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31 July, 2009 MP David Winnick pledges to launch Bill calling for assisted suicide to be legalised in UK

30 July, 2009 Sleep with a stranger and win an iPod... how NHS bosses are combating the devastating legacy of casual sex

29 July, 2009 A fifth of children are illegal gamblers according to study

28 July, 2009 Atheist summer camp launched in Somerset

27 July, 2009 I'll wed again says serial bigamist

27 July, 2009 Armed Forces celebrates diversity with gay serviceman in Soldier magazine

26 July, 2009 Man arrested for confronting a gang in his own home

26 July, 2009 Family disowned by parents after gang rape ordeal

26 July, 2009 One in 50 admit to drug addiction

25 July, 2009 Nurses No Longer Against Assisted Suicide

22 July, 2009 Girl, 13, arrested with machine gun

21 July, 2009 100 children accused of rape in Scotland

21 July, 2009 Deaths on rise as government anti-knife crime strategy fails

20 July, 2009 Christian doctor is axed from panel over failing to back gay adoption

20 July, 2009 Parents 'will have no say' over sex education in schools

19 July, 2009 Pre-teen pregnancies revealed

17 July, 2009 Pagan Police Association Launched

17 July, 2009 Serious knife attacks rocket by 50 per cent in one year

16 July, 2009 Children as young as seven are threatening to smear teachers

15 July, 2009 House in the country used for mass orgies

13 July, 2009 Beer, cross-dressing and racy dating games for Scouts!

12 July, 2009 Pupils told: Sex every day keeps the GP away

12 July, 2009 Hundreds die in 'hidden world' of mental hospitals

10 July, 2009 Coronation Street to get first gay club

9 July, 2009 Knife crime has trebled in parts of the country

9 July, 2009 Drinking deaths up 40% since Labour came to power

8 July, 2009 Government-backed scheme to lower teen pregnancy has opposite effect

5 July, 2009 Sarah Brown joins Pride march

4 July, 2009 Children as young as 5 'should be taught evolution'

2 July, 2009 Lawless Britain Top of the League for Violent Crime

1 July, 2009 School bans girl from wearing crucifix - but allows Sikh pupils to wear bangles