISSUE: What are gender-free teaching and gender-neutral parenting? New trends explained

21 November 2017• Caroline Flint: Girls’ rights must not be forgotten in the trans debate

21 November 2017• Girl, 16, locked up for life for manslaughter of seven-year-old Katie Rough

21 November 2017• Do not refer to female pupils as ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ because it ‘reminds them of their gender’, headteachers told

21 November 2017• Rapist's jail move bid Transgender woman who raped a 15-year-old girl could be moved to a female prison under proposed law

20 November 2017• A Vote for Sinn Féin is Now Unambiguously a Vote for Abortion on Demand

20 November 2017• TUBBY TOT TSUNAMI: Kids as young as TEN so fat they need hip ops hitting NHS with huge bills

20 November 2017• JIHADI JAILS: Ministers step up war on extremist prisoners by creating two new ‘jihadi wings’ for hate-filled lags

20 November 2017• Mind your manners! Modern Brits 'too busy to say please and thank you'

20 November 2017• Demand for sex robots rises as customers ask for 'emotional' cyborgs that can fulfil their kinky fetishes

19 November 2017• Dementia patients prescribed unnecessary drugs to keep them calm

19 November 2017• MPs tried to access PORN more than 110,000 times last year

19 November 2017• Divorcing parents who poison children against their former partner could lose custody

18 November 2017• ‘Luxury’ Advent calendars are all about greed, says senior churchman

18 November 2017• Children as young as 12 sold for sex in Glasgow prostitution ring

18 November 2017• University chaplain, 46, becomes the Methodist Church's first transgender minister after hiding her true identity for more than 40 years

17 November 2017• Judge gives green light to euthanasia after ordering jury to CLEAR man who killed dad

17 November 2017• JAILED: Crooked social worker who stole almost £38,000 from elderly men in her care

17 November 2017• Morrisons supermarket manager who was so addicted to slot machines his girlfriend left him hanged himself after leaving a note saying: 'I am sorry for gambling, it was my biggest regret'

17 November 2017• Methodist Church appoints first transgender minister

17 November 2017• UK road tax evasion has trebled since paper disc was ditched

16 November 2017• Law to change to make sex between coaches and 16- and 17-year-olds illegal

16 November 2017• Number of teachers cheating to get better exam results up fourfold in four years, finds report

16 November 2017• Broken heart can cause same type of long-lasting damage as a heart attack

15 November 2017• Court hears transgender woman's appeal over access to her Jewish children

15 November 2017• Prince Harry plays shopkeeper as he hands out free HIV testing kits

15 November 2017• Scotland leading the world over minimum alcohol price

15 November 2017• Jewish teenager stabbed 12 times in London park

15 November 2017• Greggs sorry after replacing baby Jesus with sausage roll in advent calendar promotion

15 November 2017• Gay Times editor suspended over racist, antisemitic and transphobic tweets

14 November 2017• 'Politically-correct fascism': Catholic school forced to ban words mother and father

14 November 2017• Portsmouth council to look at buffer zones outside abortion clinic following debate

14 November 2017• Religion, abortion and the cowards who can’t bear to let children think for themselves

14 November 2017• THIS is how much more likely black people are to be stopped and searched by West Midlands Police

14 November 2017• 'Schoolboy plotted Islamic State terror attack to coincide with a gig by Justin Bieber'

14 November 2017• Schoolboy listened to violent film song before stabbing his teacher to death

14 November 2017• 'Transgender lessons' to be given to nursery children as young as two

13 November 2017• Anna Richardson ‘considering adoption’ with Sue Perkins

13 November 2017• FIEND'S SHOPPING TRIP: Child killer Colin Pitchfork who murdered two schoolgirls allowed to hit the shops in a busy city centre ahead of release

13 November 2017• Yobs throw water on shocked strangers in horrifying FAKE acid attack prank that terrified travellers on London Underground

13 November 2017• More than 60 per cent of UK school staff have witnessed racist bullying

13 November 2017• ‘Christian’ described as abhorrent for saying being gay is bad for children

12 November 2017• UK'S BELLY FLOP: Britain is now the fattest nation in Western Europe and the sixth fattest in the world

12 November 2017• Grieving widow burgled by sick theives while at funeral of her husband

11 November 2017• Scottish Lib Dems back gender-neutral school uniforms

11 November 2017• Thefts of heating oil from rural homes soar by 50% in just six years with £4million worth stolen in 2016 alone

11 November 2017• I called a trans boy a girl by mistake... and it may cost me my job as a teacher: Maths tutor suspended after praising pupil using the wrong gender

10 November 2017• Driverless cars are at 'real risk' of being hacked and having their brakes remotely applied when introduced to Britain

9 November 2017• Scotland just took a huge step forward in legally recognising transgender children

8 November 2017• Rapists as young as 10 could be locked up in specialist units following the rise of 'dark and very troubling' attacks carried out by children

8 November 2017• 'NUMB WITH PAIN': Birth parents of tragic Elsie Scully-Hicks blast social services and says ‘she would still be alive’ if she’d not been taken off them

7 November 2017• Yobs aim fireworks at woman's head in Walsall

7 November 2017• Significant increase in prisoners caught with radical Islamist books fuelling concerns jails are becoming hotbeds of extremism

7 November 2017• Rise in 'dark and troubling' sexual offences by children sparks concern

7 November 2017• Murdered toddler Elsie Scully-Hicks' birth family reveal they fought to keep her

7 November 2017• Nicola Sturgeon apologises 'wholeheartedly' to gay men convicted of abolished sex offences

7 November 2017• Gay Fitness instructor convicted of murdering adopted daughter he called ‘Satan in a Babygro'

6 November 2017• UK: Muslim migrants granted permission to stay in Britain indefinitely, then form rape gang

6 November 2017• Elite London gentleman's club bends its rules to accept a transgender woman

6 November 2017• DADDY CAN BE MUMMY: Womb transplants could allow men to have babies ‘tomorrow’, claims expert

6 November 2017• Children as young as 10 are now being caught 'sexting' each other

6 November 2017• Child sexting incidents more than double in two years

6 November 2017• Scotland offers free abortions to women from Northern Ireland

6 November 2017• Most people think politics should replace religious studies in schools, poll shows

6 November 2017• Faith leaders condemn 'racist' objections to Golders Green mosque

5 November 2017• JAIL HATE PREACHER: Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo allowed to preach jihadi bile to fellow lags

5 November 2017• Transgender prisoners should have sex change surgery BEFORE being moved to women's jails amid fears for other inmates

5 November 2017• Gang of one hundred yobs 'turn nasty at family fireworks display and injure people by hurling bottles and bricks'

5 November 2017• Teen boy held after double acid attack leaves man fighting for life and almost blind

5 November 2017• 'Like a pound shop Harvey Weinstein': Tory whip Chris Pincher dressed in his bathrobe 'tried to untuck the shirt of Olympic rower after luring him back to his London home'

4 November 2017• UK “loses” 56,000 Muslim migrants due for deportation, including over 700 ex-cons

3 November 2017• Hallowe’en gang steal £5k cancer patient had saved for her funeral

3 November 2017• Call for end to prayers before meetings in Northern Ireland Council

3 November 2017• BAN TECH FOR KIDS: Top MP says young children shouldn’t be allowed smartphones and blames technology for rise of sex attacks

3 November 2017• NO LAUGHING MATTER: Hippy crack fuels ‘steep rise in teenagers using drugs’ – as more dabble with illegal substances than smoke, experts warn

3 November 2017• At least 56,000 migrants including criminals and illegal immigrants on the run in Britain

2 November 2017• Addicts should be able to take banned substances without fear of prosecution in 'drug consumption rooms', says MP

2 November 2017• Rape of six-year-old child 'dismissed by teachers as playful activity'

2 November 2017• 'Nothing to fear' Brexit Britain can walk away without EU deal warns Fox

2 November 2017• GAGA GAZA FUNDING: MPs blast the Foreign Office for blowing £19,000 on a consultant for a four-month gender project in Palestinian Territories

1 November 2017• More than one in four believes every person who has gay sex should be in jail

1 November 2017• 'THERE COULD BE MORE': Michael Fallon’s warning to the Prime Minister as he quits as Defence Secretary amid sex scandal as pals say he becomes ‘Jekyll and Hyde on booze’

31 October 2017• Sexual harassment allegations: Now Holyrood Scottish Parliament is hit by claims of abuse

31 October 2017• Fixed-odds betting crackdown will barely restrict the bookmakers

31 October 2017• 'Gambling is a public health issue'

31 October 2017• FACECROOK: Thug who threatened to throw toddler out of window makes sick Facebook post from court as he awaits sentencing

31 October 2017• True romance in the UK: Muslims meet on, plot jihad mass murder

31 October 2017• NHS pressured our kids to change sex: Transgender backlash as desperate parents accuse overzealous therapists of 'blindly accepting' children's claims to have been born in wrong body

31 October 2017• The rise of 'digital self-harm': Worrying trend sees children as young as 12 posting nasty anonymous messages about themselves as a cry for help

31 October 2017• Mother-of-four pulls her children out of school after 'teacher called her autistic and brain-damaged 10-year-old son 'spazzy''

31 October 2017• FAST-TRACK FURY: Confused kids are ‘being rushed into sex changes’ by the NHS with dangerous new codes of practice, parents warn

31 October 2017• MAY'S SINNER CIRCLE: Sex pest dossier names six Cabinet ministers and senior allies of PM – throwing parliament into panic

31 October 2017• Outrage as ISIS jihadis to go to the ‘front of the queues for council houses and jobs

31 October 2017• Britain blasted for ‘discriminating AGAINST Christians fleeing Islamic State' in Syria

30 October 2017• Scottish home abortions announcement "threatens an explosion of bad mental health outcomes for women”

30 October 2017• NO GENDER AGENDA: Five Government agencies will no longer ask your sex because of new gender laws

30 October 2017• WESTMINSTER SEXISM ROW: Brexit minister faces official investigation over claims he made his secretary buy SEX TOY gifts and called her ‘sugar t**s’

30 October 2017• UK based Pakistani Christian ‘beaten by gang of Muslims’ for having poppies on his car

30 October 2017• Jeremy Corbyn condemned by Boris Johnson over Israel dinner boycott

30 October 2017• TRICK OR CHEAT: This is why cheating can be GOOD for your marriage, according to a relationship guru

30 October 2017• Anne Robinson says she is in 'despair' over 'fragile' modern women who are 'unable to deal' with sexual harassment in the work place

30 October 2017• Sainsbury's accused of 'heavy-handedness' after threatening Christian Fairtrade campaigners with police action

30 October 2017• Kevin Spacey apologises after being accused of sexual advance on 14-year-old actor

30 October 2017• Now players in Football Manager can come out as gay: New version of best-selling computer game has option where squad members can reveal their sexuality

29 October 2017• Teenage boy stabbed to death in Croydon

29 October 2017• Gay men to receive Scottish government apology

28 October 2017• 'Muhammad' is the Future of Europe

27 October 2017• JAIL MELTDOWN: Record levels of violence in British prisons as number of officers guarding most notorious lags falls by 30 per cent

27 October 2017• Christian thrown out of university over anti-gay remarks loses appeal

26 October 2017• SNIPECHAT: Jeremy Hunt blames social media giants for allowing cyber bullying to push teenagers into depression and self harm

26 October 2017• Amber Rudd urged by 113 MPs to ban protests outside abortion clinics

26 October 2017• Halal meat row as Lancashire council becomes first to ban unstunned meat from all school meals

26 October 2017• 'I WANT U TO KILL FOR ME' :Wannabe jihadi wife ‘dreamed of beheading Katie Hopkins’ in messages sent to ISIS-inspired husband who plotted to ‘celebrate’ their wedding with a terror attack

26 October 2017• Women in Scotland will be allowed to take abortion pill at home

26 October 2017• Gay man cut holes in condom to deliberately infect lovers, then confesses he's 'riddled,' court hears

26 October 2017• 'Do not call them he or she' Family advertise for nanny for ‘gender-neutral’ children

26 October 2017• Police arrest half as many people as they did a decade ago despite record levels of crime

26 October 2017• ARK AT THAT: Will Noah’s Ark finally be FOUND? Experts convinced they will PROVE the Biblical ship ended up on Mount Ararat in Turkey

26 October 2017• GM potato trial showing positive signs of blight resistance at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich

26 October 2017• Suspects sought after brawl between transgender activists and radical feminists

25 October 2017• Named person guidance could see children’s information ‘stockpiled’, police warn

25 October 2017• Groundbreaking DNA and RNA editing could cure up to 15,000 diseases: Scientists can swap out genetic mutations including cystic fibrosis

25 October 2017• HORROR MASK: Halloween masks of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for sale online

25 October 2017• Burger King may regret offering FREE WHOPPERS for doing this one thing on Saturday

24 October 2017• Introducing laws to tackle hate preachers would be ‘quite wrong’, says terror law tsar

24 October 2017• MUM SNUB: Foreign Office blasted for trying to ban Brits from saying ‘pregnant woman’ — as it may offend transgender parents

24 October 2017• Elsie Scully-Hicks: Father referred to toddler as 'Satan' and 'diva' in text messages prior to her death, court hears

24 October 2017• CHEAP ROOM AND BAWD: Sex club persuades major hotel chains to give discount rooms to swingers going to orgies

23 October. 2017• Gambling adverts 'in 95% of TV matches'

23 October 2017• UKIP equalities chief: Transgender political correctness ‘is going way too far’

23 October 2017• Northern Irish women offered free abortion services in England

23 October 2017• The UK Foreign aid budget is being 'squandered' on stop-smoking schemes

23 October 2017• NO LABELS HERE: Paloma Faith reveals she will bring her children up as gender neutral

23 October. 2017• Transgender woman froze her sperm while still a man so she can father a child one day

22 October 2017• Is it just me? Or is Halloween now impossible to escape? asks CLARE FOGES

22 October 2017• Christian in adoption row loses legal fight

22 October 2017• LGBT charity criticised over staff guidelines allowing sex with clients

22 October 2017• Church of Scientology opens headquarters in Birmingham, amid protests from former members

21 October 2017• Fenland’s gambling habits revealed: We lose £7,000 A DAY to fixed odds betting machines (FOBTs)

21 October 2017• £20,000-per-year private school that introduced gender-neutral toilets has enraged parents further by scrapping its end-of-year prizes to avoid upsetting 'sensitive students'

21 October 2017• Trick or treat: Be a sexy devil this Halloween in these sizzling costumes

21 October 2017• Transgender woman, 21, splashes out £55,000 on cosmetic surgery including bum implants and nose jobs to look like a Bratz doll

20 October 2017• Large rise in child grooming offences against children in Cambridgeshire

20 October 2017• Women in Scotland could be allowed to take the abortion pill at home

20 October 2017• Playboy features first ever transgender model – and she's smoking hot

20 October 2017• PIE-MARY SCHOOL: Major health fears sparked as one in five children are now OBESE when they leave primary school at 11

20 October 2017• One of Britain's largest abortion providers 'paid its staff bonuses for encouraging women to go through with procedures' claims watchdog in damning report

20 October 2017• CRIMINAL INCREASE: Crime soars in England and Wales as police figures reveal 5.2million offences were recorded last year — with VIOLENT incidents up 19 per cent

20 October 2017• Too few children in too many pews, latest C of E mission statistics warn

19 October 2017• Nine of out ten home burglaries are never solved by police: Nearly 400,000 home break-in probes close without a suspect being established, figures reveal

19 October 2017• Almost one in three gay and bisexual men say they’ve been a victim of sexual assault or rape

19 October 2017• Mecca Bingo owner buoyed by online sales

19 October 2017• Violent Crime Surge Blamed For 13% Rise In Number Of Offences In England And Wales

19 October 2017• 'Steep rise' in self-harm among teenage girls

19 October 2017• KNIFE NIGHTMARE: Knife crime rises by a QUARTER to its highest level in more than six years, shocking police figures show

19 October 2017• Humanists UK warns schools and parents about ‘evangelical’ Christmas shoebox appeal

19 October 2017• Scotland to ban parents from smacking their children with landmark legislation

19 October 2017• GM crops ‘not the answer’ to UK food security

18 October 2017• Prime Minister Theresa May vows to support LGBT-inclusive sex ed at PinkNews Awards

18 October 2017• Murder trial mother 'wanted abortion after learning baby was girl'

18 October 2017• Divorce rates increase for the first time this decade as over-50s untie the knot

17 October 2017• KILLED FOR IPHONE: Man, 28, stabbed to death by moped muggers who tried to steal his iPhone just yards from home

12 October 2017• Big fall in number of churchgoers

27 July 2017• Revealed: Prison violence reaches record levels as 20 officers are assaulted every day by inmates

27 July 2017• Prisons released 71 inmates in error over the last year in England and Wales as violence surges to new high

27 July 2017• REVEALED: How BRUSSELS is behind UK government plans to ban diesel cars

26 July 2017• Homeless people in Oxford threatened with £2,500 fines

26 July 2017• KIDS BRA OUTRAGE: Primark accused of sexualising young children by selling padded bras for girls as young as seven

26 July 2017• THE LOW DOWN: Humans could become EXTINCT as sperm counts plummet 60% in 40 years – and modern living is to blame

25 July 2017• Casualty star Tom Chambers sparks outrage after defending BBC gender pay gap: 'Men need to pay for their wives'

24 July 2017• SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS: Schoolkids expelled at the age of FIVE for swearing, kicking and terrorising teachers are tamed by inspiring head using jigsaws and fresh air

23 July 2017• BBC ‘stars’ Clare Balding, Emily Maitlis and Sue Barker are among 40 high-profile female staff to sign a letter calling for Lord Hall to ‘act now’ & close Corporation’s gender pay gap

22 July 2017• Take a look at what happened when Trans Pride took over Brighton

21 July 2017• BRIT BOOZERS SPARK CRISIS TALKS: Brits’ half naked drunken rampages in Magaluf spark emergency talks as panicked locals beg politicians to crackdown on revellers

21 July 2017• PM praises Tory LGBT record, and pledges to do more

21 July 2017• Clare Balding delves into Britain’s gay history in new series

20 July 2017• Pupils expelled for assaulting adults rise by a fifth

20 July 2017• Crime rise is biggest in a decade, ONS figures show

20 July 2017• Not giving boys the HPV vaccine will put up to 400,000 at risk, charity warns

19 July 2017• Humanist parent in High Court challenge to exclusion from local religious education body

19 July 2017• SURGE IN VIOLENCE: Assaults on prison officers are up almost 40 per cent with a tragedy now ‘inevitable’, inspectors warned yesterday

19 July 2017• Prime Minister: The Church should 'reflect' on allowing gay couples to marry

18 July 2017• 'TO DADDY, LOVE GRACIE': Haunting family drawing by young girl in tribute to dad ‘stabbed in the throat by moped muggers when he refused to hand over £5,000 Rolex watch’

17 July 2017• Dementia news: Being single or widowed increases risk

17 July 2017• 'PC GONE MAD': University replaces busts of founding fathers with wall of diversity

17 July 2017• School's ban for brawling mothers

16 July 2017• BATTERED IN THE PARK: Lad, 10, left covered in blood after gang of hooded teens threw a brick at his head while ambushing him and his mates in a local park

15 July 2017• TEEN TRAGEDY: Schoolgirl, 15, dies after ‘taking legal high’ in Devon… as two others are rushed to hospital

14 July 2017• Same sex couples help slow decline in marriage as numbers in England and Wales soar

13 July 2017• Transport for London scraps 'ladies and gentlemen' from Tube tannoy announcements in gender-neutral move

12 July 2017• Gay man wins equal pension rights for husband at Supreme Court

12 July 2017• Pair who wed as man and wife will renew vows as a same sex couple

12 July 2017• BONKERS AID BINGE: British taxpayers shelling out additional £45million in foreign aid to provide condoms in Africa

12 July 2017• BRITAIN'S YOUNGEST 'SEXTER': Boy, five, ‘youngest person in Britain’ investigated for sexting nude images as police reveal chilling number of children doing it

11 July 2017• Gonorrhoea vaccine comes step closer to reality after study shows promising results against STI

11 July 2017• The UK government has helped gay couples marry in China, Serbia and Cambodia

10 July 2017• DEATH THREAT HELL: Britain’s first man to give birth says he’s received hundreds of death threats from around the world and reveals he will NOT raise daughter as gender neutral

10 July 2017• MAGARUF: Magaluf used to be known just as a casual sex hotspot but now it has become a warzone as boozy Brits battle with cops and bouncers

9 July 2017• PHILPOTT IS PRISON PAGAN: Arson killer mum Mairead Philpott has become a practising witch in jail

8 July 2017• Number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in five years

7 July 2017• SPOIL SPORTS: Primary school bans all parents from sports day over fears teachers will be abused, intimidated or threatened

7 July 2017• British Army flying the rainbow flag on bases across the world for Pride

6 July 2017• Facebook rejects calls for a Crucifix button after Christian campaigners decry rainbow flag reaction

5 July 2017• Shocking CCTV captures the moment a 17-year-old boy was repeatedly knifed during an unprovoked stabbing in broad daylight

4 July 2017• Shortage of eligible men has left women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts say

30 June 2017• HIV prevention drug could be available by August

27 June 2017• Tesco removes card from shelves after complaints from Christians

15 May 2017• Ten criminals a WEEK commit a serious offence - including sexual and violent crimes - while they are on probation

15 May 2017• WIFE'S SHOCK DECISION: Woman given two years to live after terminal cancer diagnosis writes bucket list – and first decision is to leave her husband

15 May 2017• 'THEY'D BE A LEGEND': Wayne Bridge says Premier League is letting gay players down and calls on first star to come out

15 May 2017• CAUGHT IN A TRAP: Men addicted to porn ‘at risk of erectile dysfunction because their sexual tolerance is higher’

15 May 2017• Transgender Liturgies: Should the Church of England develop liturgical materials to mark gender transition?

15 May 2017• Pornography could be making men sexually dysfunctional

14 May 2017• Boys could wear skirts at top private school under plan for 'gender neutral' uniform

14 May 2017• Marriage helps men survive surgery: Single males are a third more likely to die within two years of treatment

14 May 2017• UK: 13-year-old survivor of Pakistani Muslim grooming/rape gang was ordered by police NOT to mention the ethnicity (or the religion) of her attackers

14 May 2017• UK: Muslim rape gang victim says “I was made to feel as though I was racist”

14 May 2017• Our sex laws aren't working. It’s time to think again before more women’s lives are ruined

13 May 2017• Make all sex education in the UK carry full and comprehensive warning of the health risks attaching to non-monogamous sex

12 May 2017• Families spending LESS time together than ever before - this is why

12 May 2017• SIN BIN: Homeless man whose possessions were chucked out by a binman reveals it included his only photos of his son who died three weeks ago

12 May 2017• LGBT people are prone to mental illness. It’s a truth we shouldn’t shy away from

12 May 2017• REVEALED: Brits are the worst binge drinkers in Europe

11 May 2017• False claims ‘have made teaching a lottery for men’

11 May 2017• Poorest people at greater risk of harm from heavy drinking, study finds

11 May 2017• Abortion pill group's Facebook page deleted over promoting 'drug use'

11 May 2017• Labour would extend abortion rights to women in Northern Ireland

11 May 2017• Care home bosses call for end of heartbroken elderly couples being split up to save money

11 May 2017• Fury as police chief calls for ‘zombie’ drugs like Spice to be legal

11 May 2017• Lowest of the low - thieves steal a plaque from the grave of a 14 year old Neale Wade student.

11 May 2017• Why One Church Banned Yoga From Its Premises

11 May 2017• 92% of All HIV Positive Young People are gay.

11 May 2017• RUMPY PUMP-Y: Man, 49, with bionic penis loses his virginity FOUR YEARS after his operation… and the sex was ‘so incredible they didn’t stop all night’

11 May 2017• Supporting LGBTI pupils: 'It's important a school is ready for anyone'

10 May 2017• Petition launched to re-instate teacher Matthew Mountford after he is sacked for assaulting pupil

10 May 2017• West Yorkshire Facebook pervert who blackmailed young girls over sex images dubbed ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’

10 May 2017• Play where two princes fall in love being shown to kids to stop 'gay' being used as an insult

10 May 2017• Children with good dads are smarter

10 May 2017• Male suicide: ‘Gender should not be a death sentence’

10 May 2017• Senior judge says it is 'inhumane' to separate elderly couples going into care

9 May 2017• ‘Stop paying for their propaganda’ UKIP demands EU flags are banned from public buildings

9 May 2017• Teenager 'killed stepdad with one punch after family row over allowance'

9 May 2017• 'This is crazy' Judge tells warring couple who have spent £1.5m on divorce battle

9 May 2017• Documentary follows transgender girl’s journey

9 May 2017• Walthamstow stabbing victim was at anti-knife crime rally hours earlier

9 May 2017• Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan claims gender-neutral awards debate is absolutely ridiculous commenting on the first genderless MTV Movie and TV Award for best actor

8 May 2017• Unprotected: How the normalisation of underage sex is exposing children and young people to the risk of sexual exploitation

8 May 2017• DOCTOR DEATH: Euthanasia campaigner is selling £250 ‘home brew’ suicide kits online

8 May 2017• Wisbech man punches his ex girlfriend in front of her children

8 May 2017• Survey shows large percentages of Muslim men approve of honor killing, wife-beating, marital rape

7 May 2017• Primary pupils should read books about same-sex couples and celebrate 'parents' day' to show solidarity with the LGBT community, says new school guidelines

5 May 2017• KILLED FOR POPPING A BALL Father and daughter found guilty of killing neighbour they attacked for bursting a child’s football that landed in her garden

5 May 2017• Whistleblower doctor whose career was ‘destroyed’ wins Court of Appeal judgment

5 May 2017• WAR ON our STREETS: Hundreds of ISIS fanatics returning from Syria – as experts claim it is IMPOSSIBLE for cops to keep track of them all

5 May 2017• Doctors and nurses could be issued with body cameras to record violent patients

5 May 2017• Government secretly planning to spy on thousands of people's phones, leaked document reveals

5 May 2017• Poorer women far more affected by anxiety than men, study finds

5 May 2017• 350 ISIS jihadis are on the loose on Britain's streets and 'awaiting instructions'

4 May 2017• Why catwalk Hijabs are upsetting some Muslim women

4 May 2017• Women are biggest binge drinkers.

4 May 2017• BOOZY BRITS: Alcohol-related admissions to hospital reach record high – and hard-drinking baby boomers are to blame

3 May 2017• Laura Perrins savages the British Museum’s essay in sex education

3 May 2017• Justin Welby: Christians must unite with Jews to halt rise of anti-Semitism

3 May 2017• Christians in the firing line

2 May 2017• Tragedy of Britain's lonely men: Millions suffering in SILENCE every day

1 May 2017• UNEQUAL RIGHTS: Women getting paid more than men and black employees by equality watchdogs

1 May 2017• Couple reunited with baby after council wrongly accused them of abuse

1 May 2017• 'It's just like giving blood because an egg isn't a baby': Shocking undercover footage shows nurses at IVF clinics convincing women to donate their eggs for money

30 April 2017• Tennis player claims cervical cancer jab ruined her life for years

29 April 2017• Man stabbed to death in broad daylight is sixth fatal London knife killing in six days

28 April 2017• LOVE RECTANGLE: Lesbian lovers broke into house shared by their ex-girlfriends, battered them in their bed and smashed up their car

28 April 2017• SEX ROBOTS UNVEILED: Race on for AI dolls who will change sex industry forever

28 April 2017• Relationships and sex education for all children in England officially becomes law

28 April 2017• Wales to trial HIV-preventing PrEP drugs for gay men

28 April 2017• Edward Faulks: This opportunity to repeal the Human Rights Act, quit the ECHR and bring justice home may not come again

27 April 2017• UK helps gay couples marry in Australia

27 April 2017• Knife and gun crime soar as police record almost 5MILLION offences in just one year

27 April 2017• BRUTE'S LET-OFF Yob who stamped on his ex-girlfriend’s head five times and threatened to smash her with a hammer when she ignored his calls walks free from court

25 April 2017• Muslim man spat in woman's face after she put up Christian sign next to mosque

25 April 2017• This trans women knew she was in the wrong body at age 5

24 April 2017• Transgender students should not have to declare birth gender when applying to university sports teams, NUS expected to rule

24 April 2017• Social media accounts wrongly purporting to be teen idols like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, speaking inappropriately to young children

24 April 2017• BBC’s ‘bold and provocative’ Gay Britannia set to rule the airwaves

23 April 2017• NHS sex disease clinics text partners anonymously with the bad news to avoid unpleasant conversations

23 April 2017• The gay dads getting rich from rent-a-wombs: Pioneers who launched a surrogate service to 'help' desperate couples are flouting the law, says Britain’s top fertility expert

21 April 2017• Calls to lower the abortion time limit because a third of babies born at 23 weeks now survive

21 April 2017• Patient numbers who stayed in mixed-sex hospital ward 'TREBLES in two years'

21 April 2017• Extremist prisoners to be held in 'separation centres' inside jails

20 April 2017• Parents' fury as primary school to build unisex LGBT toilets for children as young as five

20 April 2017• Watch: Historic moment as Scottish Government establishes LGBTI education working group

20 April 2017• You will soon be able to use your FINGERPRINT to buy your shopping

20 April 2017• ‘DADDY’S TURNING INTO A GIRL!’: Trans dad-of-two is now a woman – and his wife and young kids are standing happily by him

20 April 2017• FREED TO RAPE: Romanian migrant raped woman 11 days after arriving in the UK having been released from prison in his home country

20 April 2017• Contraceptive pill 'reduces general well-being of healthy women', study claims

20 April 2017• WEB OF SADNESS: British teens are among the most miserable in the world — with one in four spending SIX hours online a day

19 April 2017• Tots to learn about gay relationships and transgender people at nursery

19 April 2017• UK’s most senior police officer Cressida Dick is in same-sex relationship

19 April 2017• Mother killed herself after she was wrongly accused of having sex with an underage boy

17 April 2017• Teach toddlers about transgender issues, National Union of Teachers say

17 April 2017• IT’S NOT THE DIVORCE THAT DAMAGES KIDS: New UK evidence that children of disrupted families are harmed more by the environment before their parents split

16 April 2017• Dramatic drop in church attendance in Scotland

15 April 2017• HOLY WAR: Ministers accused of trying to ‘airbrush’ God from British values in plans for a new ‘oath’ of allegiance

15 April 2017• Too middle class to be a good mother: Mum reveals how a 'resentful' social worker TOOK her daughter after she was branded 'pushy' for giving her piano lessons and 'a drunk' for a glass of wine

15 April 2017• Pharmaceutical giant 'plotted to destroy cancer drugs to drive prices up 4,000%'

13 April 2017• Social worker criticised after saying christening a baby would 'hinder chance of adoption'

13 April 2017• Police use of Tasers in England and Wales rises by 9%

13 April 2017• Government is 'institutionally biased' against Christian refugees from Syria, claims former Archbishop of Canterbury

13 April 2017• Met Reveals Violent Crime Surge In London As Government Claims Reforms Are Working

12 April 2017• Police investigate children as young as SEVEN for sending x-rated pictures on their phones as sexting epidemic sweeps across Britain

11 April 2017• Sexual promiscuity may slow down a species' evolution, study finds

10 April 2017• There is a war on Christianity. The West must stop being scared to say so

10 April 2017• Offer boys HPV vaccine to protect against oral sex-related cancer, say teachers

9 April 2017• RUFF DEAL: Number of parents letting kids be taken into care so they can keep devil dogs soars

9 April 2017• Over 40 schools allowed to stop daily Christian worship

7 April 2017• PC madness as Labour council bans all titles with ‘man’ in them

6 April 2017• Pickup without STIs: Free condom drive to target Tinder, social media

6 April 2017• There is no place for religion at work.

6 April 2017• A* IN SEX ED: Schools should tell kids they can get free condoms from TEACHERS, health watchdog says

5 April 2017• No toilet humour for Samira Ahmed at the Barbican

5 April 2017• UK passports should offer gender neutral option 'X', urge LGBT campaigners

4 April 2017• BHA announces support for Omid’s challenge for an assisted death

4 April 2017• HAND OP: Four-year-old girl Ayesha Khan stabbed by another nursery school pupil in Bradford

4 April 2017• Theresa May says dropping Easter from egg hunt event is 'ridiculous'

3 April 2017• Doctors accuse scientists responsible for 'three parent babies' of experimenting on humans

3 April 2017• Pensioner, 87, sat in wet clothes for 13 HOURS after British Airways crew blocked her from using toilet

2 April 2017• Child locked locked in bedroom by grandparents is taken into care

2 April 2017• Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches

2 April 2017• Croydon asylum boy assault: Up to 20 people watched attack

1 April 2017• Ofsted to consider 'snooping' on pupils' and parents' Facebook pages to monitor school performance

30 March 2017• FAT BRITAIN: Obesity has DOUBLED in the last 20 years – with one in four people now dangerously fat

30 March 2017• HSBC adds new transgender titles including M and Misc

30 March 2017• Sarah Kuteh: Tribunal of Darent Valley nurse sacked for talking about religion to patients

30 March 2017• One in five people would refuse to attend your same-sex wedding

30 March 2017• High court rejects challenge to ban on assisted dying

29 March 2017• 'I WAS LIVING A LIE': World War 2 hero comes out as transgender at the age of NINETY – and changes her name from Peter to Patricia

29 March 2017• THEY DRINK... IT'S BRAWL OVER A HER: Top female footie stars caught up in pub brawl after one flirted with another’s girlfriend during Gay Pride booze-up

29 March 2017• Ireland urged by Council of Europe to make progress on abortion regime

29 March 2017• Rape victim defends judge who told court 'drunk girls are putting themselves in danger of sex attacks'

29 March 2017• The best gay and lesbian holidays to celebrate a same sex wedding anniversary

29 March 2017• RSPCA animal cruelty caseload rises to almost 150,000 investigations

28 March 2017• 'RAPE' ROW: Mum blasts school for traumatising 13-year-old daughter over ‘graphic’ rape attack detail during web safety class

27 March 2017• ‘DISGUSTING’: Ofcom receive 150 complaints for Comic Relief after Russell Brand swears before 9pm and Vic Reeves flashes fake ‘penis’ at Susanna Reid

26 March 2017• DPP accuses judge of 'victim-blaming' in sex assault cases

26 March 2017• Feminism was BAD for two-thirds of woman, says FAY WELDON: Outspoken She Devil author risks infuriating working mothers by claiming their cause helped to drive down men's wages by half

26 March 2017• Islam, Not Christianity, is Saturating Europe

25 March 2017• Why are converts to Islam specifically vulnerable to becoming extremists?

24 March 2017• First Mother's Day card for lesbians: Sainsbury's carries same-sex greeting to 'reflect growing number of non-traditional families'

24 March 2017• Teachers ‘should not use punishment’ to discipline pupils

23 March 2017• Anger at police who fined girl for wasting time for reporting stalker who later killed her

23 March 2017• Transgender prisoner is moved from Whitemoor Jail to a women only jail after a sex change

23 March 2017• CHILD SEX CRIME EVERY 10 MINUTES: Child sex crimes including rape, assault and exploitation recorded every 10 MINUTES in the UK as figures reveal rocketing number

22 March 2017• Five guilty of Sheffield child sex abuse offences

22 March 2017• Same sex marriage is a flop

22 March 2017• Why won't Sainsbury's stock this Christian Easter egg?

22 March 2017• ‘The rate of drug-related deaths is at scandalous proportions’

21 March 2017• Girls aged just EIGHT years old admit they worry about their looks and weight

21 March 2017• LONELINESS WARNING: More than HALF of pensioners in Britain 'suffer in silence'

21 March 2017• Only four UK universities count sexual assault as an extenuating circumstance for exams

21 March 2017• 'A KICK IN THE TEETH': Victims’ fury as double rapist who attacked two young girls is moved to a women-only jail after £10k NHS sex change op

19 March 2017• Violent paranoid schizophrenic who punched and kicked a woman on a London Underground train is SPARED extradition to his native Poland on 'human rights grounds'

19 March 2017• Women should be allowed to have abortions if their child is the WRONG SEX', expert claims

19 March 2017• Rape victims will no longer face cross-examination in court with testimony to be filmed instead

18 March 2017• Tourist brutally beaten in 'vicious unprovoked attack' outside Tube station after turning down attacker’s advances

18 March 2017• #SNP17 votes to set up Scot Gov working group to implement LGBTI education

17 March 2017• UK refuses to ban “gay cure” conversion therapy

17 March 2017• Now teenagers get liver damage from overeating

17 March 2017• No punishment for man who raped girl, 12

17 March 2017• Girl aged 11 becomes Britain's youngest mother-to-be

16 March 2017• Social workers take child away without informing family

16 March 2017• WOMEN'S WORRYING IS NEVER DONE: From losing their phones to Brexit, Brit women are ‘more stressed than men by every key life event’

15 March 2017• Gambling warning for children's online gaming

14 March 2017• JAILED: Transgender running star who tried to murder an athletics official

14 March 2017• Atheists at risk of dying out due to belief in contraception, study claims

13 March 2017• A trans woman is a trans woman’ : Feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie responds to transphobia accusations

13 March 2017• CATCH THESE SAVAGES: Shocking CCTV shows moment gang kick and stamp on stricken victim’s head then rifle through his pockets in broad daylight

12 March 2017• Fury as UK foreign aid money is spent on funding Palestinian 'terror schools'

11 March 2017• Retiring judge warns women who get drunk they are putting themselves in danger of being targeted by rapists

10 March 2017• CARE IN THE COMMUNITITTY: Carers caught STRIPPING at their desks in X-rated sex chat calls when they should be caring for the vulnerable

10 March 2017• Shocking moment drunk thugs knock woman out cold for vicious street attack

10 March 2017• Christian Couple Refused Adoption Because They Believe Children Need a Mother and a Father – They Need Our Support

9 March 2017• IS BIG BROTHER WATCHING? How to find out if the CIA hacked your smart television and used it to SPY on you

9 March 2017• Number of people caught with knives reaches highest level in SIX YEARS

8 March 2017• Catholic pharmacists could be forced to dispense morning-after pill, warn bishops

8 March 2017• Transgender rapist is ARRESTED

8 March 2017• Gay man takes fight for equal pension rights for his husband to Supreme Court

7 March 2017• WikiLeaks publishes 'biggest ever leak of secret CIA documents'

6 March 2017• BABY 'DANGLER' COURT CASE: Irate girlfriend, 20, ‘dangled baby 30ft above ground from second-floor window during row with her partner

6 March 2017• SNOOPING HOMEWORK: Parents’ fury after children as young as six are asked to complete school survey on their family’s smoking and drinking habits

6 March 2017• ONE CALL AWAY: Thousands of women allowed abortions based on one-line summary from Marie Stopes call centre workers

6 March 2017• NOT SO PC: Cop’s wife is working as a £130-an-hour prostitute – and he says Met police bosses have ‘no problem’ with her sleazy occupation

5 March 2017• Exposed: The epidemic of NHS secret justice as blundering GPs are handed 'slaps on the wrist' at private hearings to spare them the 'anxiety' of appearing in public

5 March 2017• Sexual harassment 'at epidemic levels' in UK universities

2 March 2017• New law to target emotional abuse and neglect of children

2 March 2017• LADS SELF-HARM WORRY:A quarter of young men have self-harmed to cope with stress or pressure while another 22 per cent have considered it, study shows

2 March 2017• Women are having abortions after being misled about extreme morning sickness treatment

1 March 2017• LEAP OF FAITH: Islam will overtake Christianity as the world’s largest religion by 2070, new research reveals

1 March 2017• Games 2020: Transgender-friendly toilets planned for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

1 March 2017• A quarter of young men self-harm to cope with depression, says survey

28 February 2017• Christian assemblies in state schools could be dumped in ground-breaking move

28 February 2017• Ministers set to announce plans for compulsory sex education lessons in schools for four-year-olds

27 February 2017• New anti-semitism probe at university after student tweets she's 'proud to be called terrorist'

26 February 2017• GAY DAD ADOPTION NIGHTMARE: British gay fathers who adopted two tots from Russia live in fear one will KILL them after he ‘tried to strangle them with dog lead’

26 February 2017• Parents of trans teenagers going private to beat waiting lists

25 February 2017• Attacks on NHS workers rocket by 50% in just six years

25 February 2017• BBC puts Muslim woman in charge of religious television shows

24 February 2017• Rainbow projection at King’s Lynn town hall marks LGBT History Month

24 February 2017• Evil pair behind "some of the most despicable crimes against children" police have seen

24 February 2017• FRANK FIELD: Life in the UK is cruder and meaner than ever, we need a Social Highway Code

24 February 2017• Facebook axes ‘gay cure’ ads threatening eternity in Hell

24 February 2017• Harriet Harman: ‘Stop talking about marriage’

23 February 2017• Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway: I Can’t be a Feminist Because They Hate Men and Love Abortion

23 February 2017• GM pigs could help battle world swine disease

23 February 2017• Former British soldier and LGBT activist James Wharton reveals chemsex struggle

23 February 2017• Thugs try to chop businessman's EARS off during 'barbaric' house raid

23 February 2017• BABY BREAKTHROUGH:Lesbian couple who tried crowdfunding to pay for IVF are using a friend’s sperm after only raising £235

22 February 2017• Nearly 1 in 3 British people believe being gay is a choice

22 February 2017• Tory MP: Schools are ‘not the place’ for education on LGBT issues

21 February 2017• Horror as boy, 5, left with shocking injuries after bullies STAMP on him in ball pit

20 February 2017• Ministers are gambling with the jobs of thousands over betting terminals

20 February 2017• ‘Friends’ who hung man with learning difficulties from tree jailed for life

20 February 2017• MISSING OUT: Millions of kids can’t do basic life skills like sewing and cooking as mums are too busy to teach them

19 February 2017• Children committing suicide hits 14-year high

19 February 2017• Rogue forensic workers feared to have doctored the results of 500 lab tests - throwing hundreds of court cases into doubt

19 February 2017• Head teacher complained of enduring “harassment and intimidation” and threats to blow up her car from people allegedly pushing conservative Muslim values

19 February 2017• Revealed: Number of times knife-wielding criminals have threatened to KILL people in Cambridgeshire. This year's figures are on track to be a record high

17 February 2017• Monsanto is preparing a fresh effort to try to soften up the UK public for GM food appearing on supermarket shelves and GM crops being planted in the nation’s fields

17 February 2017• Kirkless council breached parents’ human rights by removing baby

16 February 2017• Abortionist Loves Her Job Killing Babies: “As I Leave the Clinic, I Feel Elated From the Work”

16 February 2017• Muslim father-of-two who renounced Islam 'forced from home with wife and young children'

15 February 2017• Women turning to illegal abortion pills in rising numbers, charity warns

15 February 2017• EU criticised for 'emergency authorisations' of banned bee-harming pesticide

14 February 2017• SOHAM MURDERER'S 'NEW NAME': Child killer Ian Huntley has told fellow lags to call him ‘feminine version of his name – Lian’ as it’s revealed male inmates can order make-up from prison canteen

14 February 2017• Woman seeks to end 39-year marriage in Valentine's Day court appeal

14 February 2017• SICKO SIRS: Teachers caught on camera playing ‘have sex with, marry, kill’ game about their own PUPILS in a bar

14 February 2017• Calls for shoppers to ‘BOYCOTT’ Debenhams after retailer announces plans to sell hijabs

13 February 2017• Outrage as Geert Wilders says Islamic ideology 'possibly more dangerous' than Nazism

13 February 2017• Shocking BBC Panorama reveals prison guards have 'lost control' as inmates smuggle in drugs

13 February 2017• TRANS TROOPS: Thirty four serving members of the Armed Forces are having transgender treatment

13 February 2017• Study Reveals 94% Of British Universities Censor Students’ Free Speech On Campus

13 February 2017• Teen lesbian couple forced to leave McDonald’s for kissing

13 February 2017• MIGRATION WARNING: Expert warns 50 MILLION Muslims are willing to back violence and terror

13 February 2017• Girl gang launch vicious attack on a woman as she waits for a BUS as a jeering bystander captures the brutal assault on Snapchat

13 February 2017• ‘YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS’: Schoolgirl, 15, who was ‘relentlessly bullied and gang raped’ pens brave letter to her classmates before taking her own life

12 February 2017• Extreme internet porn is fuelling a surge in sex attacks by children: Number of under-17s convicted of rape almost doubles in four years

11 February 2017• Freedom of speech decreasing for Christian students

10 February 2017• Cruel lout urinated on homeless man as he tried to sleep outside railway station

10 February 2017• Midwives told to use word 'partner' instead of 'fella' after offending lesbian couple

10 February 2017• 'IT COULD SCAR A CHILD FOR LIFE': Mum’s fury after 12-year-old daughter is allowed to buy ‘graphic’ This Book is Gay novel about sexuality

9 February 2017• Sex and relationship classes set to be taught in secondary schools after 23 Tory MPs back law change

9 February 2017• Halal meat suppliers gain export boost

9 February 2017• Police are failing to take rape allegations seriously believing victims are mentally ill, finds damming report

9 February 2017• Automated adverts place big brands on extremist and porn websites, Times investigation reveals

8 February 2017• UK Christian 'Prayer Wall' To Be Built Out Of A Million Bricks Representing A Million Answered Prayers

8 February 2017• Cambridgeshire County Council encourages people to join #BeTheRainbow human flag at Shire Hall, Cambridge

8 February 2017• BOOZY BREXIT: Parliament’s alcohol bill TRIPLES in two years as MPs and guests guzzle £1.8 million worth of wine, champers and beer

8 February 2017• School acts against 'inappropriate behaviour' from parents towards teachers

7 February 2017• WARNING TO PARENTS: Nearly half of six-year-olds are browsing the internet ALONE in their rooms, shocking research reveals

6 February 2017• WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? Women who’ve had sex with 10 men are at ‘THREE times greater risk of being infertile’

6 February 2017• European Parliament backs EU-wide recognition of same-sex adoptions

6 February 2017• Muslims Outnumber Christians At Over 30 Church Schools In England

6 February 2017• One female genital mutilation case reported every hour in the UK

6 February 2017• Pregnant mum raped in horror 15-hour ordeal by grenade-wielding illegal immigrant

6 February 2017• Unexpected mental health deaths up 50% in three years

5 February 2017• TRANS KIDS BILL GROWS: Rise in gender treatment for children costs taxpayers nearly £5million

5 February 2017• Women joining the armed forces are becoming pregnant at the rate of one a fortnight despite relationships with male soldiers being strictly banned

5 February 2017• New £15m mosque with golden dome rises from Cambridge's Mill Road as MP says it proves city is 'welcoming'

3 February 2017• Number of alleged child sex offences committed by other children almost doubles

2 February 2017• Teachers ‘consider referring children on anti-badger-cull marches to Prevent programme’, MP claims

2 February 2017• Shock report reveals how hate crimes against Jews in Britain soared last year

1 February 2017• Genetically modified 'super-wheat' will be grown in the UK after trial is given the go-ahead despite fears of contamination

1 February 2017• Theresa May RULES out UK burka ban as she says: 'What a woman wears is a woman's choice'

31 January 2017• TURING'S LAW PASSED: Thousands of gay and bisexual men granted official pardons for decades-old sexual offences under Alan Turing Law

31 January 2017• TEEN 'SEX PARTY' STORM: Fury as posters for ‘Pop Ya Cherry Parties’ for school kids as young as 14 appear in leafy Surrey town

30 January 2017• BOOB BOBBY KEEPS JOBBY:Top female cop who bared her boobs while taunting colleague about breast implants is ALLOWED to keep £109,000-a-year job

30 January 2017• Number of patients forced on to mixed-sex wards soars 70% in one year - despite promise to end practice

29 January 2017• Catholic high schools 'to have safe space for LGBTI pupils'

27 January 2017• Scottish Government announces independent review of hate crime laws

26 January 2017• Girl, 7, given chlamydia and gonorrhea by her foster carer

26 January 2017• Depressed lonely pensioner kicked out of home for allowing grandson to stay over to look after her

26 January 2017• Prison suicides in England and Wales reach record high

25 January 2017• US General warned today: ‘It’s the closest we’ve been to a world war in 70 years’

25 January 2017• Pensioner, 75, is left with horrific injuries after being mugged for her handbag as she walked through city park at lunchtime

24 January 2017• Porn stars 'to teach virtual sex education lessons in SCHOOLS'

23 January 2017• 'PURE EVIL': Sick thug stole ten cats from animal sanctuary to use as live bait for his dogs to find and kill

23 January 2017• UNIVERSEEDY CHALLENGE: Fears over the worrying rise of campus ‘f*** buddy’ culture as experts warn no-strings romps can lead to rape

23 January 2017• YARD RAPE FURY: Viewers hit out at new BBC drama Apple Tree Yard after graphic rape scenes in opening episode

23 January 2017• Whatever happened to cosy Sunday nights on the BBC? Domestic violence, rape and adultery punctuate Call The Midwife and Apple Tree Yard

23 January 2017• Kellogg’s features gay couple in latest advert campaign

23 January 2017• Couple caught having SEX on the TUBE 'spat in the face' of woman who asked them to stop

23 January 2017• Maria Miller: Brexit hindering compulsory sex education plans. But need to be watchful.

22 January 2017• Number of train passengers arrested for watching porn on their journeys trebles in a year

20 January 2017• TASERED IN THE FACE: Shocking moments cops Taser their own black race relations advisor – after mistaking him for a suspect

19 January 2017• 'WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY CAN DO IN THE FUTURE?' Son of ex-boxer who will be cryogenically frozen backs his dad’s bid for eternal life

19 January 2017• A JAB FOR THAT!: First genital herpes vaccine ‘offers powerful protection against the STI’ – and could stop it spreading

19 January 2017• Crime figures show rise in murder and knife offences

18 January 2017• Single sex schools have notably outperformed mixed schools

18 January 2017• Britons 'should learn Polish, Punjabi and Urdu to boost social cohesion'

18 January 2017• APPLES 'N BARES:After a string of racy BBC shows Apple Tree Yard promises to be the most explicit bonkbuster yet with five minutes of romps in the first episode

17 January 2017• Sex crime convictions in Scotland hit record high as number of offenders soar 53% in five years

16 January 2017• Are your children safe online? Parents say kids are more likely to be bullied online than in the playground

16 January 2017• Gay-inclusive sex ed should be compulsory for all, says Student Pride’s Charlie Mathers

16 January 2017• HORROR LESSON: Teacher sacked for showing 18-rated horror film Halloween to his underage class is awarded more than £380,000 at tribunal

16 January 2017• BULLYING TRAGEDY: Schoolboy, 13, found dead after moving schools ‘because of severe bullying’

16 January 2017• SUICIDE FILM FEARS: Schools warned as pupils caught watching 12-year-old girl’s Facebook Live suicide video which has been shared thousands of times

16 January 2017• Migrants granted asylum because of their sexuality SOARS by 450 PER CENT

13 January 2017• Poorer men are being driven out of full-time work. Here’s why

13 January 2017• Bleak trend of low, part-time wages in UK is revealed

13 January 2017• 'We Want Real Change': Gay Lobby Groups Join Forces To Fight For LGBT Inclusion In The Church

13 January 2017• Gang of boys as young a nine savagely beat two men

13 January 2017• An attempt by MPs to make Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) compulsory in all UK schools has failed after being voted down in a parliamentary committee.

11 January 2017• Tories vote to block compulsory LGBT-inclusive sex education, but promise reform

11 January 2017• New rules on stop and search published

11 January 2017• FEELING ILL? BETTER CHILL: Stress increases risk of heart attacks and strokes by nearly 60 per cent

11 January 2017• Government integration advisor: ‘Catholic schools cannot oppose gay marriage’

10 January 2017• National Secular Society criticise plans to empower Scottish headteachers enabling creationism to be taught in schools

10 January 2017• The future of civil partnership

10 January 2017• Angela Merkel WARNING to May: Accept EU's four freedoms or FORGET about single market

10 January 2017• Teachers must convert children against 'LIES' of Brexit & Trump, BBC TV star claims

9 January 2017• Local papers are vital to our democracy. Now section 40 threatens their future

9 January 2017• Muslim extremists infiltrating schools ACROSS the UK, reveals Government integration tsar

9 January 2017• Two patients die from starvation or thirst each day in UK hospitals and care homes, say statistics

8 January 2017• Designer babies: an ethical horror waiting to happen?

8 January 2017• First man in UK to give birth’ finds sperm donor on Facebook after pausing transition to become father

7 January 2017• Boys as young as nine violently attack man in Milton Keynes street

6 January 2017• True Number Of UK Suicides May Be Far Higher Than Reported

6 January 2017• Thug threatened to torture 82-year-old widow in doorstep robbery

6 January 2017• Kids try to BREAK their thumbs in sick new 2017 viral trend

6 January 2017• Number of Scots cannabis users hospitalised hits ten-year peak

6 January 2017• British seaside town taken over by POP-UP BROTHELS 'run by Eastern European pimps'

5 January 2017• HOW LOW CAN YOU GET?: Man, 35, arrested for stealing gold iPhone 6 from teenager as she lay injured in the road with broken legs following horror crash

5 January 2017• PEE-C GONE MAD: £50k of taxpayers’ cash splashed on study to rename male and female loos ‘toilets with urinals’ and ‘toilets without urinals’

5 January 2017• Tom Daley confirms he's getting married to Dustin Lance Black in 2017 as diver becomes chef on This Morning

4 January 2017• 'BOUND AND MURDERED': Young woman tied up and has throat slit by ex and his transgender lover ‘for their perverted pleasure’

4 January 2017• European Court of Human Rights Judge: “There is No Right to Assisted Suicide”

4 January 2017• 'Late-stage' abortion issue to be considered in Scotland

3 January 2017• Metro publishes how-to guide to access an abortion

3 January 2017• Terrifying moment violent thug throws pram carrying two-year-old girl to the ground in north London mugging

31 December 2016• Anti-Semitic rants of Muslim activists who won PM's praise: Members of taxpayer-funded anti-extremism group post conspiracy theories blaming Israel for US massacre

31 December 2016• Lonely homeless man 'froze to death' in doorway yards from theatre packed with families watching New Year pantomime

30 December 2016• STREET STAB ATTACK: Woman attacked man, 28, with a blade as he stood with his girlfriend in Glasgow street

27 December 2016• NSPCC reports 'staggering' rise in children seeking help for online sexual abuse

24 December 2016• Homeless people urinated on, sexually assaulted, and beaten by members of public, survey finds

23 December 2016• Anti-semitism makes universities no-go areas for Jewish students

22 December 2016• Christian and Muslim groups raise concerns over change to pharmacists’ ‘conscience’ clause

22 December 2016• Gay couple become parents for second time after sister offers to act as their surrogate – again

22 December 2016• MP says free speech ‘includes right to offend’

20 December 2016• Watchdogs release damning reports on Marie Stopes abortion clinics

19 December 2016• Schools may be forced to teach children about porn and sexting, reports suggests

18 December 2016• FORCE PROBE Policeman filmed ‘repeatedly punching’ drunk man sprawled on the ground in East Sussex

16 December 2016• JAB DEBATE:As Melinda Messenger slams the HPV jab the parents of two teenagers blame their daughters’ ‘paralysis on vaccine’

16 December 2016• VIDEO:1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate

16 December 2016• 6 best LGBT-inclusive books for kids and young adults

15 December 2016• UK becomes first country to licence three-parent babies

15 December 2016• Judaism brings God into the home in a way that Christianity rarely does

15 December 2016• UK becomes first country to licence three-parent babies

15 December 2016• Trans girl featured on the cover of National Geographic

14 December 2016• Dad's horror as Down's Syndrome girl, 7, grabbed off him and thrown into road by thug

14 December 2016• Met chief: Police should not believe all sexual offence complainants

14 December 2016• Daily Mail columnist says ‘powerful transgender lobby’ is threatening ‘normal children’

14 December 2016• London takes more cocaine during working week than any other city in Europe

14 December 2016• KILLER MIGRANT BLUNDER: Convicted killer allowed into UK after being freed from Polish prison violently raped woman in park

13 December 2016• Heartbreaking: Couple forced apart after 65 years of marriage because of social care cuts

13 December 2016• Tonic Housing is a new social enterprise that is looking to build the UK’s first retirement community with a distinct LGBT identity and ethos

13 December 2016• Record number of kids as young as 11 calling Childline to say they were born the wrong sex

13 December 2016• 'BEING A GIRL FELT HORRIBLE' Nine-year-old transgender kid is UK’s youngest user of anti-puberty jabs

10 December 2016• FREE WITH NEW IDENTITIES: Two ‘sadistic’ brothers behind horrific attack on young boys will never be named after court ruling

10 December 2016• Nurse is sacked for offering to pray with her patients despite call by equality watchdog to end persecution of Christians

7 November 2016• SORE LOSERS: ‘Mutton headed’ CPS branded for listening to bonkers prof who wants Brexiteers locked up

7 November 2016• The 'extremist' schools we can't close: Four Muslim colleges ordered to shut down by the Government use the courts to defy ministers

7 November 2016• SORE LOSERS: ‘Mutton headed’ CPS branded for listening to bonkers prof who wants Brexiteers locked up

7 November 2016• The 'extremist' schools we can't close: Four Muslim colleges ordered to shut down by the Government use the courts to defy ministers

7 November 2016• Women use the F-word more than men, according to new survey

7 November 2016• 7 years of persecution' Muslim who converted to Christianity forced to flee Bradford home

6 November 2016• Hundreds of Albanian migrants who are illegally sneaking into Britain by posing as child refugees are putting school pupils and foster families at risk

6 November 2016• 'The EU is funding TERROR in the Middle East', rages Turkey's president Erdogan

6 November 2016• Boy, 12, raped nine-year-old sister after becoming obsessed with hardcore incest porn

6 November 2016• Half of cricket umpires face verbal abuse – research

6 November 2016• Christian couple blocked from adopting foster children amid 'gay parents' row

6 November 2016• Elderly couple determined to catch serial pet killer after their cat was mutilated

5 November 2016• NO BRAKESIT: Defiant Theresa May takes on the Wrexiteers as brazen Nick Clegg BACKS elite’s plot to derail will of British people

5 November 2016• Operation Midland report release on US election day is a 'cover-up', says ex-MP

5 November 2016• Scandal of elderly left to go hungry

4 November 2016 • WHY WEREN'T THEY STOPPED EARLIER?: Rotherham Asian child sex gang who targeted young girls are caged – THIRTEEN YEARS after one victim first went to cops

4 November 2016• Children's career choices fixed by gender as early as age 4

4 November 2016• COPS DON'T LIKE MY BOAT RACE: Boat owner pulled 40 times by cops targeted because ‘he’s the only black guy on the river’

4 November 2016• JIHADIS? ARE YOU KIDDING? Rural nursery with just eight tots slammed by Ofsted for failing to spot extremism in pupils

4 November 2016• Paedophile policeman jailed for abusing boys during fake rape investigations claiming obscene acts were part of inquiry

4 November 2016• The rise of the cohabiters! Number of unwed couples living together more than DOUBLES in two decades

3 November 2016• MSPs establish first LGBTI+ group at Holyrood

3 November 2016• 'I was strip searched and left naked by police'

3 November 2016• Now teenagers think sharing naked selfies is 'normal': Youngsters say sending photos is 'fun' despite knowing the risks

3 November 2016• Children 'should be given access to pornography' from the age of FIVE, report claims

3 November 2016• LGBT characters on TV will make up larger percentage than ever, study finds

2 November 2016 • Sick thugs shoot FIREWORK at girl, 8, and burn her in shock CCTV

2 November 2016 • REVEALED: Sharia courts dish out 'justice' from Britain's shop basements, top expert warns

1 November 2016• The police having transgender training

1 November 2016• Sharia councils treat Muslim women unfairly, MPs told

1 November 2016 • 'Britain WAS one rule of law' Woman blasts – 'Sharia courts should be OUTLAWED'

31 October 2016 • Witches' marks: public asked to seek ancient scratchings in buildings

31 October 2016 • Police fear links between gangs and terror.

31 October 2016 • Sharia Courts interfered to protect domestic abusers, MPs told

30 October 2016 • Home Office declines to comment on whether it will probe claims Calais Jungle child refugee is aged 22

30 October 2016 • The Ouija board's mysterious origins: war, spirits, and a strange death

30 October 2016 • Prime Suspect writer Lynda La Plante attacks the 'appalling' levels of gratuitous sex and violence in today's TV crime shows

29 October 2016 • PLATELL'S PEOPLE: A reform of rape laws that's anti-men because of our desperation to increase convictions

29 October 2016 • Interview that will chill every parent: Social workers accuse Christian family of 'emotional abuse and homophobia' because they refuse to let their teenage daughter undergo a sex change at 14

29 October 2016 • The Asian sex grooming scandal in Rotherham continues: Now a court has given lifetime anonymity to four men who preyed on a vulnerable girl for years. What IS going on?

28 October 2016 • Man dies in police Taser shooting in Warminster

28 October 2016 • ROWING GALA BRUTALITY: Cops caught on camera kneeing punter at posh Henley Regatta in the face SEVEN times before ‘knocking him out’ in ‘horrifying’ arrest

28 October 2016 • Church of England loses more than 100,000 worshipers in a decade

28 October 2016 • DEPRESSING PICTURE: Number of Brits battling depression SOARS by 14% – with 500,000 new patients treated last year

28 October 2016 • Harrow: Pensioner 'tied up and doused in bleach' while burglars stole wedding ring

28 October 2016 • ON THE RISE: More than 50,000 sex offenders are on our streets…as number soars by more than 70 per cent in a decade

27 October 2016 • Towns in UK with the highest levels of sex offenders living there revealed - as numbers continue to rise

27 October 2016 • 'I LOST MY HUSBAND FOR PRICE OF 3 PIZZAS': ‘Evil’ thugs found guilty of killing Pizza Hut delivery driver to steal takeaway

27 October 2016 • War veteran, 90, left devastated after his medals are stolen by heartless burglars

27 October 2016 • Number of anti-terror orders soars after British jihadis return home from Syria

27 October 2016 • 'Shameful' House of Lords event condemned after audience 'blames Jews for Holocaust'

27 October 2016 • Young people are using online pornography to learn about sex, warns former culture secretary

27 October 2016 • Jeremy Corbyn suggests gay history month could be added to national curriculum

27 October 2016 • Surge in knife crime with 12 major stabbings in West Midlands in October

27 October 2016 • VIDEO NASTY: Does Gloucester club’s sick Halloween promo video featuring a knife-wielding killer stalking victims in the night go too far?

26 October 2016 • Cliff Richard claim 'reveals texts between police and BBC reporter'

25 October 2016 • Gay men convicted of abolished sex offences to be pardoned, Scottish Government announces

25 October 2016 • Outrage as women caught on camera 'injecting drugs in broad daylight' - just yards away from primary school

25 October 2016 • ABOUT TURN: Government signals major U-turn in its war on Press freedom

24 October 2016 • RSPCA 'completely overrun' with abandoned cats and kittens left for dead by owners

24 October 2016 • ‘Gay cake’ ruling is a defeat for freedom of expression, says gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell

24 October 2016 • GPs ‘should stop worrying about offending obese patients’

24 October 2016 • Hard Brexit would cost EU £8bn more than Britain (per year)

24 October 2016 • 'SHE’S HAD A VERY LUCKY ESCAPE': Heartbroken stepdad shares picture of his daughter unconscious in hospital and says ‘vodka binge did this to my 14-year-old’ in warning to boozy teens

23 October 2016 • Remoaner’ BBC needs to stop booing Brexit, says Tory grandee John Redwood

23 October 2016 • It was traumatic' Two prison officers rushed to hospital after being overcome by legal high fumes while searching cells

23 October 2016 • READY FOR BATTLE: Female soldiers will man our tanks for first time in 2017 and could make up quarter of next year’s Army intake

23 October 2016 • Cliff shows we do need a change in the law.

23 October 2016 • HOSPITAL HORRORS: NHS patients bullied and sworn at in ‘wards with an aggressive atmosphere’, say concerned health workers

22 October 2016 • Bisexual men ‘earn 30% less than gay colleagues’

22 October 2016 • 'TERRIBLE AND DREADFUL': Britain’s youngest same-sex rapist, 11, locked up for string of ‘porn-inspired’ sex attacks on three boys

21 October 2016 • Care home worker and serial arsonist given 14 life sentences after death of OAP

21 October 2016 • Children as young as NINE sexting naked snaps amid fears they could fall into hands of paedophiles

21 October 2016 • Brussels will hold UK to RANSOM over Brexit if they don’t support EU army, says German MEP

21 October 2016 • Fining homeless people for being homeless is cruel and unworkable

21 October 2016 • Online gambling firms face investigation for cheating customers

20 October 2016 • 'I don't want MEN sitting with our pupils!' LBC callers on refugees 'taking UK for a ride'

20 October 2016 • Are the kids from Calais making fools of Britain?, says Leo McKinstry

20 October 2016 • Violent crime up by a quarter

19 October 2016 • Government to push ahead with regulation of church youth work

19 October 2016 • Transgender journalist India Willoughby talks about the double life she led for decades

19 October 2016 • Alan Turing law’ unveiled by government will posthumously pardon thousands of gay men convicted of historic offences

19 October 2016 • 'WE MUST NOT BE NAIVE':As third load of ‘child refugees’ arrives from Calais as official figures reveal TWO THIRDS of those who had ages assessed were found to be adults

19 October 2016 • One in three people globally believe same-sex marriage should be legal

18 October 2016 • Professor Alice Roberts launches fundraising campaign to oppose ‘faith’ schools in 2017

18 October 2016 • How old are they REALLY? Concern as 'hulking' all-male refugee children arrive from Calais"

18 October 2016 • 'I FEEL TRIUMPHANT': ‘Transgender’ schoolgirl sent home for wearing the ‘wrong’ clothes wins legal battle after outpouring of support from pupils

17 October 2016 • Drug related deaths in England and Wales rise by 65.7%

17 October 2016 • UK security agencies unlawfully collected data for 17 years, court rules

17 October 2016 • Pressure grows for ban on naming of sexual crime suspects

17 October 2016 • Teach 10-year-olds about the ‘devastating’ effects of sexting, psychologists say

17 October 2016 • More children contacting helpline over online pornography

16 October 2016 • Outrage as sex offenders' gender reassignment surgery costs taxpayer £84,000 at male jail

15 October 2016 • The Bible? Not on my desert island, say majority of Britons

15 October 2016 • Heterosexual couple becomes first to enter into civil partnership in British Isles

14 October 2016 • Roughly half of Scottish adults have no religion

14 October 2016 • POLAND RULE THE WORLD!': Two racist Polish sisters who yelled ‘English sl*t bitches’ as they beat-up three women in the street escape jail

14 October 2016 • Transgender newsreader opens up about on-air comeback after taking time off to transition

14 October 2016 • Women held back by biology, not sexism, insists Mone

13 October 2016 • Number of people accessing child abuse images feared to have doubled in three years

13 October 2016 • Gay couple arrested for 'pornographic' photos posted on Facebook

13 October 2016 • Rape allegations in Wales more than doubles

13 October 2016 • The UK’s “first ever” national LGBT pride event is to be held in Hull next year, as it becomes City of Culture 2017

12 October 2016 • SEXTING SHOCKER: Children aged 10 and younger being pressured into sending explicit photos and videos of themselves online

12 October 2016 • Lesbian teacher faces being struck off after affair with student, 17

11 October 2016 • Met Police chiefs ‘are so worried about being called racist they refuse to crack down on Muslim officers with extremist views’

11 October 2016 • 'Jumbo supermarkets are Islamising' Shopping giant under fire for BANNING Father Christmas

11 October 2016 • One in 10 Primary one pupils 'overweight or obese'

11 October 2016 • THE GREAT OBESITY GAP: 60% of the most deprived boys will be obese by 2020 – compared to 16% in well-off areas

11 October 2016 • Finance firms commit to 50/50 gender split in senior roles by 2021

11 October 2016 • Scrap sex education and make school children watch pornography, suggests Dame Jenni Murray

11 October 2016 • Why more and more women are identifying as bisexual

10 October 2016 • Children as young as 10 sending each other explicit images, police say

10 October 2016 • TABLET PORN IS ARGROSS: Horrified dad buys Argos tablet for his son’s sixth birthday and finds it loaded with porn apps

10 October 2016 • Antisemitic abuse day after day: a month in the life of London’s Charedi Jewish community

9 October 2016 • Priti Patel: Aid won't just be money for nothing now

9 October 2016 • Judge bans Freemason headstone engraving in Cumbrian churchyard

8 October 2016 • Same-sex marriage first as couple wed on British Army base in Cyprus

8 October 2016 • 'Immature' men are leaving it too late to have children: Nearly half of all IVF in the UK is linked to male fertility problems

7 October 2016 • Marie Stopes promises to learn from abortion mistakes

7 October 2016 • Lady Barbara Judge: 'Long maternity leave is bad for mothers'

7 October 2016 • England needs ‘over 2,000 extra schools by 2020’ to cope with population boom

6 October 2016 • Boys conceived through IVF technique have lower than average fertility

6 October 2016 • Homosexualism Rising Rapidly in the UK – But I Thought It was Something You’re Born With???

6 October 2016 • The secret cyber-life of 10 year olds: Children admit to actively hiding their online activity from parents

5 October 2016 • Murder accused Stephen Port, 41, 'drugged and killed' young men he met on Grindr

5 October 2016 • One in 30 young people in Britain 'identify themselves as LGB'

5 October 2016 • 'IRRESPONSIBLE AND IMMORAL': Amazon slammed for selling ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes including a ‘French Maid’ outfit for kids as young as FIVE to keep dresses on sale

5 October 2016 • UK: Five Islamic schools still open despite teaching jihad, 18 Islamic schools defy inspectors branding them unsafe

5 October 2016 • Sexual identity survey: ONS finds UK rise in young LGB people

22 August 2016 • NEED FOR SPEED: Driver falls asleep at wheel and crashes into ditch after being 15 times over cocaine limit

22 August 2016 • 'THIS WON'T ADVANCE GENDER EQUALITY': Gay couples also conform to sexist gender roles, research finds

22 August 2016 • Depression or anxiety strikes one in three teenage girls: Number with a mental health issue rises by 10% in the past decade

22 August 2016 • Muslim prisoners to be removed from communal prayers for spreading anti-British values

22 August 2016 • Why porn is the death knell for a happy marriage: Married couples who view adult material double the risk of divorce

20 August 2016 • Top public school attended by Tony Blair puts porn on the curriculum

19 August 2016 • RAMADAN TRAIN WRECK: Muslim train driver crashed after going without food or drink for 15 hours during Ramadan

19 August 2016 • Surgical abortions suspended at Marie Stopes Norwich Centre

18 August 2016 • 'Chemsex' sparks STI warning as cases in capital double

18 August 2016 • ‘Human sacrifice’ staged at Cern, home of the God Particle

18 August 2016 • Sexual health warning in London as syphilis cases rise 163%

17 August 2016 • Drug deaths in Scotland increased by 15% in 2015

17 August 2016 • Asylum-seeker saved from deportation by Lib Dem MP faces jail for VILE sex assault

17 August 2016 • Police Scotland whistle blower: officers not to pursue drug dealers if it incurs overtime

17 August 2016 • Transgender man admits he would pose as a boy in internet chatrooms to flirt with girls before coming out - and he's now met his dream woman

16 August 2016 • Oxford City Council praised for introducing gender neutral 'MX' title on paperwork

15 August 2016 • Parents given 'atheist handbook' to challenge religion in schools

15 August 2016 • Philip Davies blasts 'sexist' justice system for 'discriminating against men'

15 August 2016 • Online porn is making young men impotent: Soaring numbers seek treatment for erectile dysfunction 'because they can't get aroused in the bedroom'

14 August 2016 • 'A DRUNKEN FUMBLE THAT SHE WANTED TOO': Couple accused of molesting woman during a boozy ‘threesome’ tell of 22 months of hell – after jury takes just 30 minutes to clear them

14 August 2016 • 'Kick out Muslims who don't respect Britain' Amir Khan hits out at 'terror sympathisers'

13 August 2016 • Jihadi terrorists could be hiding among BRITAIN-bound refugees in Calais, police warn

13 August 2016 • Hundreds in London 'kissathon' for Sainsbury's complaint gay couple

13 August 2016 • How COULD Helen have lain dead in her home for four months and no one notice? Much-loved aspiring author who lived less than a mile from her family was missing for weeks on end...and no one noticed

12 August 2016 • Election fraud allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of 'political correctness', report warns

12 August 2016 • Feminist zealots want women to have their cake and eat it, says Tory MP

11 August 2016 • POLL FRAUD 'IGNORED': Vote rigging in Muslim communities ‘goes unchallenged because PC police are scared of causing offence’

11 August 2016 • New report shows how Wisbech is bearing the brunt of mass immigration and the strain it places on health, housing and education.

10 August 2016 • Percentage of babies born to unmarried couples in Scotland is 51.2 per cent (over half)

10 August 2016 • BREITBART London editor warns that Europe will have anti-Islam blasphemy laws very soon

10 August 2016 • Former BBC production assistant, 28, who worked on Gavin & Stacey ‘raped a young waiter on their first date after he wooed the teenager on gay dating app Grinder

10 August 2016 • Islam's "Quiet Conquest" of Europe

9 August 2016 • Pause in named person a chance to drop whole scheme

9 August 2016 • SNP John Swinney to pause 'unlawful named person policy'

8 August 2016 • Damning report highlights violence and access to pornography at controversial Medway Secure Training Centre in Kent

8 August 2016 • Fathers shunning shared parental leave offer, research shows

8 August 2016 • Mass murder of Christians is the new Isis plot

8 August 2016 • Children in care often lack mentor support, says Barnardo's

8 August 2016 • 10 things you never wanted to know about our 'gay-married' hockey girls:

8 August 2016 • Imam defends Luton pool after it BANS men and women swimming together

7 August 2016 • HOW TO HAVE SEX:Young people aren’t getting laid as study finds ‘more virgins now than any time since 1920s’… so we’ve created step-by-step Ladybird guide to getting it on

7 August 2016 • Teenagers' stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high with middle-class children the worst affected

7 August 2016 • Nick Ferrari: Counting cost of £20m HIV drug

7 August 2016 • TONY PARSONS: Men-only Muslim swimming pools are an insult to a United Kingdom built on equality

5 August 2016 • Boris Johnson lifts ban on UK embassies flying gay pride rainbow flag

5 August 2016 • Children as young as five accused of sex attacks in schools

5 August 2016 • Jane Kelly: NHS should prioritise cancer care over risky gay sex#

5 August 2016 • Brits DON'T regret Brexit vote as polls indicate majority supports leaving EU

5 August 2016 • Give young people and gay men free condoms to reduce STIs, watchdog says

4 August 2016 • One in 14 adults in England and Wales were sexually abused in childhood – survey

4 August 2016 • TV viewers offended when Coronation Street vicar kisses another man

4 August 2016 • Scottish Parent Teacher Council say SNP's named person scheme is 'enemy of trust'

4 August 2016 • Islamic State hails stabbings in “centre of ‘Christendom’ London”

4 August 2016 • Muslims make fun of a Christian in London

4 August 2016 • Fury as women BANNED from men-only swimming sessions in Luton for ‘CULTURAL REASONS’

4 August 2016 • Theresa May on Christianity, abortion, compulsory sex education: an interview with SPUC's Anthony Ozimic by the German Catholic press

4 August 2016 • Antisemitic incidents in UK rise 11% in first six months of 2016

3 August 2016 • Ukip leadership hopeful calls for Islamic faith schools ban

3 August 2016 • I'd ban the burka in public, says UKIP leadership hopeful Bill Etheridge

2 August 2016 • WHAT (WORKING) WOMEN WANT: After ad boss’s ‘sexist’ comments, we ask: are women happier NOT being the boss?

2 August 2016 • Policeman jailed after stealing laptop from CORPSE and cheating mother out of thousands

2 August 2016 • HIV Drug PrEP Can Be Funded By NHS England Rules High Court

2 August 2016 • Jewish man told he’d be ‘turned into ashes’ in anti-Semitic tirade

1 August 2016 • Aid trade Foreign aid budget will be leverage to get trade deals, Whitehall hints

1 August 2016 • Sex education is the only way to combat the terrible toll of child abuse

1 August 2016 • ECONOMY BOOST: Britain will succeed after Brexit insists Bank chief

31 July 2016 • Boy aged 12 arrested on suspicion of murder in Ashton-under-Lyne

31 July 2016 • Boy, 12, among three more held over Ashton-under-Lyne murder

31 July 2016 • INSTANT KARMA: Sir Philip Green looks to gaudy Buddha statue to change fortunes on £100m yacht

31 July 2016 • Yes, boys, you CAN have sex slaves: Outrage as British Muslim cleric at mosque where Cardiff jihadis were radicalised tells teenagers that 'captives' are permissible under Islam in vile sermon

31 July 2016 • Anti-gay Tory MP takes aim at trans people who want to have kids using NHS fertility treatment

31 July 2016 • Survey finds Scottish Jews increasingly isolated and fearful due to anti-Semitism

30 July 2016 • STRUGGLING TO BREATHE: Councils tell schools to give transgender pupils ‘extra PE breaks’ because of chest-binding practice

30 July 2016 • Dozens of London pupils permanently excluded for sexual misconduct

29 July 2016 • The INNOCENT teacher whose life has been left in tatters

29 July 2016 • 'SHE COULDN'T SEE A FUTURE WITHOUT HIM' Mum hangs herself one year after her teenage son also hanged himself over false rape allegations

29 July 2016 • Named persons: Court gives Scottish Government 42 days to amend named persons law – though aim is ‘legitimate’

29 July 2016 • More than 500 potential victims of child abuse identified and 77 charged after Police Scotland investigation

28 July 2016 • REVEALED: Imams giving out Islamic extremist texts calling for jihad in BRITISH prisons

28 July 2016 • Assaults on prison staff at record high, figures show

28 July 2016 • TOM DALEY says it is a case of “when” not “if” he becomes a dad following this summer’s Olympics.

28 July 2016 • Card conmen Criminal bank card scammers are using invisible pads on cash machines to steal our PIN numbers: Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim

28 July 2016 • The REAL reason modern marriages end: Women more likely to divorce stay-at-home dads who fail to live up to breadwinner stereotype

28 July 2016 • LGBT community continues to demand better representation on TV

27 July 2016 • Department for Education increases funding for LGBT adopters

27 July 2016 • Number of religious weddings plummets in Birmingham

27 July 2016 • Muslims more outraged over Fireman Sam cartoon than daily Islamic terror attacks

26 July 2016 • LAGS AT LARGE: Nearly SIX THOUSAND foreign criminals still in UK after being released from prison

26 July 2016 • Will Britain at last stand up for Christians?

25 July 2016 • Girl, 17, dies of alcohol-linked liver disease as shock figures reveal rising number of women victims

25 July 2016 • Children are humiliating victims by using memes and chat rooms to 'roast' them in the latest cyberbullying craze

25 July 2016 • Alleged serial killer Stephen Port accused of attacking eight men he met on gay dating websites

25 July 2016 • Treating Muslim children as terror suspects does not make Britain safer

25 July 2016 • Scotland’s gay politicians tell of suffering in school as they back LBGT teaching in classroom

25 July 2016 • ‘Grim’ statistics from the NSPCC reveal rise in cases of rape and sexual assault against children in Cambridgeshire in the last year

24 July 2016 • Gay Priest quits Church of England in order to marry his partner

24 July 2016 • Loo move is loony

24 July 2016 • Brave schoolgirl, 13, to have kidney transplant despite NHS denying her the drug that could keep her alive afterwards

24 July 2016 • Veteran condemned to die by the NHS: Doctors at leading hospital put great-grandfather with a chest infection on notorious 'death pathway' after wrongly deciding he could not be saved

24 July 2016 • One night stands: Surge in demand for spur-of-the-moment hotel hook-ups

23 July 2016 • 'THEY ARE CLOSED MINDED': Transgender councillor’s article about becoming a woman banned from parish newsletter

23 July 2016 • TOOLED UP TOTS: Cops find weapons including Taser, axes, BB guns and a MEAT CLEAVER brought by young pupils to school

23 July 2016 • Gran brutally attacked as she was sitting in her wheelchair at home is fighting for life

23 July 2016 • Mark Ellse: Gay marriage cost Cameron the referendum

22 July 2016 • 'Muslim' women jailed for SELLOTAPING five-year-old son naked in a cupboard while they went to the seaside with his older sisters

22 July 2016 • Faith schools need to be religiously diverse, rabbis say

22 July 2016 • UK Approved Abortion 50 Years Ago Today, Since Then 8,624,567 Babies Have Been Killed

22 July 2016 • Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill 2016-17 (to allow couples that are not same sex to have a civil partnership.

21 July 2016 • 'Social workers' glee as Teachers face prison for failing to report child abuse

21 July 2016 • You’re now more likely to be mugged online than on the streets of Britain, ONS figures show

21 July 2016 • Record numbers of children excluded from school as attacks on teachers and racist abuse soars

21 July 2016 • Cybercrime: One in 10 people now victim of fraud or online offences, figures show

21 July 2016 • How many people have YOU slept with? The number of sexual partners you should have before it's seen as promiscuous (and, yes, it's more for men)

21 July 2016 • The first ever FGM figures show nearly 6,000 new cases in England

21 July 2016 • Gay rugby player Keegan Hirst is looking for love on Celebrity First Dates

20 July 2016 • Schools should teach children about dangers of sexting, parents say

20 July 2016 • Chlamydia vaccine 'shows promise'

20 July 2016 • UK: Muslim doctor begs ’13-year old’ for sex during police sting

19 July 2016 • Government can’t define extremism but wants to penalise it

19 July 2016 • Prisons now unacceptably violent, says watchdog

19 July 2016 • NUS have voted to block Jewish students from choosing their own representative on the union’s anti-racism committee

19 July 2016 • Residents in Newquay shocked by Eastern European BROTHELS in holiday lets

19 July 2016 • Microsoft, Google and Hyatt: Women Need Abortions to Promote Their “Economic Interests”

18 July 2016 • Why do boys prefer balls to Barbies? It may be in their GENES: Children as young as nine months prefer gender-specific toys

18 July 2016 • Antidepressant usage reaches record levels

18 July 2016 • Widow, 86, robbed of £21,000 life savings by card theft gang

17 July 2016 • Birmingham revealed as sexually-transmitted infection hotspot

17 July 2016 • REVEALED: Council to encourage school children to think if they are gay or transsexual

17 July 2016 • WEB CHEMISTS PREY ON YOUTHS: Confused kids are buying sex-swap drugs ONLINE without a prescription

17 July 2016 • Foreign crooks costing British taxpayers £60m a year in jet costs to deport them

16 July 2016 • BBC orders historic gay drama from author Patrick Gale

15 July 2016 • Parents believe social media hampers children's moral development

14 July 2016 • Fewer than half of adults are now married: Figure at lowest level since records began because many couples now live together but do not have a wedding

14 July 2016 • FLYING OFF THE HANDLE: Shocking moment ex-banker knocked his female neighbour out with an axe handle after feud over a privet hedge

14 July 2016 • DILATED PUPILS: Two schoolgirls excluded after ‘taking ecstasy in the toilets on the day David Cameron visited’

13 July 2016 • Sex education ‘unfit’ for Britain’s ‘smartphone generation’

13 July 2016 • Wolf whistling to become HATE crime as one police force classify the street harassment as misogynistic offence

13 July 2016 • Theresa May appoints pro-gay equality Amber Rudd in key Parliament position

13 July 2016 • Hate crimes against disabled people soar by 40 per cent in a year

11 July 2016 • CHILD SEX SHOCK: More than 4000 children reported in one year for inappropriate sexual behaviour

11 July 2016 • 87,000 stolen British bullets 'are in the hands of IS jihadis' after cache of ammunition is stolen from an Army training camp

10 July 2016 • Gender identity clinic services under strain as referral rates soar

10 July 2016 • Number of British people seeking to change their gender soars

10 July 2016 • Theresa May’s Sharia courts review branded a whitewash

9 July 2016 • Benefit fraud jumps by £500million in just a year despite ministers' pledges of a crackdown

8 July 2016 • Women troops get green light to join Army’s combat units as Cameron lifts fighting ban

8 July 2016 • Women 'to serve in close combat roles' in the British military

8 July 2016 • Anti-LGBT Christian activists already calling for equality to be rolled back after Brexit

8 July 2016 • 'Momentous Day': This Morning viewers heap praise on Rylan Clark and husband Dan Neal as they make presenting debut

8 July 2016 • 'How embarrassing for Coventry council' - readers react to young girl moving wheelie bin branded 'too heavy' to tackle

7 July 2016 • More than a million pensioners spend TWO months a year alone

7 July 2016 • Government to consider 'gender neutral' official documents

7 July 2016 • Feminism not making women any happier, ONS figures reveal

6 July 2016 • UN Unleashes LGBT Czar to Promote Homosexuality, Transgenderism

6 July 2016 • Police responsible for over 2,000 data breaches in five years

6 July 2016 • Free NHS chlamydia test shunned by under-25s despite being group most at risk of infection

6 July 2016 • 'Blair is world's worst terrorist': families of Iraq war victims react to Chilcot report

6 July 2016 • JAILED FOR LIFE: Liam Fee's mother and her lesbian lover locked up for murdering boy, aged 2

6 July 2016 • One BILLION people now live with 'equal marriage'

6 July 2016 • TV show cooks up opportunities for Halal sector

6 July 2016 • 'I thought it was my turn to die': Supply teacher reveals the terrifying moment he was stabbed by a 14-year-old pupil in class

5 July 2016 • Schools tackling sexual violence should focus on boys, MPs told

5 July 2016 • Why so-called Islamic State chooses to bomb during Ramadan?

5 July 2016 • Poll: 70 per cent of Europeans believe Muslim migration poses a serious threat to the continent

5 July 2016 • Hundreds of babies born drug-dependent

5 July 2016 • Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade

5 July 2016 • Gonorrhea and syphilis skyrocketing among gay men in Britain

5 July 2016 • RED LIGHT FOR RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Britain’s first legal red light zone could be scrapped after prostitute murdered

5 July 2016 • Without Farage's vision we’d never have had a referendum, says LEO MCKINSTRY

5 July 2016 • Identity fraud victims soar by 57 per cent as conmen steal personal details from the internet

4 July 2016 • Carer stole £46,000 from vulnerable elderly couple to feed her drug habit

4 July 2016 • Transgender OAP bids for ‘backdated’ female pension

4 July 2016 • £12billion: That's the staggering sum Britons now lose every year gambling. Pity politicians are too busy squabbling to care, writes DOMINIC LAWSON

4 July 2016 • Somali serial rapist who was allowed to STAY in Britain went on to attack two more women

4 July 2016 • NOT FARE: Taxi driver refuses to take disabled passenger with his guide dog ‘because it’s against his religion’.

4 July 2016 • Why don't I have a dad? Agony of single mums' IVF children after research finds a third have mixed feelings about not having a father

4 July 2016 • Teenager is hospitalised and sedated EVERY time she has her period after HPV jab 'made her vomit up to 10 times a day

4 July 2016 • Half of police officers facing gross misconduct charges quit force before case heard

4 July 2016 • HPV cervical cancer test introduced in England

4 July 2016 • Fertility experts urge UK to adopt new DNA screening for IVF embryos

4 July 2016 • Divorce 'driving rise in over-50s who have to rent': Nearly a third now lease property after strong increase over the past five years

4 July 2016 • Convicted Muslim rapist “did not understand what is acceptable in UK”

4 July 2016 • Michael Foot memorial vandalised with swastikas

3 July 2016 • TRANSGENDER RECORD BREAKERS: British female pair set to make history at Rio Olympics… as they were born men

3 July 2016 • Police doctored GPS data which saw fishing boat crew jailed for £53million drugs bust: New evidence shows the men couldn't have dropped bags of cocaine into the sea

3 July 2016 • Increasing concern as internet players push gambling losses up by third to £12.6bn

3 July 2016 • Sperm donors fear ‘Hi Dad’ showdown as DNA testing becomes more accessible

3 July 2016 • London ambulance has tyres slashed at scene of road accident

3 July 2016 • Sperm donor children ask questions about fathers at age three, first research of its kind finds

3 July 2016 • Car thief drove off with baby then dumped it outside a house

2 July 2016 • Children crying out for our care

1 July 2016 • Gay couple who ‘bought’ three babies in six months declared legal parents

1 July 2016 • Dying for a drink: Booze deaths increase by 13 per cent and NHS picks up the £4million alky bill

1 July 2016 • Conservative leadership election: Key Theresa May backer lesbian Justine Greening hails 'new age' of women in power

1 July 2016 • Hordes of eastern European prostitutes 'charging £10' flood UK before Brexit close borders

1 July 2016 • Decriminalise sex workers, says Home Affairs Committee

30 June 2016 • Jewish MP ‘in floods of tears’ at Chakrabarti anti-Semitism report launch

30 June 2016 • Are we drinking ourselves to death? More than a MILLION people were admitted to hospital last year due to alcohol

30 June 2016 • Record number of women terror suspects arrested

30 June 2016 • Hard Wired Wrong'uns Bullies feel pleasure when they inflict pain or act violently study finds

30 June 2016 • Romanian migrant beggars living under East London flyover happy to leave UK

30 June 2016 • Britain must not give way on issue of free movement

30 June 2016 • DISHONEST DADS Gay couple pay £40,000 to surrogate mums for three babies in less than six months

30 June 2016 • RECORD number of UK women arrested on TERROR charges in the last year

30 June 2016 • Jeremy Corbyn compares Israel with ISIS at launch of Labour ANTI-SEMITISM inquiry

29 June 2016 • EU chastises Britain for having too many stay-at-home moms

29 June 2016 • Make Eid special for your little one with Asda

29 June 2016 • Teenager who had the HPV jab is now wheelchair-bound, narcoleptic and suffering memory loss, her mother claims

29 June 2016 • Nigella Lawson’s brother blames Brexit on same-sex marriage in Daily Mail column

29 June 2016 • Covert officers can have sex or take drugs with suspects only when ‘necessary and proportionate’ under new guidelines

29 June 2016 • 'I won't stop fighting' A transgender beauty queen who was ‘bullied and spat on’ at school has the last laugh as she’s crowned Miss Transgender England

29 June 2016 • Jewish group hits back at High Court ruling allowing council boycott of Israeli goods

29 June 2016 • Drunkorexia: Over half of female university students offset calories from alcohol by skipping meals, study finds

29 June 2016 • Schools Urged To Be Alert To Forced Marriages And FGM This Summer Holiday

29 June 2016 • Thousands of women have had at least four abortions, figures reveal

29 June 2016 • Home Office following Gross murder case: We can’t stop foreign killers entering UK

28 June 2016 • European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit

28 June 2016 • BHA stands up for tolerance, sexual health rights, and free expression at latest UN Human Rights Council session

27 June 2016 • 'I LOOKED LIKE THE DEVIL' Dad brutally beaten in vicious attack tells how his children were terrified to look at him

27 June 2016 • Rylan Clark-Neal and 'husband' set to be first gay couple to present This Morning

27 June 2016 • MPs launch inquiry into sharia courts in UK

27 June 2016 • Butcher starts selling meat in imperial pounds and ounces after Britain ditches the EU

26 June 2016 • Camilla Tominey: Too busy to be parents

26 June 2016 • One child lost per day Rotherham reports 367 kids missing from abuse scandal town’s council care

26 June 2016 • Sex swapping soldiers have a hidden a-gender: Extra 5 weeks off if they ask for op

25 June 2016 • Justine Greening: I'm in a same-sex relationship

25 June 2016 • Absolutely Fabulous stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanne Lumley join London Pride as Patsy and Eddy

24 June 2016 • Pink News Editorial: David Cameron will leave behind a proud legacy on LGBT rights

24 June 2016 • European LGBT rights activists fear setbacks without UK’s ‘voice for progress’

23 June 2016 • 'Self-harming rise' among prisoners on indefinite sentences

22 June 2016 • David Cameron knew his manifesto migration pledge was unachievable, says Ross Clark

21 June 2016 • EU referendum: Queen asks guests to give her three reasons why Britain should remain in Europe

21 June 2016 • Let women take pill for abortion at home, say nurses: Call for end to 'draconian' rules that mean cannot choose how to have a termination

21 June 2016 • Children as young as ONE exploited by paedophiles online every three hours, figures reveal

21 June 2016 • 'I thought I was going to die' Sir Cliff Richard speaks out after two years of HELL

21 June 2016 • BBC's hollow apology to Cliff: Star speaks of being 'bitterly disappointed' after TV chiefs say sorry for distress - but STILL defend filming raid on his home

21 June 2016 • BBC ‘sorry for Sir Cliff Richard distress’... but not for filming raid

21 June 2016 • Doctor accused of smacking and shouting at frail 96-year-old woman with dementia

21 June 2016 • Report: half of teaching assistants faced physical violence in past year

21 June 2016 • Rainbow flag flies from Houses of Parliament for first time ever

20 June 2016 • Gang of hooded thugs sentenced to 50 years for beating man to death after he told them to stop throwing food

20 June 2016 • Pride London march: LGBT-Muslim Solidarity

20 June 2016 • London gives the green light to LGBT traffic lights to celebrate Pride festival

20 June 2016 • Yob gang brutally attack cyclist on his commute home

20 June 2016 • Stay at home mums happier than working mothers

20 June 2016 • Jewish migrants preferred to Muslims, study reveals

20 June 2016 • Sick vandals cover church graveyard in giant satanic 666 symbols with a pentagram

20 June 2016 • Family claim mother, 85, died in hospital after nurses refused to give her water – so she wouldn’t wet the bed

20 June 2016 • Prison guards screw up: Female officers sacked for having sex with inmates

20 June 2016 • Getting married or having an abortion 'are the same morally': Shock claim by pregnancy clinic boss

19 June 2016 • Poet Laureate's lament for the Orlando dead... by declaring God is gay: Carol Ann Duffy criticised over controversial claim as she pens tribute to nightclub victims

19 June 2016 • Don't calls girls 'girls' or 'young women' in case it offends pupils questioning their gender identity, schools are told

18 June 2016 • Teenage girl stabbed and raped after being dragged out of city centre restaurant

18 June 2016 • Queen's former physician backs assisted dying

18 June 2016 • One of Sir Cliff Richard's sex accusers was arrested 'over plot to blackmail him'

17 June 2016 • Man broke almost every bone in stranger's face after stamping on the back of his head

17 June 2016 • Parents’ fury at adult fetish event called ‘Kinky Playpen’ planned for children’s soft play centre

17 June 2016 • Rapist watched sick child porn in prison cell on smuggled tablet hidden in picture frame

17 June 2016 • UK government hints it will recognise ISIS atrocities against Christians as genocide

17 June 2016 • Pew Data: More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS

17 June 2016 • Sir Cliff Richard accused of attacks by ‘one of Britain’s worst sex offenders’

17 June 2016 • Churches across Europe "investigated under hate speech laws"

17 June 2016 • Labour MP Jo Cox killed in street gun horror

16 June 2016 • HUNG OUT LIKE BAIT Pop legend Cliff Richard comes out swinging at cops and Beeb as he’s cleared over child sex claims

16 June 2016 • 'Widespread problem' More than half a MILLION older men are lonely, charity warns

16 June 2016 • 85 UK Jihadis killed so far… but over 400 still feared to have come back here

16 June 2016 • BBC to stream 1974 show with first lesbian kiss on UK television

16 June 2016 • Outrage at ‘thickies will back Brexit’ jibe by Labour councillor

15 June 2016 • EU does NOTHING for working people, says Labour Leave's BRENDAN CHILTON

15 June 2016 • New sexting guidance to be sent to schools

15 June 2016 • Prince William tells LGBTs 'be proud of the person you are' as he appears on cover of Attitude magazine

14 June 2016 • Christians forced to hide their faith from 'abusive' Muslim refugees

14 June 2016 • Catholic teenager's co-workers staged 'mock crucifixion'

14 June 2016 • Eight months’ jail for nursery worker who left child with burst blood vessels in his eyes

14 June 2016 • HOSPITAL ROLEX 'THIEF' Nurse ‘stole £5k Rolex from wrist of dying granddad in hospital’

14 June 2016 • Orlando shooter’s links to Islamic hate cleric who preached in Birmingham

13 June 2016 • Someone has been stealing life-saving defibrillators from London train stations

13 June 2016 • Thousands of doctors help people die every year, says head of Britain's assisted dying organisation

13 June 2016 • Schoolboys allowed to wear skirts under new 'gender neutral' uniform rules

13 June 2016 • Police and BBC ‘hushed up sex attack on 14-year-old girl by gang of Syrian migrants’

13 June 2016 • Families separated for immigration purposes

13 June 2016 • BREXIT THREAT: Germany will CUT Britain off from EU single market if we vote to leave

12 June 2016 • Cops tell domestic abuse victims to call local sharia council when they rang for help

12 June 2016 • Transgender criminals to get say over prison

12 June 2016 • Why did police keep quiet on sex attack by Syrian UK refugees? Girl, 14, was assaulted by gang but it was kept off the crime list covered by BBC Newsnight team

12 June 2016 • Prisoners serve a million extra days for jail violence

12 June 2016 • Brexit would make the UK more secure by scuppering plans for an EU army, French admirals claim

11 June 2016 • New jails needed for prison lags

10 June 2016 • No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says

10 June 2016 • Punk rocker's religious assault on York city priest

10 June 2016 • 30% of RE lessons taught by inexperienced teachers

10 June 2016 • Gay rights 'at threat' if we leave the EU

10 June 2016 • Teachers warn of 'big black hole' in SNP state guardian plan

19 May 2016 • 'Devoid of any decency': Watch sickening moment thug robs pensioner, 89, in her own home - tearing rings from her fingers

19 May 2016 • Uber drivers accused of 32 rapes and sex attacks on London passengers in last year alone

18 May 2016 • 10% of senior BBC figures must be LGBT by 2020, says government

17 May 2016 • BOMBSHELL REPORT: Mass immigration is costing Britain £17BILLION each year

17 May 2016 • MI6 boss warns backlash over migration will rise from streets - and blames EU elite

16 May 2016 • Bust up: Top cop suspended after spat with colleague 'over who had best boobs' during late night bar session

16 May 2016 • 'Gender neutral’ teen wants to have her breasts REMOVED to get rid of her female features and is asking for public funding

16 May 2016 • Legal highs fuel wave of violence in prisons: Rising levels 'severely undermining' efforts to rehabilitate thousands of inmates

16 May 2016 • Transgender woman's fury after being barred from ladies' toilets in nightclub because of complaints from other revellers

16 May 2016 • Unsafe sex threatens girls’ health worldwide. The prescription? Feminism

16 May 2016 • EU open to migrant blackmail by Turkey thanks to Merkel mistake.

16 May 2016 • Muslim Scottish MP decides to give his oath in Urdu, not everyone’s happy

16 May 2016 • Four-year-olds who enjoy 'high quality' play with their fathers found to be better behaved

16 May 2016 • One religious step that could extend your life

16 May 2016 • Woman who 'never wanted children' wins four-year NHS sterilisation battle

15 May 2016 • Students call for gay-only accommodation at universities 'to avoid victimisation at hands of straight flatmates'

15 May 2016 • Karren Brady: Let’s help people to be happy... not kill themselves

15 May 2016 • Abortion Time-Limit Should Be Scrapped, Royal College Of Midwives’ Chief Says, Sparking Outrage

15 May 2016 • BBC is 'too Christian' and 'could broadcast Muslim prayers' to reflect growing multi-culturalism

15 May 2016 • They just don't care: What really happens when we walk away from a loved one's care home? MoS reporter worked at one undercover - and the cruel truth appalled him

15 May 2016 • Nurse whose animals were removed by the RSPCA speaks of her joy after charity's boss admits it is too aggressive

15 May 2016 • Going to church could save your life: Women who worship once a week are '25 per cent less likely to die early'

14 May 2016 • Gender identity clinic sees tots as young as THREE 'believing they were born in the wrong body'

14 May 2016 • Woman, 32, sexually assaulted as she slept in shop doorway

13 May 2016 • Schoolgirls in court over ‘kidnapping toddler from Primark with intent to commit sex offence’

13 May 2016 • Woman raped and beaten in horrific attack inside a graveyard

13 May 2016 • 'Rape is NOT lads' banter': Judge's angry blast after jailing fiend who attacked sleeping woman 'to get one over' on pal

12 May 2016 • Abortion study: 25% of pregnancies terminated, estimates suggest

12 May 2016 • Gay marriages soon to take place on UK military bases

12 May 2016 • Rise of women teachers 'turning boys off education' as report reveals girls born this year will be 75% more likely to go to university

12 May 2016 • UK: Muslims in racist attack on London subway – face no arrests like their white counterparts

12 May 2016 • A fifth of families are still relying on the father as a source of main income

9 May 2016 • ‘Praise Allah’ bus slogans get green light just months after Lord’s Prayer ad gets banned

9 May 2016 • Religion ‘could be about to die out’, scientist predicts

9 May 2016 • Vulnerable in England denied choice of where they die, says report

9 May 2016 • Eurovision reverses flag policy after banning ‘political’ waving of rainbow flag

9 May 2016 • Rise in children as young as 10 selling cannabis: Number convicted at highest level in a decade

9 May 2016 • Celebrity barrister spared jail for supplying 'chemsex' drugs that killed teenage boyfriend

9 May 2016 • British bill of rights could 'unravel' constitution, say peers

9 May 2016 • Samira Lupidi murder trial: Accused mother 'feared losing daughters

8 May 2016 • End-of-life care report show minority groups face 'poor-quality' service

8 May 2016 • Jewish school ordered to teach LGBTI issues or lose out on new students

8 May 2016 • Sick perv let off with caution after urging online trolls to ‘rape these girls’ targeted women just for being attractive

8 May 2016 • Death of church wedding in Britain: Record number of couples REJECT traditional ceremony

8 May 2016 • EU ARMY MOVES STEP CLOSER: MEP says Brussels defence force 'only way' to protect Europe

7 May 2016 • Bank of Terror mastermind used EU rules to stay in UK... before fleeing to join Islamic State in Syria

7 May 2016 • Sex offence cases now take up half of all crown court time: Long trials involving mobile phone evidence are straining the criminal justice system

7 May 2016 • Britons want cannabis to be legalised – change is inevitable, says ex-minister

7 May 2016 • European migration pressure on schools revealed

6 May 2016 • Head teachers vote to end parental right of withdrawal from RE

5 May 2016 • Are doctors using Do Not Resuscitate as a backdoor to euthanasia?

5 May 2016 • GPs rake in £26m from dementia patients in care homes for services that are meant to be FREE on the NHS

5 May 2016 • Scandal of dementia care in UK: Tens of thousands being robbed of dignity and self-esteem

5 May 2016 • Number of OAPS admitted to hospital for alcohol-related diseases is on the rise

5 May 2016 • Defenceless schoolgirl brutally attacked by bully as classmates laugh

5 May 2016 • STOP THE CRUELTY: Cat snared in medieval 'gin trap' by sadistic thug

5 May 2016 • 'It's a HUGE error...the EU has rolled over to Turkey' EU opens door to 79M from Turkey

5 May 2016 • British Muslim group claims women should not be able to travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone

5 May 2016 • Furious transgender man banned from blokes' changing rooms at his GYM

4 May 2016 • Stepmum of schoolgirl who was born a boy becomes a man

4 May 2016 • Daughter says rude doctor refused to call on dementia-sick mum before she died

4 May 2016 • Children aged three get transgender therapy on NHS: Pre-school infants among 167 youngsters aged 10 or under who received treatment last year

4 May 2016 • Fury ERUPTS over German plot to HIDE secret EU army using UK troops till after referendum

4 May 2016 • Embryo study shows 'life's first steps'

4 May 2016 • Prayers really DO work: Researchers claim first evidence they can reduce cravings among recovering alcoholics

3 May 2016 • British women are on a high: New research shows ladies more empowered than ever

3 May 2016 • UK abortion facility closes after seven 40 Days for Life campaigns

3 May 2016 • More than 30,000 Europeans a year are arrested in London: 80 people a day are held as Brexit campaigners say staying in the EU would put huge pressure on prisons

2 May 2016 • Crimes against Jewish people can hit record highs

2 May 2016 • Furious Romanian prostitutes protest against bid to deport EU migrant criminals

1 May 2016 • Pagans in prison allowed to celebrate festival of lactating sheep

1 May 2016 • EU Remain zealots are manipulating students

30 April 2016 • Cops tried to hide identity of migrant who moved to UK after rape

29 April 2016 • Cut ties with Brussels or risk being trapped in a Turkish-dominated EU, warns Farage

29 April 2016 • Now Ofsted forces its liberal agenda on three-year-olds, says CHRIS ROYCROFT-DAVIS

29 April 2016 • London's first NAKED restaurant overwhelmed by 30,000 people wanting to eat there

28 April 2016 • Self-harm rates rising in men as economic downturn threatens their 'breadwinner' status

28 April 2016 • Ebbsfleet Academy bans school parents over swearing

28 April 2016 • 'Too white and British' Nursery DOWNGRADED by Ofsted for failing to teach ethnic diversity

28 April 2016 • UK facing legal action from European Commission Euro over £1k a year charge on foreign truckers

28 April 2016 • Yet ANOTHER reason to vote leave: EU red tape is ‘costing’ YOU £4,500 EACH YEAR

28 April 2016 • Third Of Brits Think Sexting Is Not Cheating

27 April 2016 • Named person plan ‘may involve GPs and housing officers’

27 April 2016 • Marriages in England and Wales fall by 8.6% in 2013

25 April 2016 • If we don’t leave, Brussels will take revenge on the UK, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY

25 April 2016 • When a woman refused to high-five him on a night out this soldier bottled her

24 April 2016 • ‘Britain is Europe’s £176billion cashpoint’ says former Cabinet minister

24 April 2016 • DVLA and NHS sites being used to spread pro-EU propaganda

24 April 2016 • Jodie Marsh reveals she WILL have a baby by sperm donation after marriage split

23 April 2016 • One in eight NHS patients are STARVED of food and water in their final days and 10% die in agony without enough pain relief

23 April 2016 • Obama’s EU views are not worth taking seriously says STEPHEN POLLARD

22 April 2016 • Teachers are accused of brainwashing children with politically correct lessons on attitudes to homosexuality with union chiefs warning it is leading to 'difficult situations' in schools

22 April 2016 • Lesbian accused of murdering boy, 2, with her civil partner 'forced another lad's hands into dead child's mouth and said: You killed Liam'

22 April 2016 • Women in their 30s and 40s are up to 19 times more likely to be caught drink-driving than teenage motorists

21 April 2016 • Professor 'killed herself with euthanasia kit bought online'

21 April 2016 • Violence against NHS staff rockets with 186 attacks on medics EVERY DAY

21 April 2016 • Brussels laws a ‘threat’ as we CAN’T strengthen our borders while in EU, says minister

21 April 2016 • Senior Tory warns EU ‘opens door to terror’ in UK

21 April 2016 • PSHE teachers face 'aggression and threats' from parents

21 April 2016 • Sex offences recorded by police reach 100,000 a year

21 April 2016 • Sick mob films horror attack on teen before sending it to his brother saying 'you're next'

21 April 2016 • Thieves stole 93-year-old widow's diamond engagement ring that she hadn't taken off her finger for 70 years as she lay in hospital bed

21 April 2016 • Woman who made it to the final of a beauty contest despite being born a boy is to enter Miss Transgender UK - and first prize is the sex change operation she's always wanted

21 April 2016 • Mum allows her four-year-old son to wear a dress to school and live full-time as a girl

20 April 2016 • Children as young as FOUR asked to choose gender 'they identify with' by council bosses

20 April 2016 • Big Brother star Kellie Maloney talks about love and setting up a dating site for transgender people

20 April 2016 • EU referendum: It’s not just Britain that resents Brussels

20 April 2016 • EU referendum: Jean-Claude Juncker says European Union is 'too meddlesome'

19 April 2016 • Absurd’ claims for Brexit blasted as critics slam George Osborne’s Euro-stance

19 April 2016 • Two teenagers aged 14 in dock after stabbing mum and daughter to death

19 April 2016 • Inquiry into sexual violence in schools

19 April 2016 • 20 Half of all kids in Britain have been bullied in the last year according to shock new figures

19 April 2016 • UK prisons chief backs conservative Muslim sect who call non-Muslim women 'repulsive'

19 April 2016 • Muslim jail chaplains 'distributing Islamist literature', leaked report reveals

19 April 2016 • Teenage lad drowns as cops film while 'waiting for permission' to save him

18 April 2016 • Anger as radicalisation expert claims killed Islamic shopkeeper NOT Muslim

18 April 2016 • Green Party BANS ‘Women’, Calls Them ‘Non-Men’ After Transgender Pressure

18 April 2016 • EU loophole could see 77 MILLION Turks head to Britain, warn Farage and Johnson

17 April 2016 • War hero, 90, punched in the face after accidentally bumping into someone with his mobility scooter

17 April 2016 • Parents’ fury over slogans added to Love Hearts

17 April 2016 • Dangerous sex offenders win right to read PORN magazines in prison sparking outrage

17 April 2016 • Super-gonorrhoea' could soon become untreatable and will spread across the UK, say doctors

16 April 2016 • Police chief who'd legalise heroin gets top drugs job: Officer wants to introduce safe 'consumption rooms' for addicts

16 April 2016 • Head of GCHQ apologises for historic ban on homosexuals

16 April 2016 • EU ‘trade secret law’ may criminalize whistleblowers & journalists, petition warns

15 April 2016 • Councillor red-faced after trying to BAN Union Jack bunting for Queen's birthday

15 April 2016 • Tesco store boss steps in to protect girl on crutches being threatened by SEVENTY schoolchildren

15 April 2016 • Teach three-year-olds about sex and fertility, say experts

15 April 2016 • How much do we spend on the EU, and what else could it pay for?

15 April 2016 • Muslim Migrants Converting To Christianity Fear Murderous Islamic Retaliation In Europe

14 April 2016 • HMP Bronzefield: Women given tents instead of accommodation when leaving London prison, inspection reveals

14 April 2016 • Released prisoners at Bronzefield 'given tents to live in'

14 April 2016 • ISIS now calls for jihadists to slaughter British Muslim IMAMS

13 April 2016 • Brussels BACKS businesses that discriminate against Britons in favour of Eastern Europeans

13 April 2016 • 'Teenager 'gang raped while others watched and laughed in foreigners’ dosshouse'

12 April 2016 • Cruel yobs 'drag lifeless dog through busy city centre behind a horse and cart' in front of horrified shoppers

12 April 2016 • 'Britain is powerless' Europe ruling means UK is facing bill of BILLIONS from giant firms

12 April 2016 • Gender identity clinic for the young sees number of referrals double in a year: Almost 1,400 children had appointments in 2015

11 April 2016 • Hospital shows porn film to expectant mother in waiting room

11 April 2016 • REVEALED: Muslim extremist organisation ‘claims south London mosque is its overseas base’

11 April 2016 • Big Brother is watching you: Prying councils ‘flying drones over homes’

11 April 2016 • "Astonishing" two in three British Muslims would NOT give police terror tip-offs”

10 April 2016 • Don’t let them in: As Bosnia bids to join EU, experts say ex-Yugoslav state is now ’breeding ground’ for terrorism

10 April 2016 • Labour Muslim councillor suspended amid claims she called Hitler ‘GREATEST MAN in history’

10 April 2016 • Booze Britain: UK's worst town for drunk women 'as bad as blokes' revealed

9 April 2016 • Staying in the EU will make us less safe, put troops at risk and even limits time soldiers can spend in tanks, defence minister warns

9 April 2016 • Outraged audience members boo opening night of ‘feminist’ production at Royal Opera House amid ‘gratuitous’ scenes featuring S&M, blood and murder

9 April 2016 • Man 'kicked to death in the street after asking a gang of teenagers to stop hurling food at passers-by'

8 April 2016 • Fury as EU officials attempt to 'INDOCTRINATE' British school children with new text books

8 April 2016 • Hate leaflets calling for killing of Ahmadi Muslims distributed across London

8 April 2016 • Remain campaign peddles outright lies at our expense, BLASTS Chris Roycroft-Davis

8 April 2016 • David Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel

8 April 2016 • Gove accuses EU of indoctrinating children with cartoon booklet

8 April 2016 • Grand National 2016: Boozy birds flash the flesh at Aintree

7 April 2016 • EU referendum: UK election watchdog opposes Cameron's pro-EU mailshots for 23m homes

7 April 2016 • American mother to be deported from the UK and separated from her two-year-old daughter because her British husband doesn't earn enough

7 April 2016 • Carer filmed dancing naked around a severely disabled man at an alcohol-fuelled party at residential care home

7 April 2016 • The primary pupils watching porn: How children see live sex shows and videos about self-harm on websites that their parents deem to be safe

6 April 2016 • It is wrong to force mothers into work says Ann Widdecombe

6 April 2016 • Single-sex schools 'must adapt for transgender pupils'

6 April 2016 • European Union's failure to control its borders raises terror risk

5 April 2016 • REVEALED: Britain is the top choice for jobseekers as EU delivers 'ONE-WAY traffic

4 April 2016 • Schools ‘should consider mixed-sex toilets so transgender pupils feel comfortable’

4 April 2016 • Teachers yell 'c***' and 'b******' at schools minister as he tries to defend academies plan

4 April 2016• Toddlers could spend up to 10 hours a day in nursery under a £1billion Government scheme to help working mothers

3 April 2016 • Revealed: what can happen when a Named Person reports on your children

3 April 2016 • £172million... is what we OVERSPENT on Foreign Aid last year by mistake - as sneaked out by the Government on Friday. That's enough to keep Port Talbot steel plant alive for six months

3 April 2016 • SAS recruits its first openly gay soldier in its 75-year history who is training to be a top sniper

3 April 2016• Toddler aged three investigated by police for 'abusing other children'

3 April 2016 • Men have gender changes because women have won battle of sexes - Fay Weldon

3 April 2016 • 28 Brighton youngsters identified by security services as aspiring jihadis

3 April 2016 • Britain's TERROR ACADEMIES: Warning as 1,000 Muslims at risk of radicalisation in UK jails

2 April 2016 • Where is YOUR money going? EU migrant mothers 'cost the NHS a staggering £1.3 BILLION'

2 April 2016 • Named person scheme is yet more SNP big brother

1 April 2016 • EU spends more of YOUR money on Euro-propaganda than on fighting terrorism’

1 April 2016• EU bosses DEMAND European Union flag stars be incorporated into Union Jack

1 April 2016 • Oxford theology students can skip Christianity lessons

1 April 2016 • Transgender Day of Visibility: The 'transgender tipping point' in TV and film has arrived, but are we doing enough?

31 March 2016 • Named person policy under fire as Labour calls for "a pause" on implementation

31 March 2016 • Islamic school tells pupils British customs are anti-Muslim

31 March 2016 • 1000 armed police on Britain's streets to protect UK from Paris-style terror attack

31 March 2016 • Vote 'leave' to prevent sex gangs moving here

30 March 2016 • UK students oust ‘white cis gay men’ from LGBT groups: aren’t ‘oppressed’ enough/a>

30 March 2016 •
Revealed: 1.6 million migrants moved to Britain from EU in nine years

30 March 2016 • Thugs kick, punch and pull clumps of hair from terrified teenager — and then post video on Facebook

30 March 2016 • Gang of 14 bullies film themselves battering and spitting on poor girl while laughing

30 March 2016 • Children in care homes 'excessively criminalised'

29 March 2016 • EU admits plot for FEDERAL superstate and describes Brussels attacks as an 'opportunity'

29 March 2016 • TV showcase for opportunities in the Halal sector

29 March 2016 • Free to kill: Europe let 45 thugs into Britain who went on to murder, rape and GBH

29 March 2016 • Christian magistrate suspended from NHS Trust over gay adoption comments

28 March 2016 • Britain’s £12bn foreign aid budget helping people who fund terrorism

27 March 2016 • Traumatised children will be fast tracked in adoption with new government plan

27 March 2016 • Prison doesn’t contain terrorists; it creates them

25 March 2016 • One in three families has BOTH parents in full-time jobs as number of working mothers rises

25 March 2016 • Children aged just SEVEN are sexting: Half of teachers have caught pupils exchanging explicit pictures and videos in class

24 March 2016 • EU ministers want more access to personal data, improved anti-terror coordination

24 March 2016 • Why Brussels can NEVER reform: Farce of EU travelling circus that's cost you £300 MILLION

24 March 2016 • YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN: Why will no one admit the way some western Muslims raise their children is fomenting terror?

23 March 2016 • Sturgeon: parents are not legally obliged to use named person scheme

23 March 2016 • Married people most satisfied with their lives, UK report finds

23 March 2016 • MORE people than ever believe they will live FOREVER despite turning their backs on God

23 March 2016 • The liberal dream team! BBC uses EU cash to film sycophantic eulogy to pro-Brussels Obama

23 March 2016 • Undercover police spied on me. Who else did they do it to?

23 March 2016 • Schoolboy 'sex fiend' allegedly began abusing other kids at just 11 years old

22 March 2016 • Pro-Brexit Tories Should Be ‘Kicked In The Balls’ Over EU Referendum, Says Sir Nicholas Soames

22 March 2016 • Sexting by teens is 'skyrocketing' creating 'time bomb' for a generation, say Labour

21 March 2016 • Why the Snooper’s Charter threatens every UK citizen’s security online

21 March 2016 • Lesbian prisoners forbidden from having sex lose court battle

21 March 2016 • Mother stabbed on doorstep after asking yobs to be quiet as they were waking her BABY

20 March 2016 • Rape probe as ‘terrified’ Queen’s Guard rookies forced to perform sex acts on camera

19 March 2016 • BBC religion boss says UK needs to deal with ‘assertive’ anti-gay Christianity

19 March 2016 • Straight outta Edmonton: Chilling video captures moment gunman dressed in Muslim robes opens fire on a teenager in broad daylight in a quiet north London cul-de-sac

19 March 2016 • Gay men are too ‘unfaithful’ to marry according to Australian Senator

19 March 2016 • Nearly a THIRD of those arrested in London not British, UK's top police chief reveals

19 March 2016 • The terrible twins: They look like butter wouldn't melt. But these 14-year-olds' countless crimes have caused untold misery to their community. So why DO police let them get away with it?

16 March 2016 • LGBT people are more accepted than ever – but we need self-acceptance too

14 March 2016 • Christian lawyer sacked for comments on gay adoption to sue Justice Minister

13 March 2016 • Freedom of information request reveals worrying numbers of children involved in crime

13 March 2016 • 82% of the world’s persecution of Christians is being committed by Muslims

12 March 2016 • Widespread sexting in schools having 'appalling' effect on youngsters

12 March 2016 • Women-only and gay-only shortlists for the PC Liberal Democrats in a bid to end culture of 'too male and too pale' MPs

11 March 2016 • The Lib Dems should vote to legalise drugs. That would give us something to smile about – and believe in

11 March 2016 • Anti-Semitic violence in Europe is no big deal now because it’s being perpetrated by Muslims, the new protected class

11 March 2016 • Evil Islamic State fighter brags sick cult is getting ‘stronger EVERY DAY’ as numbers soar

10 March 2016 • Jewish Students Subjected To Increasing Anti-Semitic Incidents At Universities

10 March 2016 • Protecting children from paedophiles means sacrificing their innocence

9 March 2016 • Addiction specialist: Why is NHS funding ‘trendy’ conditions like gender disorder?

8 March 2016 • Transgender kids getting NHS treatment soars by 1,000%

7 March 2016 • Science teacher faces being struck off after showing pupils sex education video during physics lesson

6 March 2016 • Polish neo-Nazis invade Britain to unleash terror on our streets

6 March 2016 • Sex-swap Tim: 'We're renewing our vows and this time we'll be wife & wife'

5 March 2016 • Nicky Morgan: Education Secretary on the lack of female school heads and cross-dressing in the Commons

4 March 2016 • Attacks on guide dogs triple in just five years: One in seven assaults resulted in injuries to working animal's owner

4 March 2016 • Over half of teenage girls feel pressured to send explicit photos to boyfriends, survey finds

4 March 2016 • Transgender woman faces sentence for raping 15-year-old girl when she was a man

2 March 2016 • 'Ridiclous' social services scramble after boy, 8, tells school he wants to fight ISIS

2 March 2016 • More proof of meddling: Britain has lost 'more than 75 PER CENT' of EU court cases

2 March 2016 • We are facing an international crisis of confidence in freedom of speech

2 March 2016 • Loose Women stars defend Katie Price's comments on abortion after backlash

1 March 2016 • Freedom of Information charges ruled out after review

1 March 2016 • Man filmed 'urinating into Morrisons supermarket FREEZER' in front of stunned shoppers

1 March 2016 • Euro will stumble from crisis to crisis and FALL, warns Mervyn King

29 February 2016 • David Cameron faced a furious backlash after the publishing of 'dodgy dossier' on Brexit

29 February 2016 • MP slams ‘racist’ Commons member who assumed she was a CLEANER because she is black

29 February 2016 • Yet ANOTHER reason to LEAVE the union: UK to splash out £1BN on welfare for EU migrants

29 February 2016 • Police drop brothel charges against 11 people sparking row following Edinburgh sauna raids

29 February 2016 • SNP 'deal' clears way for Sunday trading change

29 February 2016 • Church leaders hit out at Sunday trading plan

29 February 2016 • Christian student booted out of British university for ‘being against gay marriage'

28 February 2016 • Judge lets Romanian rapist back into Britain because it would break EU law to deport him back to his home country

28 February 2016 • Fury over 'Orwellian' psychological tests for schoolchildren which sees them interrogated over whether their parents nurture them enough

27 February 2016 • Head teacher has been sworn at by parents outside school and had to mediate in fights over parking.

27 February 2016 •

27 February 2016 • Fearing Brexit, Brussels pulls plug on kettles ban

27 February 2016 • Young Jews reject top universities over anti-Semitism

26 February 2016 • University of York: Students peform 'anti-Semitic' play Seven Jewish Children during Israel Apartheid Week

26 February 2016 • Anti-Semitic book at unauthorised school referred to police

26 February 2016 • Welsh Government plans to monitor church groups

23 February 2016 • LGBT History Month is “Endless propaganda… and a disgrace to Oxford,” says Oxford alumna

18 February 2016 • Teen girls aged 13 and 14 'sent Snapchat selfie from police van after beating woman to death in her own home with TV, coffee table and shovel'

16 February 2016 • Primary school forced to tell parents to stop taking DRUGS as they drop their children off

7 February 2016 • First trans woman appointed as Master of the UK High Court

7 February 2016 • Designer baby UK? Medics warn IVF technique could carry massive risks

6 February 2016 • Pensioners more likely to die from illegal drugs such as heroin than teens

5 February 2016 • FGM case reported in England every 109 minutes, as WHO says worldwide cases rise above 200million

5 February 2016 • BBC endorses transsexualism on 6 o’clock news

5 February 2016 • War hero Lord Bramall child sex probe branded ‘inept’ after cop quiz bungle

5 February 2016 • Angela Eagle: EU crucial to ending homophobia across the world

4 February 2016 • David Burrowes: Sunday is still worth keeping special

4 February 2016 • New GM crops require revised testing says expert

4 February 2016 • 'Gay cake' row halted over legal fears

4 February 2016 • Methodist membership set to fall to lowest since 1819

4 February 2016 • EU deal FARCE: PM's plan is ALREADY falling apart as it emerges sham reforms to be BLOCKED

3 February 2016 • Wisbech slams ‘unjustified’ integration report

3 February 2016 • Teacher mocked on Twitter after claiming 'more evidence' of God than evolution

3 February 2016 • Cameron’s EU deal is a JOKE: PM blasted for ’a slap in the face for Britain’

3 February 2016 • EU refuses to give David Cameron the four-year ban on EU migrant benefits he requested

3 February 2016 • New Chapel Unitarian church in Manchester to hold UK's first transgender baptism

2 February 2016 • Romanian migrants exploited EU laws to bring teen girls to UK and use them in sex racket

2 February 2016 • Councils to get Sunday trading powers

2 February 2016 • BBC jobs reserved for 'diversity' candidates

1 February 2016 • Immigration is causing serious social breakdown, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY

1 February 2016 • Designer baby fears as scientists allowed to ‘modify’ embryos

1 February 2016 • Planned surveillance bill could damage UK tech sector, warn MPs

1 February 2016 • It's like a science fiction nightmare, say Christian bakers in gay marriage cake case

1 February 2016 • Researchers get green light to genetically modify human embryos

1 February 2016 • Ikea ‘must get out of Italy’ over gay stance

1 February 2016 • More children seek help after sex abuse, says Barnardo's

31 January 2016 • Man attacked as he carried baby daughter in his arms

31 January 2016 • Gay rights group organises protest at meeting to support Ashers

30 January 2016 • Killer with new ID could be your next neighbour... or lover

30 January 2016 • Seaside town of Blackpool is the anti-depressant sales capital of Britain

30 January 2016 • UK: Three Muslims gang-raped non-Muslim teen girl in bathroom of hotel where they were celebrating Eid

30 January 2016 • 'Evolution is not a fact’ - school headteacher slammed after controversial social media post

29 January 2016 • Local NHS launches UK’s first online GP guide for supporting trans patients

29 January 2016 • Alcohol banned in UK government building: under Sharia because of secret deal to finance Islamic bond scheme

29 January 2016 • Father begs to be allowed to take his sons back to Somalia because it’s less dangerous than London after they both get stabbed

21 January. 2016 • 1,800 Children Referred To De-Radicalisation Programme In Four Years; Some Had Watched Beheading Videos

21 January 2016 • More than 400 children under 10 referred to deradicalisation programme

21 January. 2016 • Bonkers EU bureaucrats sparks crazy safety row over... OVEN GLOVES

21 January. 2016 • EU referendum: New Civitas report says Britain does not benefit from being in the European Union trading bloc

21 January. 2016 • Sex crimes at highest level since current records began

21 January. 2016 • Violent crime shows biggest surge in decade.

20 January. 2016 • Islamic school flunks Ofsted inspection after books promoting stoning found in its library

20 January. 2016 • Cabbie banned from the school run after busybody reports him for kissing and hugging own daughters

20 January. 2016 • Britain MUST take more migrants or we'll FORCE you to: EU tears up PM's deal on asylum

20 January. 2016 • Top public school changes uniform rules for transgender pupils

19 January. 2016 • THE over-50s are increasingly turning to alcohol to cope with stress, retirement, bereavement and isolation, a survey has found

19 January. 2016 • Fury over pro-EU leaflet posted through YOUR door riddled with 'fear' propaganda

19 January. 2016 • Schools SHOULD be allowed to BAN the Muslim veil, says Education Secretary

19 January. 2016 • Cameron's crackdown on the burka: Muslim women will have to remove face veil for officials

19 January. 2016 • Nine male prisoners to have sex changes at ONE prison and will cost the taxpayer £100k

18 January. 2016 • Muslim women MUST learn English in two years - or be kicked out of Britain, says Cameron

18 January. 2016 • 194 BAD teachers axed for inappropriate behaviour at school in last two years

18 January. 2016 • Restriction of free speech has 'increased' on UK university campuses in 2015

17 January. 2016 • Jewish peer who escaped from the Nazis saves 150 trapped Christians from ISIS

17 January. 2016 • Almost half of UK population have no religion

17 January. 2016 • Study reveals over-50s binge drinking crisis due to ‘boredom and isolation’

17 January. 2016 • Contraception campaign ‘may increase the risk of STDs’

17 January. 2016 • Family destroyed: Christian parents reveal the story behind their sons' removal

16 January. 2016 • ‘Modern day slavery is in Norfolk’ - workers were paid 8p a day

16 January. 2016 • Lorraine Kelly: What’s behind the rise of fathers who kill their child for vengeance?

16 January. 2016 • In the UK’s first official red light area hookers leave condoms and needles in the streets. Mum-of-four is terrified for her kids’ safety in Holbeck, Leeds

15 January. 2016 • MPs call for end to bishops in the House of Lords

15 January. 2016 • STI cases of gonorrhoea and syphilis dramatically rise

15 January. 2016 • A third of teachers have given food to hungry pupils, poll finds

15 January. 2016 • New rules on transplants mean docs won’t ask donors’ families

14 January. 2016 • Renewed calls to introduce ID cards in the UK in the wake of ISIS terror attacks

14 January. 2016 • More children to be removed from biological parents and placed for adoption under 'urgent' new rules

13 January. 2016 • Silver Divorce Rates on the Increase

12 January. 2016 • PC gone mad? Sunday schools ‘to be BANNED from teaching marriage is between men and women’

10 January. 2016 • Winston McKenzie (who said he was against gays adopting): I was targeted from the very was a case of ‘get Winston out'

10 January. 2016 • Former British Army chief warns recruiting women to front-line roles

8 January. 2016 • Transgender rapist is sent to male prison after being found GUILTY of raping teenage girl when she was a man

17 December. 2015 • Christian researcher: ‘Coming out as Christian harder than coming out as gay’

17 December. 2015 • Muslim Brotherhood are possible extremists, David Cameron says

17 December. 2015 • 350,000 people will spend Christmas alone, we chat to one of them

15 December. 2015 • Britain 'to quit' EU over migrants: New poll shows we’re on course for exit

14 December. 2015 • Nurses jailed after admitting neglecting elderly patients by falsifying records

14 December. 2015 • Company fundraising for St John Ambulance 'targeted elderly people'

14 December. 2015 • Mother Has 16 Babies Taken Into Care

14 December. 2015 • 'Huge rise' in newborn babies subject to care proceedings

14 December. 2015 • EU referendum: David Cameron may drop call for EU migrant benefits ban

14 December. 2015 • Inside Britain's Sharia courts: There are now EIGHTY-FIVE Islamic courts dispensing 'justice' across the UK. This investigation into what really goes on behind their doors will shock you to the core

14 December. 2015 • A judge in a British Sharia court told a married couple the wife must divorce the husband, have sex with a different man and wait three menstrual cycles before marrying the husband again in order to validate the marriage, it has been claimed.

13 December. 2015 • Equality watchdog launches stinging attack on cinema bosses in a last-ditch bid to overturn ban on showing Lord’s Prayer advert before the new Star Wars blockbuster

13 December. 2015 • 'Like John Lewis but WAY weirder': Robert Dyas release baffling Christmas advert where staff reveal their sexuality while holding drills and pans

13 December. 2015 • Full trading on Sunday ‘certain’ according to shopping centre giant

12 December. 2015 • Islamists actively seek prison sentences to radicalise other convicts, say officers

12 December. 2015 • More same-sex couples than ever before in the UK are choosing to adopt children, data shows.

11 December. 2015 • Children's nativity plays could be POLICED by officials over religion fears

11 December. 2015 • PC gone mad? Row as David Cameron releases Christmas card with NO reference to Xmas

9 December. 2015 • My Talking Tom: Ads asked children if they 'wanna f**k' in Android and iPhone app

2 December. 2015 • How can a wife be so heartless? After Simon was maimed by a Taliban bomb, his wife walked out, squandered much of his £1million compensation - then took him to court for MORE

2 December. 2015 • 'You'll be next' ISIS warn UK of terror attacks if they join France in Syria airstrikes

1 December. 2015 • Almost half of all couples who married in 1986 and 1988 will divorce

23 November 2015 • Brit Muslim who condemned Paris attacks receives DEATH THREATS from ISIS child supporters

22 November 2015 • Lord's Prayer cinema ad snub 'bewilders' Church of England

19 November 2015 • Moment dad is attacked with pickaxe ‘for converting from Islam to Christianity’

19 November 2015 • Genetically modified salmon becomes first to be approved for human consumption - but it won't have to be labelled as GM

19 November 2015 • Oh B*@%*@*! How rude words are beginning to creep in to our everyday lexicon

18 November 2015 • David Attenborough: 'I would take my own life if it became wretched

18 November 2015 • Mother reveals she was sterilised after her violent nine-year-old son threatened to kill the entire family if she had another baby

18 November 2015 • Britain’s veteran shame: Homeless soldier dies hours after being evicted from squat

17 November 2015 • How Nicky Morgan plans to steal schools from the church

17 November 2015 • Senior judge reveals concern over increase in sex crimes

17 November 2015 • Britain foils 7 terror attacks as Jihadists planned Paris-style massacres here

17 November 2015 • BRITAIN'S Jewish community is on high alert

16 November 2015 • Widow, 79, mugged in cemetery for the cash from her purse as she visited her dead husband's grave

16 November 2015 • Kids from hell: Gang of children as young as 13 in brutal CCTV assault on man

15 November 2015 • 450 Jihadis on the LOOSE in UK: Fears home grown terrorists planning copycat attacks

14 November 2015 • UK terror attack ‘highly likely’ as security stepped up British ports and major events

13 November 2015 • Two THREE-YEAR-OLDs among more than 1,000 pupils banned from school transport for bad behaviour

11 November 2015 • Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK

11 November 2015 • Rabbi complains after being told to remove shoes in Heathrow multi-faith prayer room

10 November 2015 • Sunday trading law proposals 'facing defeat'

26 October 2015 • Safer test for Down's syndrome could soon be offered to pregnant women on the NHS

26 October 2015 • Death knell for the TV watershed: Parents' horror as ITV screens violent and gory Jekyll and Hyde at 6.30 in the evening

26 October 2015 • GM tomatoes: Scientists create disease-fighting strain of fruit

26 October 2015 • Halloween mad Brits will spend £466 million on the holiday this year

26 October 2015 • Police call for end to 24-hour licensing over alcohol-related violence

24 October 2015 • Sex workers slam police plans to criminalise brothels as 'appalling and dangerous'

24 October 2015 • 'Muslim men in UK having 20 KIDS with multiple wives' and it's legal under Sharia law

23 October 2015 • Rudely-named south-east London coffee shop ordered to remove its sign

19 October 2015 • Revealed: First UK jail where half the inmates are Muslim and others are pressured to convert to Islamic 'protection racket'

17 October 2015 • GPs refuse to visit elderly in care homes unless they are paid fees of up to £100,000 a year

15 October 2015 • Independent printing lists for most influential gay people

7 October 2015 • Making a mockery of Christian values

7 October 2015 • Married couple are forced to live in separate countries as woman from Uruguay is barred from living with her British husband of three years because he doesn't earn enough

7 October 2015 • Extremist ideology underpinning ISIS has 'wide support among Muslims', says Tony Blair

6 October 2015 • 'We had twin boys - but at 18 months old one wanted to become a girl': Father of six-year-old suffering gender dysphoria on family's battle to accept Joe becoming Lily

5 October 2015 • 'Domestic violence against men is no laughing matter': Lottery winner calls for protection of victims as he speaks out after being attacked by his former girlfriend

4 October 2015 •

4 October 2015 •

4 October 2015 •

3 October 2015 • Muslim family are driven from their home... after they converted to Christianity: Neighbours vandalise car and call them 'blasphemers'

2 October 2015 • EU freedom of movement is increasing crime

25 September 2015 • Scotland risks being ‘anti-science’ with GM ban

24 September 2015 • Crime in schools: 30,000 incidents reported to police last year

24 September 2015 • Crashed biker left in ditch after police county border confusion

23 September 2015 • FGM: More than a thousand women and girls suffered genital mutilation in a space of three months, say NHS

22 September 2015 • Simon Calvert: Putin would be proud of the Government’s anti-extremism plan

16 September 2015 • Teenager knocks out an elderly man after the pair get into an argument on a train's quiet carriage when the 61-year-old thought the young thug shouldn't be talking

15 September 2015 • How doctors and nurses are 'walking on by' as patients are dying because they don't know how to ease their suffering

15 September 2015 • Thousands of Syrian refugees radicalised by ISIS to attack Europe

15 September 2015 • Elton John confirms he's spoken to Vladimir Putin after challenging him to LGBT showdown.

13 September 2015 • EE emails customer to call him a ‘F***ing c***’ after he hangs up

12 September 2015 • British teacher brainwashes primary school children into writing letters of support to Syrian jihadis calling them 'diamonds'

11 September 2015 • Scottish MSP's plans to decriminalise sex work wins support across the country

11 September 2015 • Going to church on Sunday, conkers, jigsaws and saying 'ladies first' are also among British traditions which are under threat according to a new survey

11 September 2015 • Burglars urinate in holy water at Sunderland church

10 September 2015 • Great-grandmother, 89, was left in agony after care home staff 'waited 20 hours to call doctors' when a fall left her with injuries so bad her relatives didn't recognise her

10 September 2015 • 'Put the crucifix away': Drinker left horrified after being told to cover up if he wanted to be served in his local pub

10 September 2015 • Without Christianity at its heart, the next Coronation will be empty ritual

10 September 2015 • Genetically modified human embryos should be allowed, expert group says

10 September 2015 • Assisted dying 'could threaten hospices'

9 September 2015 • Children as young as six are sexting.

8 September 2015 • Woman discovers 'boyfriend' of two years is woman when she removes blindfold during sex

7 September 2015 • Pregnant woman forced to stand on train as shameless man refuses to get out of HER seat

7 September 2015 • Teenager in hospital after anti-Semitic attack in Manchester

7 September 2015 • Aylesbury child sex ring members face jail over 'horrifying' abuse of schoolgirls

6 September 2015 • Revealed: David Cameron privately attacked Tory opponents of gay marriage as 'Neanderthals'

6 September 2015 • Let suicide clinics open in UK, say two in three over-50s: Shock Saga findings reveal huge backing for our own branch of Dignitas

6 September 2015 • Sex crimes in UK schools: ‘I said no...but he pulled me into storeroom and shut door’

5 September 2015 • Mum and girlfriend deny murdering her two-year-old son and threatening to saw off another young boy's penis

4 September 2015 • Man with leukaemia told he must find work

4 September 2015 • Thug who beat up disabled woman freed by legal gaffe

4 September 2015 • Sexting: Why Britain's teenagers are no longer safe in their own bedrooms

4 September 2015 • Pensioner, 64, was found dead lying next to his walking stick in the front garden of his semi-detached home after a gang of yobs had been throwing apples at his house

3 September 2015 • Family dog dies after being stabbed by 'brutal' burglars

3 September 2015 • Drug deaths in England and Wales reach record levels

3 September 2015 • Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, says Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and argues that he is defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx

2 September 2015 • Stunned customer told to 'f*ck off' by restaurant after making complaint on Facebook'

2 September 2015 • One in seven British men 'believe they are going to hell when they die'

1 September 2015 • GM embryos: time for ethics debate, say scientists

31 August 2015 • EU spends more than £10 million subsidising TV programmes in just one year

28 August 2015 • Goths at risk of depression or self-harming, research says

27 August 2015 • Celebrity Big Brother's Jenna Jameson wants a fling with bisexual Tila Tequila - despite being engaged

27 August 2015 • We get mad about historic abuse... not girls age 12 on Pill. Drop in teen pregnancies is good but girls so young should not be having sex, says Ulrika

26 August 2015 • Quad bike rider high on drink and drugs hit schoolboy and laughed as he said 'I hit a kid'

25 August 2015 • Sick thugs stamp on baby birds 'just for fun' before leaving them for dead

23 August 2015 • Muslim grandfather, 81, died after being savagely attacked in the street just yards from his home as he walked to morning prayers at his local mosque '

21 August 2015 • Crippling court costs force poverty-stricken people to 'plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit'

19 August 2015 • Ashley Madison infidelity site's customer data 'leaked'

18 August 2015 • Northamptonshire police ban stop and search by officers who abuse powers

18 August 2015 • GPs put 1 in 20 under-aged girls on the Pill: Thousands of children as young as 12 are now on the contraceptive

18 August 2015 • One Briton a fortnight goes to Swiss Dignitas clinic to die say campaigners who want new law allowing assisted dying

17 August 2015 • Brutal street attack video viewed one million times

17 August 2015 • Drug use among middle-aged Brits rising as ‘rave’ generation keeps old habits

16 August 2015 • Have a baby? You must be barking mad: Why some couples choose pets over parenthood

14 August 2015 • Muslim religious sectarianism is destroying the myth of a British community’

14 August 2015 • GM crops ban in Scotland ‘could have apocalyptic consequences’

13 August 2015 • Prisons in England and Wales have more sex offenders than ever before, show Ministry of Justice figures

13 August 2015 • Half of all criminals sent to jail have already been convicted at least FIFTEEN times as re-offending hits record high

13 August 2015 • Hospitals end-of-life care 'not good enough': Nearly half found to be causing harm or unnecessary suffering to dying patients

13 August 2015 • Yeast cells genetically modified to create morphine-like painkiller

13 August 2015 • Going to church is cheaper than therapy

13 August 2015 • Crime pays as four in five burglaries are NEVER solved

4 August 2015 • LGBT rights: Anti-terror orders should be used against Christian teachers who say same-sex marriage is wrong, says Tory MP

3 August 2015 • Heartbroken daughter claims mum was left with ammonia burns after 'lying in own urine for eight days' before dying

3 August 2015 • Feuding neighbours aged 75 and 80 are ordered not to speak to each other.

3 August 2015 • Anger at anti-Israel 'propaganda' promoted by teaching union for use in British schools

3 August 2015 • Explicit sex education show on Channel 4.

30 July, 2015 • Anti-Christian bullying in schools ignored and Ofsted part of problem, says charity

30 July, 2015 • Prison killings at record level, official figures show

30 July, 2015 • Killers and rapists are among 1,000 convicts on the run in Britain

30 July, 2015 • Fifty pupils are suspended for attacking teachers every day - with 11,000 PRIMARY SCHOOL youngsters kicked out of class for assault last year

30 July, 2015 • Married lesbian model and her wife are BOTH pregnant by the same sperm donor at the same time

30 July, 2015 • Worrying rise in anti-Semitic attacks and abuse, reveals UK Jewish charity

30 July, 2015 • Sarah's Law: 'Disturbing' NSPCC study reveals police forces failing to reveal sex offenders

29 July, 2015 • Number of teachers banned for sexual misconduct TREBLES over year - due to 'Savile-effect'

29 July, 2015 • Sir Ian McKellen to narrate documentary on Muslim drag queens

29 July, 2015 • Find the cat killer! Manhunt underway for poisoner who has used antifreeze and ecstasy on 44 pets in one small town

28 July, 2015 • Police chief warns of 'sexually toxic environment' after it is revealed kids as young as 11 are sending naked selfies on mobile phones

28 July, 2015 • Three more police forces signal that they will turn blind eye to cannabis use

27 July, 2015 • Prostitutes to be given 'safe zone' to stop girls as young as 14 selling sex for £2

26 July, 2015 • Book by transgender campaigners lets young readers decide gender of the main character

26 July, 2015 • Tens of thousands of under-age girls given long-acting NHS contraceptives

25 July, 2015 • Richard Dawkins supports Pride Jarva – calls the Swedish Left “pathetic”

25 July, 2015 • UK: ‘Britain First’ brings attention to the rampant Muslim paedophile sex ring scandal in Rotherham

25 July, 2015 • Muslim boarding school rated 'good' by Ofsted threatens to expel pupils for mixing with 'outsiders'

24 July, 2015 • UN concern over NI’s abortion laws

22 July, 2015 • Muslim convict record: 12,000 behind bars

21 July, 2015 • Gay Baker Blasts LGBT Community for Forcing Christian Bakers to Make Same-Sex Marriage Cakes: ‘Are You Stupid

19 July, 2015 •

16 July, 2015 • Number of rapes shoot up by 42% to a record high as latest crime figures reveal increases in sexual offences, internet fraud and knife crime

16 July, 2015 • Daughters throw raunchy party so terminally ill mum can die at Dignitas clinic

13 July, 2015 • Violent attacks on pensioners have risen by three-quarters: 14,000 attacks reported to police over the past five years

9 July, 2015 • Cat found with nine-inch knife sticking out of its shoulder after 'vicious stab attack'

8 July, 2015 • Floozing: Boozy Brits spark huge rise in air rage incidents by sneaking alcohol on planes

7 July, 2015 • Paedophile caught with extreme bestiality porn may dodge jail over lack of Wi-Fi

7 July, 2015 • More than 1,000 doctors convicted of sexual offences, drug dealing and fraud are still allowed to practise across the UK

7 July, 2015 • New GM cereal crop produces fish oil in its seeds

7 July, 2015 • Sunday shopping: Plan to let retailers open for longer on Sundays

6 July, 2015 • 'Dad you're a f***wit' – swearing boy, 3, shocks court

6 July, 2015 • Villagers horror as hundreds descend on sleepy hamlet for Swingfields SEX FESTIVAL

6 July, 2015 • Christians fleeing Islamic State must be given 'priority' for asylum in Europe

5 July, 2015 • KELLIE Maloney says she is starting to fancy fellas since her sex-swap op – and has a crush on Hollywood star Tom Selleck

5 July, 2015 • Plumber’s hate: EXCLUSIVE: Jihadist weapons ‘training manual’

4 July, 2015 • Sick of sex and violence on stage? Fight back by booing: After that Opera House rape scene, QUENTIN LETTS calls for a public revolt

4 July, 2015 • 'Shocked' Clarke pays tribute as trucker who helped him during suicide bid found dead

3 July, 2015 • Postscript: Tony Nicklinson, the right-to-die campaigner whose widow continues the fight.

3 July, 2015 • Don't drive Christian politicians into the closet

3 July, 2015 • McKellen to lead Manchester Pride

3 July, 2015 • UK's Female Sharia Judge Says Muslims Cannot Be Asked to Obey the Law

30 June, 2015 • Not-so secret service: Rainbow flag pictured flying outside MI6 headquarters to show support for LGBT community

28 June, 2015 • Father of TEN children by nine different women: Sperm donor reveals how he has helped women conceive after advertising his services on Facebook but now wants a child of his own with lesbians.

28 June, 2015 • I live with the gay mother of my baby and my boyfriend couldn't be happier: Meet the millionaire who wants to become London Mayor and his VERY modern family

25 June, 2015 • Plymouth man jailed for 11 years for raping girl as her dad watched

15 June, 2015 • Ballykinler barracks deaths inquiry exposes series of army blunders

15 June, 2015 • Abolish religious assemblies in schools, says new report

15 June, 2015 • British imam who recruited murderous teens to radical Islam asks 'why wasn't I arrested?'

13 June, 2015 • One in ten people 'unable to stop drinking once they've started'

11 June, 2015 • Mutilated man died after 'Smurf sex game gone wrong'

11 June, 2015 • Teenager murdered as 'knifed in the back with machete' in front of children in playground

10 June, 2015 • Disabled hate crime soars 270%

9 June, 2015 • Terror suspect let back in to UK because of Human Rights Act

8 June, 2015 • Woman superglued to her own front door by bullies

5 June, 2015 • Doctor and two nurses charged following death of woman after abortion

4 June, 2015 • London’s sewers have highest cocaine level in Europe

3 June, 2015 • 13-year-old Amber Peat died as a result of hanging

1 June, 2015 • Sir Ian McKellen wants to have a bedroom scene with his Vicious co-star Sir Derek Jacobi

31 May, 2015 • Calls to refer to God as a woman as female bishops take up posts

29 May, 2015 • School caretaker spared jail after he was caught performing public sex act in view of girls aged 16

29 May, 2015 • Muslim men illegally slaughtered British sheep 'as SACRIFICE for Islamic festival'

27 May, 2015 • Irish vote on Same Sex Marriage is 'defeat for humanity' says Vatican official

26 May, 2015 • Boy, 17, dies after taking ecstasy

26 May, 2015 • Child sex abuse victim claims politician was among men who regularly assaulted her in woods while uniformed police stood guard

23 May, 2015 • 3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam

22 May, 2015 • Police commissioner claims girls aged five plan to become 'jihadi brides'

22 May, 2015 • Child rapists given cautions

21 May, 2015 • ‘Gay cake’ ruling sets dangerous precedent

20 May, 2015 • 1,400 investigated in child sex abuse inquiry, including politicians

19 May, 2015 • 24-hour drinking laws had no effect on crime or health, think tank claims

19 May, 2015 • Gay cake row: Christian bakery owners found guilty of discrimination

18 May, 2015 • Rat droppings, urine and arsenic found in fake beauty items

17 May, 2015 • GM sugar can be turned into morphine and heroin without using poppies

17 May, 2015 • Jihadi John tells terrorists to wage war on UK streets

14 May, 2015 • The schoolgirls snatched from parents over TV ban

13 May, 2015 • Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships

10 May, 2015 • Woman threatened with prison for criticizing social workers on Facebook

10 May, 2015 • Cop killer Dale Cregan 'sold grenades from jail'

8 May, 2015 • Met Police accuased of being in a racist cover-up

6 May, 2015 • LGBT sports charter launched

6 May, 2015 • 3 Women Badly Beaten Up By Religion Of Peace Thug Near Luton

5 May, 2015 • Army sergeant guilty of sex attacks

2 May, 2015 • Four British Navy sailors charged with sexual assault

1 May, 2015 • Ukip candidate sends abusive tweets to Jewish politicians

30 April, 2015 • Road rage thug who attacked lollipop man, 79, walks free

29 April, 2015 • Alcoholic immigrant with 80 CONVICTIONS can't be deported – because of EU human rights law

27 April, 2015 • Burglar who sexually assaulted teacher in her own bed after breaking into her home is freed by judge

27 April, 2015 • Most births will be 'out of wedlock within 10 years'

25 April, 2015 • UK Labour Party plans to enforce Islamic Blasphemy Laws by making criticism of Islam a crime

23 April, 2015 • Edge Hill University Becomes First In UK To Offer Drag Kings And Queens Module

23 April, 2015 • Man who stole £50k from his DYING mother is jailed

22 April, 2015 • 'Vile and depraved' UK gang raped and abused babies

22 April, 2015 • 'Sharia compliant' sex shop to open in Mecca selling halal sex toys for Muslims

21 April, 2015 • Transsexual tries to change birth certificate to hide original gender

19 April, 2015 • Today's aggressive LGBT rights agenda takes no prisoners – and it’s not finished yet

18 April, 2015 • Mum locks her young girls in bedroom every night so she can live with child abuser

16 April, 2015 • DJ Neil Fox: 'Sex predator radio star forced himself on underage girls at theme park'

15 April, 2015 • Adultery website to float in London

14 April, 2015 • Sue Perkins quits Twitter after Top Gear death threats

14 April, 2015 • Child pornography cases double as paedophiles pursue vile profit from abuse

13 April, 2015 • Peterborough restaurant owner convicted of child sex offences

12 April, 2015 • British holidaymakers conned out of £2.2million by fake holiday letting websites, hackers and bogus airline tickets

9 April, 2015 • Army Careers NCO accused of 'raping recruits'

9 April, 2015 • Reported child sexual abuse has risen 60% in last four years, figures show

8 April, 2015 • Teacher banned for online teen sex chat

7 April, 2015 • Rise in child transgender referrals

5 April, 2015 • Family of cons jailed for targeting pensioners

2 April, 2015 • Landlord covered lodger in petrol and threatening to set him on fire

2 April, 2015 • Staffordshire police officer engaged in sexual activity while on duty

2 April, 2015 • Porno Britain: have we no shame?

1 April, 2015 • Lithuanian builder who butchered husband and wife as they slept at home

26 March, 2015 • Schoolboys 'forced to shoplift, fight and perform sex acts on each other' by teenager who forced them off bus by claiming to have a knife

19 March, 2015 • Schoolboys 'forced to shoplift, fight and perform sex acts on each other' by teenager who forced them off bus by claiming to have a knife

19 March, 2015 • Sick thug held children at knifepoint, forcing them to fight and perform sex acts on each other

19 March, 2015 • Man ‘put GENITALS through friend’s letterbox’

19 March, 2015 • Pictured: Mother who tortured her two children to lie about satanic child sex cult based at a primary school ‘to get back at her ex’ in custody disputee

16 March, 2015 • Police appeal to find man wanted for questioning in connection with assault that could leave Wisbech victim blind in one eye

17 March, 2015 • Drunk mum who heard voices jailed for trying to kill herself and children in house blaze

16 March, 2015 • Police appeal to find man wanted for questioning in connection with assault that could leave Wisbech victim blind in one eye

14 March, 2015 • Female judge left visibly distressed as she jails paedophile chemist, 30, who raped two-year-old girl and filmed attack

19 February, 2014 • Older women have more to worry about

19 February, 2014 • Gay weddings beneficial for the country says Judge

19 February, 2014 • Boy stabbed to death by a killer in Essex

3 February, 2014 • Corruption across EU 'breathtaking' - EU Commission

2 February, 2014 • The BBC just loves swearing - until it gets a dose of its own medicine

2 February, 2014 • This tenant complained to her council about addicts leaving dirty needles and BLOOD on stairway walls. They were too busy to help... but they found the time to come after HER when she put up warning signs

31 January, 2014 • Five thugs who killed a schoolboy stabbing him with swords and meat cleavers in one of Britain's wealthiest postcodes are jailed for 131 years

24 January, 2014 • Chaos as woman chases bus-driving lesbian ex-lover

23 January, 2014 • Man jailed for life after slashing neighbour's throat because he called him ginger

23 January, 2014 • Army veteran, 83, hit in the face with a hammer in his own home by masked intruder who tied his hands together with telephone cord

23 January, 2014 • 'Cyber-Priest' bullied out of church after criticising congregation's binge drinking

10 January, 2014 • Feckless father of 22 children by 11 women spared jail for dealing cannabis

10 January, 2014 • Vice-president of European Commission rallies for 'United States of Europe'

10 January, 2014 • Exclusive: Scotland Yard’s rotten core: Police failed to address Met's ‘endemic corruption’

10 January, 2014 • Liberal Democrats' plot to trap us in the EU

9 January, 2014 • Police officer Christopher Semak jailed for sexual activity with girl, 14

9 January, 2014 • Revealed: Islam officially Manchester's fastest growing religion, expanding more than twice as fast as Christianity

9 January, 2014 • Elderly father charged with plotting to murder daughter after she researched family tree

9 January, 2014 • Teachers guilty of crimes

8 January, 2014 • Jilted boyfriend 'smothered his girlfriend to death at her country cottage for having her womb removed'

8 January, 2014 • James Dunleavy accused of beheading his mother Philomena

8 January, 2014 • Rapist migrant jailed for 17 years in UK after sex attack conviction in Germany

8 January, 2014 • Child sex attackers among criminals not jailed

7 January, 2014 • Controversial Bristol Mosque Plans Approved

7 January, 2014 • Caught on CCTV: The horrific moment father beats up emaciated 'slave' he kept in the family garage

7 January, 2014 • Father-to-be hacked to death with axe in front of his pregnant fiancée 'in revenge attack after his movements were tracked on FACEBOOK'

6 January, 2014 • Sexting common, linked to sex among high-risk youth

5 January, 2014 • Katie called cops four times, why didn't they stop ex murdering her?

2 January, 2014 • New migrants could hypothetically cost the UK billions

1 January, 2014 • Britain's aid millions help the most corrupt regimes in the world it is revealed as Cameron's target is finally hit

31 December, 2013 • Anger as prisoners are eating better than patients in hospital

30 December, 2013 • Happy New Year darling, I'm leaving you

30 December, 2013 • Ten children a day are kicked out of school for having weapons: Pupils and teachers attacked with pepper spray, chisels and knuckledusters in string of incidents

29 December, 2013 • How divorcing parents delude themselves about the effect on children: Only a fifth of youngsters say they're happy after split

29 December, 2013 • Daily Mail lifts veil of secrecy judge threw over trial of two Muslim lawyers on trial for perverting the course of justice 'for cultural reasons'

27 December, 2013 • Miliband's hypocrisy as he cashes in on gambling

27 December, 2013 • Partygoer is shot dead at London nightclub

27 December, 2013 • Mother 'tries to sell baby on internet for £150,000'

26 December, 2013 • Chilling truth about the video games your children got for Christmas: How titles like Pay Day 2, Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat corrupt children as young as five

26 December, 2013 • Police spend only one day every week solving crime: We do more admin than catching burglars, warns chief constable

24 December, 2013 • Serial rapist police officer jailed for 19 years/a>

21 December, 2013 •
Fury as BBC gives airtime to extremist cleric who refuses to condemn Lee Rigby killing/a>

20 December, 2013 •
'Police ignored victims of Rochdale child sex grooming gang because they were from COUNCIL ESTATES'/a>

29 November, 2013 •
Teacher, 33, jailed for sex in her home with pupil of 16: Drama mistress met strangers for outdoor trysts while pursuing boy

29 November, 2013 • English gay man ‘killed in satanic ritual’

28 November, 2013 • One of Britain's longest serving coroners is jailed for plundering £2million from the estates of dead people

28 November, 2013 • Children as Young as 4 Banned from Mentioning Christmas

26 November, 2013 • UK Hate Preacher Choudary Linked to Terror Network

11 November, 2013 • Natasha Sultan admits killing baby daughter in Hull

10 November, 2013 • Muslim tasered by police in London was heard chanting from Koran that he wanted to kill non-Muslims

10 November, 2013 • Lawyers seek to bar Prince Charles from Christian coronation oath

9 October, 2013 • WPC faces jail over rape case lies

7 October, 2013 • Clerics at 18 mosques are caught agreeing to marry off girls of 14: Four imams investigated after undercover operation

7 October, 2013 • Street gangs recruit British kids for Jihadist terror groups

6 October, 2013 • 18-year-old woman charged with death of baby

6 October, 2013 • Children who report abuse are often ignored, says NSPCC

5 October, 2013 • Blundering police let 1,300 suspects walk free including 'rapists, child molesters and at least one murderer' because of errors with paperwork or procedure

5 October, 2013 • British Charity Money Going to Syrian Terrorists

5 October, 2013 • Police called by teachers to deal with yobs from the age of three

5 October, 2013 • Number of elderly who are abused soars 28% - but a third of culprits never face justice

4 October, 2013 • The children who beat up their own mums and dads: More than 50 kids under 13 have been prosecuted for attacking their parents in London alone

6 October, 2013 • Bible oath could be scrapped from courts

7 October, 2013 • Blind 91-year-old woman tricked, bound, gagged and assaulted by female lowlife

16 September, 2013 • They think he’s all over her: victim of TV Rory tells of booze-fuelled attack

14 September, 2013 • Pervert who filmed sex romps with horse called Ambrose given lifetime animal ban

14 September, 2013 • Suspected Aron Attack on Parliament

11 September, 2013 • Child acid attack monster jailed

10 September, 2013 • 'Shocking' bedroom tax should be axed, says UN investigator

9 September, 2013 • UK Dentist Struck off for Offering Female Genital Mutilation

9 September, 2013 • The real reason why we won’t act on gender-specific abortions

8 September, 2013 • Britain sent poison gas chemicals to Assad: Proof that the UK delivered Sarin agent to Syrian regime for SIX years

7 September, 2013 • Thug beat up an on-duty paramedic

6 September, 2013 • Chilling moment sex attacker who told his victim he was taking her to a Saturdays concert wheeled her unconscious body into hotel where he raped her for nine hours

30 August, 2013 • SICKENING: Loveable pub dog Archie thrown to his death by suspected drunken punter

29 August, 2013 • Rolf Harris charged with sex attacks on teenage girls

29 August, 2013 • Meet the middle-aged women who are Britain's female sex tourists

29 August, 2013 • 55 children a day start smoking

28 August, 2013 • Excessive drinking, bad weather and sarcasm: The most common reasons why expats hate living in Britain

25 August, 2013 • Street of shame: Coronation Street stars warned after rap scandal

24 August, 2013 • Swelling fast the demand for 'super boob jobs': Number of women opting to boost their bust by at least four cup sizes doubles in just three years

23 August, 2013 • Evil dad beat tot for fun

22 August, 2013 • Drag queen cheated £88,000 in benefits

22 August, 2013 • Shocked mother finds her daughter, 13, discussing ways to make a sex tape after reading an X-rated e-book

22 August, 2013 • 'Truly shocking' Cruel couple imprison Staffordshire Bull Terriers in cage for two years

22 August, 2013 • MSP Bill Walker guilty of domestic abuse

21 August, 2013 • Islamic TV channel fined £85,000 for inciting violence

20 August, 2013 • Gay dads campaign for church wedding

19 August, 2013 • Childhood bullying 'damages adult life'

18 August, 2013 • 'Gang who nearly killed my boy could walk free'

18 August, 2013 • Named and shamed: Government reveals first-ever rogue's gallery of UK's top 10 benefits cheats - including swindler who netted £1MILLION running property empire

17 August, 2013 • Olympic judo coach barred for sex abuse...but Government say he can STILL work with children

17 August, 2013 • British and Irish online gambling giants bet on American jackpot as they look to sign deals with US casino operators in New Jersey

16 August, 2013 • Experts warn of rise in internet blackmail as police probe suicide of Daniel Perry

9 August, 2013 • Cancer patients ‘denied care and dignity by NHS’

9 August, 2013 • Three years for Rotherham teaching assistant who groomed pupils

9 August, 2013 • Population rise heralds Muslim takeover

8 August, 2013 • Older people 'drinking too much'

8 August, 2013 • Burglar who targeted charity shops is jailed

7 August, 2013 • Serial thief dubbed the real-life Vicky Pollard is finally jailed for crime spree against shop staff

7 August, 2013 • Muslim Group Planning To Buy Sheffield Pub And Convert Into A Mosque

7 August, 2013 • Britain's most feckless father batters his ex and their child... then dad of 11 by 10 women boasts about being spared jail

7 August, 2013 • Religion could disappear by 2041 because people will have replaced God with possessions, claims leading psychologist

7 August, 2013 • Boy, 16, arrested as part of police investigation into child sexual exploitation in Burnley, Lancashire

7 August, 2013 • Social workers took away parents' seriously-ill daughter for SIX MONTHS after hearing unfounded rumours that they deliberately cut her ventilation tube

29 July, 2013 • Robbers ‘who acted like wild animals’ left man unrecognisable

27 July, 2013 • More people are sleeping on London’s streets, but they spend less time there

26 July, 2013 • Grooming gang raped girls aged 14 & 15 at 'wild' house parties after plying them with drink and drugs

26 July, 2013 • Stones and eggs hurled at Hasidic Jewish boys in sickening attack in Sheerness

26 July, 2013 • Rise of the feminist wedding: No veils, no engagement ring - and don't DARE try to give me away

25 July, 2013 • Oxford Dictionary will change the definition of ‘marriage’

25 July, 2013 • Rise in permanent primary school exclusions

25 July, 2013 • UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants to export marriage redefinition ‘around the world’

22 July, 2013 • Huge wedding party will celebrate start of same-sex marriage next summer

17 July, 2013 • MPs: Abortions being carried out for cleft palates

17 July, 2013 • More than 800 prisoners, including killers and rapists, on the run, figures show

16 July, 2013 • Yardley stabbing: Boy, 15, stabbed to death in fight
16 July, 2013 • Shocking moment a dog is set on fire and burned to death is caught on CCTV

15 July, 2013 • Gay marriage set to become law as peers approve Same Sex Couples Bill

15 July, 2013 • Violence is bigger danger to women than cancer

15 July, 2013 • Disgraced BBC presenter Stuart Hall faces five new sex abuse allegations

14 July, 2013 • Muslims’ threats to stab pork eating UK prisoners

14 July, 2013 • Poll: Half of religious people support gay marriage

12 July, 2013 • Teachers 'denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan'

11 July, 2013 • Cafe owner puts ‘I’m black’ warning on door of business in response to racist customers

11 July, 2013 • Farmer too drunk to realise he had run over his lover is jailed for six years

11 July, 2013 • Teacher caught having sex with pupil sentenced

10 July, 2013 • Same-sex marriage bill passes Report Stage in House of Lords

10 July, 2013 • Same-sex parents 'should be featured in school books'

10 July, 2013 • Homosexuality an area of ‘special protection’ to UK govt’, police: UK barrister

10 July, 2013 • Most babies born out of marriage by 2016, trend suggests

7 July, 2013 • What does the future of IVF look like?r

7 July, 2013 • Younger women 'embrace feminism' by keeping maiden name

3 July, 2013 • Gran murdered and boy of nine stabbed in double horror

3 July, 2013 • Family GP ‘pestered me for sex sessions in his surgery’

3 July, 2013 • ‘In sickness and when we are well’: Couple due to marry in civil ceremony were told traditional vow was too religious and must be rewritten

2 July, 2013 • Welsh government votes for 'presumed organ consent'

1 July, 2013 • Teenagers beat man, 48, so badly he had to have metal plates inserted in his face just for asking them to stop their dog barking

30 June, 2013 • 25,000 Brits will get digital divorce in 2013


30 June, 2013 • Blue plaque unveiled for mother of modern witchcraft Doreen Valiente

29 June, 2013 • Social worker suspended for 12 months after screaming 'baby murderers' outside couple's house and threatening to kill them

29 June, 2013 • Hundreds of thousands out for London's gay pride

29 June, 2013 • Internet Bestiality Porn

28 June, 2013 • Gay marriage opponents face prosecution, Faculty of Advocates warns

28 June, 2013 • Mixed race girl, seven, told to 'F*** off back to where you come from' after she accidentally stumbled into National Front meeting

27 June, 2013 • Transgender marriage move

25 June, 2013 • Poll: Young people turn decisively against religion

24 June, 2013 • First openly gay minister enters civil partnership

24 June, 2013 • Robbie Williams: 'I would buy drugs for my daughter'

23 June, 2013 • Fiend who raped me was addict of violent web porn

23 June, 2013 • Drunk girl gave me GBH of the earhole

22 June, 2013 • The sinister reason they're robbing the Guides of God

22 June, 2013 • What will save children from the net? More sex in books

22 June, 2013 • Orphans of the EU meltdown: The shocking picture that shows how middle class parents in Greece are dumping their children in orphanages so they won't starve

22 June, 2013 • Gove's exams 'unfair to sex change pupils, pregnant girls and Muslims' because students can't choose when to take exams

21 June, 2013 • The Frankenfood Conspiracy: Secret summit where slick lobbyists for bio-tech giants seduced Tory Ministers into changing their tune on GM food

18 June, 2013 • Outrage over porn laws that protect animals and corpses better than women

18 June, 2013 • Prison cauldron of religious hate

18 June, 2013 • My five child sex killings were petty, claims Ian Brady

16 June, 2013 • BBC screen violence hits new levels

16 June, 2013 • Children suffering from bias against men, says Captain Corelli author

14 June, 2013 •

14 June, 2013 •
Blair's dirty money: As his tentacles reach Mongolia, how the ex-PM is making millions from some of the world's most evil regimes

13 June, 2013 • My mother-in-law the murderess: Behind the net curtains of a suburban London home, a horrific story of arranged marriage, claims of adultery, appalling murder and awesome courage

13 June, 2013 • Is this Britain's youngest shoplifter? Boy, THREE, caught stealing gifts from Boots with two other children under 10

13 June, 2013 • Schoolgirl and teacher Jeremy Forrest had sex after a kiss in classroom, trial hears

12 June, 2013 • Britain 'failing vulnerable migrant children,' human rights group warns

12 June, 2013 • Woman found dead in pool of blood was murdered, jury told

12 June, 2013 • Scottish Catholic adoption agency threatened with closure over gay adoption

12 June, 2013 • Would giving royal assent to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill place the queen in breach of her coronation oath?

11 June, 2013 • UK losing fight against modern slavery

6 June, 2013 • Sex-case teacher 'abused as child'

6 June, 2013 • Indecent images teacher Geoffrey Bettley cleared to work again

6 June, 2013 • Family fury after gran aged 100 dies of thirst in hospital

6 June, 2013 • Wealthy cattery owner was ‘butchered by secret lover’

5 June, 2013 • House of Lords defeat bid to block gay marriage

5 June, 2013 • London is sex disease capital

4 June, 2013 • First Muslim lesbian couple wed in UK

3 June, 2013 • Merseyside Police used Taser on 12-year-old girl

2 June, 2013 • UK: Muslim girls "silent over sex abuse"

28 May, 2013 • Third murder in gang war devastating town

28 May, 2013 • Vandals attack grave of Stafford Hospital campaigner's mother

28 May, 2013 • 'I watched a man stabbed in a London street - and felt nothing'

27 May, 2013 • Spitting hatred on YouTube: Thousands of terror videos urging British Muslims to maim and kill can be found within seconds online

26 May, 2013 • Islamic preacher Choudary peddles hatred from a sweet shop

25 May, 2013 • Woolwich murder suspect is probation officer's son who chatted with his neighbours about Jamie Oliver recipes

24 May, 2013 • My journey into the hell that is internet child porn: We asked AMANDA PLATELL to view the websites that twisted the mind of little Tia's killer

23 May, 2013 • Jail for shameless groom who looted his wedding venue

23 May, 2013 • Rise in reports of children sexually abusing children

22 May, 2013 • First openly gay Church of Scotland minister welcomes decision to allow homosexual and lesbian ministers

21 May, 2013 • Police 'investigating 54 child grooming gangs'

21 May, 2013 • Gay marriage bill may lead to 'lesbian queen and artificially inseminated heir'

20 May, 2013 • More British converting to Islam

18 May, 2013 • Fourth Coronation Street star accused of being a paedophile 'may have preyed on girl, 12, as she hunted autographs'

18 May, 2013 • Pupil at £24,300-a-year boarding school is jailed after stabbing fellow student twice in a row over soy sauce

17 May, 2013 • Care assistants abused and tormented severely disabled patients they were meant to be looking after

17 May, 2013 • I think I've killed him... he was getting on my nerves: What pensioner said after she throttled dying man - but court still rules it was a 'mercy killing'

7 May, 2013 • Jimmy Tarbuck arrested in child abuse inquiry

5 May, 2013 • BBC ‘ignored calls’ about Stuart Hall’s attacks

3 May, 2013 • Sick radio comment by Stuart Hall now haunts the BBC

3 May, 2013 • Shocking truth: BBC set aside a room for Stuart Hall to entertain ‘lady friends’

3 May, 2013 • Man throws acid at woman's face on her DOORSTEP causing serious burns

3 May, 2013 • Senior army officer faces jail for taking lewd films of little girls

2 May, 2013 • Human trafficking problems being tackled in Wisbech

30 April, 2013 • 'April murder sexually motivated'

30 April, 2013 • NHS fears fuelling support for assisted suicide, poll suggests

28 April, 2013 • Bomb Plotter Released


22 April, 2013 • Black magic gravedigger raped me.. and I’m sure he murdered my lost mate Lee

21 April, 2013 • UK Government Pushes Women Away From the Home

21 April, 2013 • Loving mother from Oldham found dead with her throat slashed

19 April, 2013 • Cat recovering after having head bound with duct tape and being left to die

19 April, 2013 • 'Possessive and violent' bully jailed for 18 years after murdering his wife and driving her body in the boot of his car to a police station

19 April, 2013 • The infidelity epidemic: Never have marriage vows been under so much strain. Relationship expert Kate Figes spent 3 years finding out why adultery is now so worryingly common

19 April, 2013 • The married priest, his model wife and the one night stand that left him facing a false claim of rape

19 April, 2013 • Portrait of a modern British family: Feckless mother, fathers not named on their birth certificates, benefits galore... and young lives on a path to savage crimes and jail

14 April, 2013 • Brighton's drug addicts to be given 'safe haven' to take heroin

14 April, 2013 • Nearly 200 cases a day of abuse of the elderly

13 April, 2013 • PC had sex with lover in back of police van

12 April, 2013 • Fury as BBC refuses to ban Ding Dong The Witch is Dead

12 April, 2013 • Eastern European gangs in Paris are on their way here

12 April, 2013 • Poor health contributes to loneliness in older people

12 April, 2013 • Judge stunned after jail sends thug on ‘good sleeping' course

11 April, 2013 • Father jailed for 13 years for torturing baby son

11 April, 2013 • Toddler Lia Green's father 'delivered fatal blow'

11 April, 2013 • Girl, 11, tells court about three-hour rape ordeal

10 April, 2013 • Mother's fury as three are cleared of inciting her son, 13, to have sex at a swingers' party

10 April, 2013 • Sex counsellor 'stripped naked in front of patient', tribunal hears

10 April, 2013 • Girls’ football coach abused team ‘harem’

10 April, 2013 • Greenford mugging: Boys admit killing Paula Castle

9 April, 2013 • Drug user broke into Wisbech murder victim home and stole a television and music centre, court told

9 April, 2013 • Pensioner suffocated terminally ill boyfriend with Spurs football club bag

9 April, 2013 • Thousands of dementia sufferers rarely see loved ones

8 April, 2013 • Schoolboy spared custodial sentence for raping girl

8 April, 2013 • Britain's biggest police force has four mediums, a pagan and a DRUID among its bobbies on the beat

7 April, 2013 • Murderers, rapists and paedophiles among 400 wanted criminals on run in the UK for more than five years

6 April, 2013 • Bedroom Tax will affect 17,000 blind people

5 April, 2013 • EU Allows Foreign Killer to Stay in UK

5 April, 2013 • Wheel-chair bound paedophile, 58, faces jail for arranging to have sex with a ‘five-year-old girl and her mother’

5 April, 2013 • 14-year-old girl Cherelle McKenzie-Jackson found guilty of manslaughter of Junior Nkwelle in Brixton

5 April, 2013 • How the art establishment helped paedophile painter Graham Ovenden get away with child abuse for 20 years

29 March, 2013 • Northern Ireland's ban on gay marriage to be challenged by Amnesty in court

28 March, 2013 • Your jail is like a holiday says £1m Romanian raider

28 March, 2013 • You can't walk down Cambridge's Mill Road without smelling cannabis, councillor says

27 March, 2013 • God, the gay MP, and a Royal Peculiar

27 March, 2013 • Sex, booze and pilfering, it's a BBC farewell party

27 March, 2013 • Could HUMAN DNA be in our food? ‘Quite likely’ claim experts

27 March, 2013 • Met officers arrested over Sean Rigg custody death

26 March, 2013 • Children admit binge-drinking as alcohol abuse figures soar

26 March, 2013 • Self-harm pupil given razor at Unsted Park School

26 March, 2013 • Easter Bunny 'more popular than Jesus'

26 March, 2013 • British woman, 29, and IT engineer, 45, fly to America to lose their virginity in shocking new Channel 4 documentary

26 March, 2013 • Uproar in Oxford as Trinity hosts Christian group with controversial views on homosexuality

26 March, 2013 • Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies

25 March, 2013 • Half of families have one child: Cost of childcare feared to be accelerating decline of the traditional 2.4 children family

24 March, 2013 • A mega mosque in a suburb that was 90 per cent white 30 years ago and the polite apartheid dividing Britain

22 March, 2013 • Defiled by the spy watch GP: Victims of doctor who used James Bond-style camera to film intimate exams with hundreds of patients tell how he violated their trust

22 March, 2013 • Fake vicar stole £90,000 in European grants after gaining clerical title from U.S. website

22 March, 2013 • Parents in court for neglect after boy, 8, dies of ‘scurvy’

18 March, 2013 • Lord Robert Winston warning over child ‘eugenics’

12 March, 2013 • Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce: The spectacular downfall of a power couple at war

12 March, 2013 • Scandal of elderly patients’ death rate

11 March, 2013 • Horror of teenage girl sex slaves

11 March, 2013 • Over 100 women sign abortion change protest letter

11 March, 2013 • Three arrested on suspicion of sexual assault at Islamic girls' boarding school

8 March, 2013 • 'Jealous' wife who stabbed her husband's heavily pregnant ex-lover in the stomach outside a primary school is jailed for ten years

8 March, 2013 • Internet porn is leading children on an 'unstoppable march into a moral wasteland', warns ex-Playschool presenter Floella Benjamin

8 March, 2013 • Rise of the single-parent family

7 March, 2013 • There is no excuse for domestic violence except in Islamic Shari’a Law

7 March, 2013 • Same Sex Marriage is the “ultimate act of dissolution”, sociologist warns

7 March, 2013 • Police hunt dangerous knifeman after 16-year-old schoolgirl stabbed to death on bus

6 March, 2013 • Woman, 25, posed as a boy to get girls to become sexually intimate with her, court hears

5 March, 2013 • Toxic Britain: Binge drinking, smoking and drug taking means we'll suffer more years of ill health than Romania and Thailand

5 March, 2013 • The Bitter Pill: UK’s Tablet calls for Church to abandon fight against ‘gay marriage’

5 March, 2013 • Life in jail for killer who has 16 children with 14 mothers

4 March, 2013 • Somerset voyeur vicar Richard Lee spared jail
4 March, 2013 • March man, 26, who groomed two underage girls online placed on Sex Offenders Register

3 March, 2013 • Bulger killer groomed me for sex

1 March, 2013 • Hospital hired me to fiddle death figures: Expert claims NHS ordered cover-up

1 March, 2013 • Teenage girl 'set up' a 'kind and humble' schoolboy, 15, to be stabbed to death by her boyfriend after a row over football

1 March, 2013 • Dying Cancer Petient Live in Squalor

22 February, 2013 • My son wants to kill me, murdered dad told doctor

21 February, 2013 • 8,000 criminals given at least 11 community sentences before being jailed

20 February, 2013 • Oxford exploitation trial: Girl 'became sex slave aged 11'

20 February, 2013 • 20% of new HIV cases in Northern Ireland are men over 45

20 February, 2013 • Eystna Blunnie murder case: Tony McLernon 'beat' pregnant ex-girlfriend

19 February, 2013 • Indian mother-of-four 'raped and tortured as she worked as domestic slave for family

17 February, 2013 • Wandsworth house party teen stabbed to death

17 February, 2013 • Immigrant crime soars with foreign prisoners rising

16 February, 2013 • Children aged nine asked by council about drug use

16 February, 2013 • Girls abused by music school predators

15 February, 2013 • Mother accused of killing her six children in house fire 'had termination after falling pregnant by another man during affair'

15 February, 2013 • Coronation Street writes out Michael Le Vell after he is charged with raping a child

15 February, 2013 • Gay marriage: no opt-out for Christian registrars

14 February, 2013 • Fears over 11-year-olds sending sex texts

13 February, 2013 • CCTV shows moment gang of four attackers subjected 18-year-old to brutal attack in 'vicious and unprovoked' assault

12 February, 2013 • Top plastic surgeon who took picture of woman's genitals on his iPhone while she was unconscious is allowed back to work

12 February, 2013 • Boy, 15, accused of attempted murder

11 February, 2013 •

11 February, 2013 • Policeman sacked for assault on urinating student

9 February, 2013 • Online porn blocks 'at risk' as leaked documents show the Government 'scaling back' initiative

8 February, 2013 • Prison is just another form of 'welfare dependency' for criminals, Tory MP says

8 February, 2013 • Wicked carer stole £100,000

8 February, 2013 • 3,000 more ‘needless’ deaths at NHS trusts

7 February, 2013 • 'Huhne forced me to abort my baby because it would have been bad for his career

7 February, 2013 • EU aims at recognizing same-sex “marriage” in all 27 Member States

7 February, 2013 • Oxford exploitation trial: Girl 'feared death during rape'

6 February, 2013 • Gender abortion scandal: ministers rule out monitoring sex

6 February, 2013 • Gay marriage: Party leaders hail vote

6 February, 2013 • Transgender man 'raped woman in friend's sex dungeon'

5 February, 2013 • Mother finds heroin addict's blood-soaked NEEDLE inside loaf of bread from Tesco as she made sandwiches for her son

5 February, 2013 • Tories in turmoil as gay marriage gets go ahead

28 January, 2013 • Human rights? He isn't even human: Family's outrage as notorious killer bidding for freedom is granted anonymity by judge

26 January, 2013 • Gay marriage bill 'opens door to abolition of adultery'

26 January, 2013 • Church of England given fast-track option for same-sex marriage

25 January, 2013 • Child-sex attacker can't be deported because his African tribe is 'persecuted'


24 January, 2013 • Co-Op is most Gay Friendly

24 January, 2013 • Primary school bans six-year-old boy from wearing Christian band in class for 'health and safety reasons'

24 January, 2013 • Criminals still in UK ten years after deportation orders granted, admits Government

23 January, 2013 • Eurocrats 'want to run our Press': Brussels accused of 'flagrant attack' after report proposed giving EU powers to control media and sack journalists

23 January, 2013 • Most parents 'lie to their children'

23 January, 2013 • Children damaged by 'pornification' of British society

23 January, 2013 • Rogue police take steroids and abuse power for sex

21 January, 2013 • Peter Tatchell: The UK should look at lowering the age of consent to 14

21 January, 2013 • Crime rises (and police station closes



19 January, 2013 • The woman bringing horror of 'human branding' to Britain

18 January, 2013 • Oxford Paedostani Sex Gang Forced Victims To Smoke Crack Cocaine And Injected With Heroin

18 January, 2013 • Northampton piano teacher jailed for grooming girl pupil

17 January, 2013 • Oxford exploitation trial: Girl had 'back-room abortion'

17 January, 2013 • Girl was ‘sold’ aged 11, drugged and raped by child sex ring, court told

17 January, 2013 • Down’s abortion figures may be higher, admits Government

17 January, 2013 • Widow, 86, was stabbed in neck and set on fire

16 January, 2013 • Sir Elton John becomes a father for the second time

16 January, 2013 • Majority of MPs indicate that they will vote for same-sex marriage in England and Wales

16 January, 2013 • Una Crown, 86, murdered in 'brutal assault' in Wisbech

14 January, 2013 • CofE 'will be sued over gay marriage': Human rights law 'undermines' Cameron plans

12 January, 2013 • E-fit of suspected glass and bleach attacker released

12 January, 2013 • Married women use adultery websites

11 January, 2013 • Superhead who had sex sessions with married secretary at his school 'went berserk when she ended affair'

11 January, 2013 • Library poll asks children as young as SIX if they have had a sex change

11 January, 2013 • Immigrant mothers may be aborting unwanted girls as ministers admit practice is going on in Britain

5 January, 2013 • Mixed response to CofE decision to allow gay bishops



4 January, 2013 • Police hunt sex attacker who 'could be as young as 12'


3 January, 2013 • Happy, clappy, and out of the closet: Evangelicals who say being gay is OK

3 January, 2013 • Gay sex needs to be taught in schools regardless of what MPs think

31 December, 2012 • 'They were treated like dogs waiting to be put down': Son of couple put on 'death pathway' blasts decision to withdraw treatment

31 December, 2012 • Church minister warns witchcraft is thriving - in WALES (home to 83 witches, 93 satanists and the site of an exorcism)

28 December, 2012 • Demise of the nuclear family: British children are less likely to live with both parents than in any other major Western nation


23 December, 2012 • Hospital that left patient to starve to death and another unwashed for 11 weeks forced to pay £400,000 in compensation

22 December, 2012 • Same-sex pension ruling to cost £90m after former cavalry officer wins landmark legal battle

19 December, 2012 • SEX ABUSE GP JAILED FOR 11 YEARS

18 December, 2012 • Christopher Morrison admits Asda sex attack on boy



15 December, 2012 • Child sex rituals of pagan paedos

15 December, 2012 • Britons vote in favour of same-sex marriage: Public backs PM on gay marriage but says he's doing it to be trendy

15 December, 2012 • IT’S SEXY CHRISTMAS

14 December, 2012 • High Life Travellers Ran Slave Gang

14 December, 2012 • BBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualities

13 December, 2012 • Norwich brothel couple ordered to repay just a £1

12 December, 2012 • Adults Want to be Children

10 December, 2012 • Tories warn Cameron that gay marriage will split party in two

10 December, 2012 • Tories must 'support gay marriage says Major

9 December, 2012 • Gay marriage plan 'barking mad' says Tory MP David Davies

7 December, 2012 • Four in 10 parents say their children have been exposed to internet porn

6 December, 2012 • Social workers are racist, say Slovak parents in UKIP fostering scandal

5 December, 2012 • Grandmother, 62, stabbed to death by partner 'after nagging him for 30 years'

5 December, 2012 • Biggest UK mosque: Newham Council rejects plans


4 December, 2012 • Gagged, judge who dared to stick up for marriage: Watchdog rebukes him over involvement in campaign

3 December, 2012 • Many pupils with cancer bullied, charity says

3 December, 2012 • Scouts and guides consider adopting atheist oaths

3 December, 2012 • Husband 'murdered wife by pouring white spirits over her and setting it on fire after row about clothes'

26 November, 2012 • Two men arrested over rape of 11-year-old schoolgirl

26 November, 2012 • Schools 'struggling to teach about Christianity in RE'

25 November, 2012 • 3M STARVING IN THE UK


24 November, 2012 • Gambler found dead in bookies toilets after being locked in cubicle for FIVE DAYS


23 November, 2012 • London Evening Standard calls for PM to move quickly on same-sex marriage

22 November, 2012 • Comedy on assisted suicide

21 November, 2012 • Thousands of children 'used for sex abuse' every year

20 November, 2012 • Schoolboy, 15, who knocked out woman teacher in 'sustained' classroom assault is spared jail

20 November, 2012 • Will teachers be fired for not teaching gay ‘marriage’?: UK education minister won’t rule it out

20 November, 2012 • 45 children a day at risk from sexual exploitation by gangs, warns inquiry

20 November, 2012 • Greens uphold dismissal of Christian councillor over gay marriage stance


17 November, 2012 • MY TERROR AT HANDS OF PAEDOS

16 November, 2012 • Sex gangs report 'will play down threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls'

16 November, 2012 • Islamic Forum Europe Calls For The Eradication of Israel

16 November, 2012 • Shocking CCTV shows moment arsonist set fire to couple's front door as they lay asleep inside

16 November, 2012 • Pregnant mother-of-one charged with killing of pensioner Bertie Acheson bailed

15 November, 2012 • Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences

12 November, 2012 • 'Women visit us in jail for sex': Shocking claims from inmate about life inside open prison known as 'Holiday Bay'

12 November, 2012 • 'Money and sex are my two favourite things': What mother accused of running £500,000 a year escort agency tells court but denies running prostitution racket

12 November, 2012 • The pensioner, 73, who was stabbed to death by burglar in his own home

11 November, 2012 • Fury at Kingsmill advert that 'sexualises children'


10 November, 2012 • Sleeping two-year-old is driven off by car thief

8 November, 2012 • 7-Year-Old Murdered for Not Learning the Koran

8 November, 2012 • Girls of eight are 'all about short skirts and high heels', says Mariella Frostrup

8 November, 2012 • Supermarket worker, 24, in legal bid to become Britain's first single father using a surrogate

7 November, 2012 • Take more children into care, say MPs despite 20% rise since death of Baby P

4 November, 2012 • Paedo Scandal Covered Up

3 November, 2012 • Murdered for crying

2 November, 2012 • Headmistress's cruel dismissal of the girls abused by Jimmy Savile (and she claims no-one told her what he was up to)

2 November, 2012 • Undertaker jailed for stealing purse from dead woman's home


23 October, 2012 • Christians can expect to face more pressure

23 October, 2012 • NHS phone app that features extraordinarily explicit sex tips for children as young as 13

20 October, 2012 • Chilling CCTV shows hit-and-run van swerving across four lanes of traffic to strike couple pushing toddler

19 October, 2012 • The real hate crime is persecuting a decent man for his beliefs

19 October, 2012 • My diary of mum's awful death on the Liverpool Care Pathway: Nurse's heart-rending account of how doctors decided to put her mother on 'pathway to death'

19 October, 2012 • Police probe after BNP leader Nick Griffin post address of gay couple in B&B row on Twitter and threatens to bring 'drama' to their door'

14 October, 2012 • Jimmy Savile offered me underage girls, says Welsh star

8 October, 2012 • 17% of new parents 'boost drinking'

7 October, 2012 • George Osborne: I will vote in support of equal marriage

5 October, 2012 • Children Called 'Nazis' and 'Bigots' for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

2 October, 2012 • Christians in Europe face 'persecution'

2 October, 2012 • The graphic CCTV image showing 'sickening' late-night head stamp attack on 18-year-old

1 October, 2012 • Gay activist Dan Savage tells Christians to ‘get over the Bible’


30 September, 2012 • CHILDREN ‘GROOMED’ BY GANGS

28 September, 2012 • Man stubs out cigarette on three-year-old’s head

28 September, 2012 • Grandma in the gutter: The 81-year-old had to wait half an hour after falling outside hospital as ambulance dispatched from SEVEN MILES away


20 September, 2012 • Jilted boyfriend broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and hanged himself on her four-poster bed to ‘shock’ her

20 September, 2012 • Man jailed for rape of disabled woman

20 September, 2012 • Gay marriage opponents are bigots, says former Clegg aide

19 September, 2012 • Burglar punched heavily pregnant woman in stomach 11 TIMES after she woke to find him ransacking her bedroom

19 September, 2012 • Online stalker jailed for harassing his childhood sweetheart preyed on schoolgirls within days of his release from prison

19 September, 2012 • The YouTube ghouls: Baying crowd encourage suicidal man to jump off a 50ft building... then post footage of him falling on the internet

13 September, 2012 • The TV elite 'assume Christians are lunatics’

13 September, 2012 • Domestic abuse allegations jump by 9% in Scotland

12 September, 2012 • Imam jailed for sexually assaulting children





4 September, 2012 • SEX ROMP COP WAS SNOOPER


4 September, 2012 • 'Mother and son' shot dead at house in Crays Hill

1 September, 2012 • Human rights 'agenda' is new totalitarianism, bishop warns judges

31 August, 2012 • Sex change cop wants job back


30 August, 2012 • Hunt for sick sadist who gouged out this cat's eye in horrific attack


30 August, 2012 • 'Suicide websites' linked to rise in drug-related deaths

29 August, 2012 • Atheists in the Pulpit — The Sad Charade of the Clergy Project



28 August, 2012 • British couples flying to US for banned baby sex selection


27 August, 2012 • Teen pregnancy constant, abortions up, despite expensive sex-ed programs: study

26 August, 2012 • Paedophiles 'increasingly targeting girls on social media for webcam sex'





25 August, 2012 • Walton boy, 14, accused of Kevin Bennett murder

24 August, 2012 • LGBT centre in Lancashire awarded £450,000

23 August, 2012 • Plan to build new £1m Islam centre in Blackburn

23 August, 2012 • Couple have sex on Brighton Beach in broad daylight... as nine men look on and take pictures

22 August, 2012 • Manchester postman stole 70,000 items of mail

8 August, 2012 • Man arrested over 'waterboarding' of grandmother in home

8 August, 2012 • Scotland forges ahead with gay ‘marriage’ plans amidst widespread opposition



7 August, 2012 • Transvestite who dressed as old lady to grope young girls told he can keep wearing women's clothing 'to meet his emotional needs'

6 August, 2012 • New anti-bullying charity chair calls for ‘visible gay sexuality’ in schools



5 August, 2012 • Guilty...Smiling killer who shot Brit rival

5 August, 2012 • I help my boyfriend to date cougars for cash


4 August, 2012 • Revealed: The £46bn cost of Britain's roulette machine addiction... and Labour made a mistake allowing 'casinos' to flourish, admits Harman


3 August, 2012 • Two £1million fraudsters who sold a mobility scooter to a blind man are jailed


3 August, 2012 • Single-parent families so common in today's Britain that couples are now a minority

3 August, 2012 • Almost half of those held in riots have been re-arrested for crimes including rape, threats to kill and robbery

2 August, 2012 • The EU wants to ruin us, and we're footing the bill

2 August, 2012 • Rochdale grooming gang leader gets 22 years for child rape

2 August, 2012 • Twins jailed in UK for promoting terrorism


1 August, 2012 • Payments to EU hit 53m each day

25 July, 2012 • Godly Green councillor to face internal inquiry

24 July, 2012 • We will legalise gay marriage by 2015, says David Cameron

23 July, 2012 • Rise in convictions for violence against women

23 July, 2012 • The 'woeful lack of religious understanding at the heart of government'


22 July, 2012 • Gay politicians and the tabloid press

21 July, 2012 • One step forward and two steps backwards for Elton John



16 July, 2012 • UK abortion clinics routinely violate law, forge abortion documents: government investigation

15 July, 2012 • Christian protesters charged by police over displaying graphic anti-abortion banner

14 July, 2012 • UK hotel replaces bedside Bibles with Fifty Shades of Grey

12 July, 2012 • Call to ban anti-gay countries from London Olympics

12 July, 2012 • Google Launches Campaign to Force Global Tolerance of Homosexuality

9 July, 2012 • Thug tore girlfriend's kidney then harassed her from jail

9 July, 2012 • Google plants rainbow flag in anti-gay countries

7 July, 2012 • Children starved and living in squalor but nurse failed to intervene

6 July, 2012 • More Irish women seeking help for British abortions, says charity

6 July, 2012 • Out-of-control gambler punched woman cashier because he lost 50p bet that would have paid out just £1.30

6 July, 2012 • Son who feared his 91-year-old mother was being abused left shocked when hidden camera reveals his own SISTER spitting in her face

5 July, 2012 • Parents' anger as child rapist walks free as judge blames pornography

5 July, 2012 • 3,500 assaults on police in Wales in past five years

4 July, 2012 • FOI request reveals government's disregard for impact of gay marriage in schools

3 July, 2012 • Vulnerable children housed in street with 15 sex offenders, warns MP

3 July, 2012 • Parents outraged at bizarre babygro featuring bikini-clad body on sale at department store

3 July, 2012 • Porn 'corrupted' teenage babysitter who raped girl, 5


2 July, 2012 • Stonewall launches advice leaflets for gay tourists in Britain

2 July, 2012 • Schools in England and Wales may teach about gay marriage

2 July, 2012 • British teenage girls are biggest binge drinkers in Europe


1 July, 2012 • Gay peers' partners may get titles too

30 June, 2012 • We were betrayed by our 'trusted adviser': 28,000 small firms fell victim to another cynical bank fiddle

29 June, 2012 • Autistic teenager 'was murdered by thugs who set him on fire with self-tanning spray at his own 18th birthday party'

29 June, 2012 • Schoolboy, 12, found hanged at home 'after suffering at the hands of bullies'

29 June, 2012 • Pregnant woman, just days away from giving birth, brutally punched in the face in random attack while on her way to a hospital appointment

28 June, 2012 • Major children’s charity criticized for pushing population control agenda

28 June, 2012 • Pair who laughed as they raped woman they 'came across' in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not 'dangerous'

28 June, 2012 • Father found guilty of sex with family's bull mastiff

25 June, 2012 • Scandal of child heroin pushers, 11

25 June, 2012 • Manchester Muslim Couple Accused of Targeting Jews

24 June, 2012 • Dating three girls at once and getting someone pregnant - Harry Styles' dad reveals all about his son's love life

24 June, 2012 • The Downing St 'divorce app' to help couples through a break-up

23 June, 2012 • Boy, 14, admits stabbing his foster carer to death

23 June, 2012 • Girl, 9, bottled by drunk man in Glasgow

22 June, 2012 • Gay marriage: newlywed couple bombarded with internet hate mail

18 June, 2012 • Anti-gay marriage activists 'face intolerance'

15 June, 2012 • 26 children stabbbed with insulin needle

15 June, 2012 • Victim of a horrifying 'gang initiation': This young woman was clawed in the face by a female attacker as she walked in the park

15 June, 2012 • Doctors know the euthanasia lobby is driven by cynical economic motives about the cost of care for the elderly

14 June, 2012 • Christian GP found guilty of ‘malpractice’ for sharing his faith

14 June, 2012 • Sex offender admits rape and murder of pensioner

13 June, 2012 • Ministers signal gay marriage could take place in church

13 June, 2012 • Child grooming scandals only 'tip of the iceberg', says Government minister

13 June, 2012 • Sadistic child abuse is rife across Britain, MPs warned

12 June, 2012 • Gay marriage plans could 'force priests to marry couples in church'

11 June, 2012 • Gay couple become first in Britain to hold civil partnership ceremony in a church

10 June, 2012 • Teachers could be forced to promote gay marriage in classrooms

8 June, 2012 • Sexual exploitation of white girls is 'problem in Asian communities', claims prosecutor

8 June, 2012 • Prison guards caught having "inappropriate relationships" with inmates

8 June, 2012 • Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’

7 June, 2012 • Shops still sell sexy clothes for kids

7 June, 2012 • Home Office figures reveal quarter of crimes committed by youths

7 June, 2012 • 2012 is Co-Op Pride!

3 June, 2012 • Sir Elton John ‘wants another baby’

3 June, 2012 • Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming


31 May, 2012 • The horror of female genital mutilation in the UK

31 May, 2012 • Gonorrhoea becoming untreatable, health experts warn

30 May, 2012 • Children as young as FIVE are being treated for depression and anxiety... and their number is increasing by 10% each year

30 May, 2012 • "I don’t see it as cheating": The wife who lets her husband work as a male escort... and even helps him attract clients

30 May, 2012 • School children need body image lessons - MPs

30 May, 2012 • Prisoners under pressure to convert to Muslim 'gang'

29 May, 2012 • Muslim rapes of children covered up by U.K. politicians

29 May, 2012 • Girls aged five worry about their body image, say MPs

29 May, 2012 • Abortion rates continue to rise



28 May, 2012 • Is Britain a racist nation? One in three Brits 'admits to being racist', according to poll

28 May, 2012 • Half of female refugees 'raped'

28 May, 2012 • Police use taser on woman who stabbed her husband 17 times but she is spared jail

28 May, 2012 • NHS removes 'Dad' from parenting leaflets to avoid upsetting same-sex couples


25 May, 2012 • 'Sin is such fun’ vicar faces calls for sack over Facebook posts

25 May, 2012 • "Feeding Hate": Islamic Separatism in Britain

25 May, 2012 • They attacked "like a pack" raining fists on a defenceless legal secretary. Yesterday they walked free from court.

25 May, 2012 • Hundreds of teens have had two abortions: figures show

24 May, 2012 • Woman 'sold schoolgirl, 14, to builder for £60 sex in his van after plying her with crack cocaine'

24 May, 2012 • Sex attacker spared 'cruel' jail by judge who pitied his lack of love life

23 May, 2012 • Doctors could be banned from practising for refusing to give unmarried women contraceptives

23 May, 2012 • Christian counsellors being 'closed down' says struck-off 'gay cure' psychotherapist

22 May, 2012 • Prisoners must be given the vote in UK, European court rules

22 May, 2012 • Celebrities back same-sex marriage campaign


21 May, 2012 • Scientology cult ordered me to have an abortion

21 May, 2012 • 492 organs and limbs kept by police 'unnecessarily'

20 May, 2012 • Boys as young as 10 having breast surgery on the NHS

19 May, 2012 • Paedo’s 1,000 girl net hitlist

18 May, 2012 • Thai police arrest Brit with foetuses for black magic

17 May, 2012 • 'Sexting' shock: Kids as young as EIGHT sending indecent pictures of themselves, police chiefs warn

16 May, 2012 • Wales deaths from drug and drink issues up 31% in 10 years, ONS figures show

15 May, 2012 • Hunt for thug who 'put cat through hell'

15 May, 2012 • Sawtry sex shop licence renewed in spite of protests

15 May, 2012 • Father-in-law jailed for ‘slave’ abuse

14 May, 2012 • Children as young as 10 being groomed in Northern Ireland

13 May, 2012 • Growing number of women turning to sex industry to survive



13 May, 2012 • NHS spends £1m a week on repeat abortions: Single women using terminations 'as another form of contraceptive'


11 May, 2012 • £750 for your eggs: Fertility firm targets Cambridge Uni girls as critics blast company for exploiting 'financially vulnerable' students

11 May, 2012 • Thug who attacked two students in unprovoked assault is spared jail so he can get married and go on honeymoon

8 May, 2012 • Muslim woman scared secret boyfriend would send explicit pictures to her devout parents cried rape to gang who then subjected him to torture ordeal

7 May, 2012 • Muslim woman beat girl, 10, with steel ladle for not reading enough of Koran

7 May, 2012 • Gay couples to win legal right to 'marry' before next election

4 May, 2012 • Man who stabbed girl in face guilty of attempted murder

4 May, 2012 • Elderly Birmingham woman attacked while asleep in bed

4 May, 2012 • Judge unmasks teenager who organised gang rape of girl, 11

4 May, 2012 • Six months for boy who raped girl of 11 sparks outrage over 16-year-old thug's soft sentence for attack in McDonald's toilet

4 May, 2012 • Anglican preacher barred from pulpit over opposition to gay marriage

3 May, 2012 • Cannabis-smoking mother who stabbed two young sons to death thought the devil was chasing her, telling her to kill the children

2 May, 2012 • Doctor fired for quoting from the Bible and emailing prayer to colleagues loses his job battle

2 May, 2012 • Sonny Grey scalding death: Second man on murder charge

2 May, 2012 • Cannabis: Britain's growth industry

2 May, 2012 • British girls among heaviest teenage drinkers

2 May, 2012 • Police officer was showing off as he mowed down couple in powerful car

1 May, 2012 • Judge rules man's life can end

1 May, 2012 • Law to wipe gay sex convictions given royal assent

1 May, 2012 • Youth obsession is harming elderly, warns Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams

30 April, 2012 • Boris Johnson plans to unveil LGBT manifesto ‘to an amazed world’

30 April, 2012 • How conservatives hijacked the gay movement

30 April, 2012 • BBC promises review of explicit sex film for children following criticism from ministers

29 April, 2012 • The council that kept its prayers – by dropping God

29 April, 2012 • 15,000 pupils were excluded for sex offences in school

29 April, 2012 • Cannabis farms: 21 found each day, police chiefs say


25 April, 2012 • Britain has world’s third highest proportion of sexually active teens

22 April, 2012 • Rise of the DIY divorce: Hard-up couples causing court chaos by representing themselves amid cutbacks

22 April, 2012 • Church of England clergy back same-sex marriage

22 April, 2012 • MUM KEPT BOY, 10, IN COAL BUNKER

21 April, 2012 • Huge rise in IVF for single and gay mothers since law requiring father figure was removed


20 April, 2012 • Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations

19 April, 2012 • Street thefts 'up by 10pc'

17 April, 2012 • Scot Jason Downie who butchered girl, 16 and her parents in Australia is jailed for at least 35 years

16 April, 2012 • Women in chance sex encounters can receive the morning-after pill by courier from next week

16 April, 2012 • Teen, 17, was throttled, bound, gagged, beaten with a baseball bat and shot in face from point-blank range 'for fun'

16 April, 2012 • Sharia in the UK: Church banned from using public market stall after distributing leaflet criticizing Islam


14 April, 2012 • And after double maths it will be... paganism: Schools told to put witchcraft and druids on RE syllabus

14 April, 2012 • Christians 'vilified' by courts

13 April, 2012 • The expert who played God... and the real-life Big Brother house where he tore families apart with bizarre tasks to test if parents were fit to keep their children

13 April, 2012 • TfL bans Christian groups' 'gay cure' advert from London buses

13 April, 2012 • Care home children 'involved in prostitution'

12 April, 2012 • Betting Bonanza

12 April, 2012 • Sharia in Britain


11 April, 2012 • A Briton in London: A Stranger in My Own Land

11 April, 2012 • Charge after boy, four, 'stabbed' in Mansfield

8 April, 2012 • Battery children... and why, trapped in their computer-filled bedrooms, they'll never know the joy of a free-range childhood

8 April, 2012 • I wed aged FIVE... in the UK

7 April, 2012 • Racism endemic in Met, says Lawrence inquiry adviser

7 April, 2012 • Scientists rewrite rules of human reproduction

6 April, 2012 • Boy, 15, who raped girl, 14, after posing as Good Samaritan and walking her home is detained for three and a half years

5 April, 2012 • Teenager, 14, who posted porn video of himself and girl, also 14, brags on Twitter of new found 'cult status'

5 April, 2012 • As PM urges support of Christianity, his own Minister tells Europe Britons do not have right to wear cross at work

5 April, 2012 • Children don't just watch porn. Tragically, they now star in it

5 April, 2012 • Parents accused of treating their children like 'little Buddhas' by not imposing boundaries at home

4 April, 2012 • Nearly 1,000 sex attacks on children reported to West Midlands Police since 2010

4 April, 2012 • Use of drugs by the over-60s has increased tenfold in 20 years

4 April, 2012 • 1000 London Buses Go Gay


4 April, 2012 • Less than 10 per cent of child sex offences result in conviction


3 April, 2012 • Computer games 'affecting children'



1 April, 2012 • Film which was banned from British screens for blasphemy because it showed a nun caressing Jesus on the cross is finally set for release after 23 years


30 March, 2012 • Girl of five is youngest UK victim of forced marriage as Home Office looks at prosecuting families

30 March, 2012 • Schoolgirl, 12, encouraged boy to rape 11-year-old girl for a DARE and screamed 'You’re not finished' when he wanted to stop

29 March, 2012 • Sir Elton John says he plans to father a second child

28 March, 2012 • Christian doctor ’sacked for emailing a prayer to hospital colleagues to raise their spirits’

28 March, 2012 • 6,000 young girls 'at any one time are at risk of rape by gangs'

27 March, 2012 • Quakers call for equal marriage in address to the Queen

27 March, 2012 • GP 'had sex with patient after claiming it would be therapy for abuse she suffered as child and SAVE her marriage'

27 March, 2012 • Another blow to marriage as top judges demand no-fault divorce and say current laws are vastly outdated

26 March, 2012 • Racist thug squirted acid at black mother as she walked with her six-month-old baby




23 March, 2012 • Abortion investigation: It’s not my job to ask questions, said consultant willing to bend the rules

23 March, 2012 • Alleged sex ring 'groomed vulnerable girls as young as 11 for rape'

22 March, 2012 • Swingers sprayed man with bear mace after sex weekend