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31 March, 2009 Teenage girls pressured to imitate pornographic scenes

29 March, 2009 Stonewall demands that Royal couples be allowed to form civil partnerships

29 March, 2009 'Dr Death' sells euthanasia kits in UK for 35

28 March, 2009 Council worker suspended for suggesting terminally-ill woman "put her faith in God"

27 March, 2009 UK teenagers among heaviest drinkers in EU

26 March, 2009 Abortion clinics to advertise on television for the first time

26 March, 2009 Round-the-clock condom ads on British TV

25 March, 2009 Sex slaves being held captive across NI - police warn

24 March, 2009 Druids, Rastafarians and atheists in new religious studies classes

24 March, 2009 Teen auctions off her virginity online to pay college fees

23 March, 2009 More Women Binge Drinkers Rushed to Hospital Than Man

22 March, 2009 The number of children taken to hospital with stab wounds has risen 72 per cent in the past decade

20 March, 2009 Female Genital Mutilation on British Turf

20 March, 2009 Government campaign that says condoms make women sexier

20 March, 2009 Hewitt backs demands for assisted suicide law change

19 March, 2009 Children as young as three are being trafficked to Wales for sex and drugs

18 March, 2009 Single mother abandons her 'moaning' children and flies off on sunshine holiday

18 March, 2009 Hospice chaplain banned from using 'G-word' to avoid offending non-Christians

13 March, 2009 Shock at number of child sex offenders

12 March, 2009 Boy, 13, zaps classmates with stun gun

11 March 2009 1,000 police have criminal records

11 March, 2009 Boy of 8 questioned for rape

10 March, 2009 Free IPod with Chlamydia test

10 March, 2009 Home and Away to introduce lesbian romance

9 March, 2009 Parent Removing Children From LGBT History Lessons Face Prosecution

9 March, 2009 Primary schools give sex education to children as young as seven

6 March, 2009 One in three children admit carrying weapons

6 March, 2009 Alcohol abuse puts 35,000 West Midlands OAPs in hospital

4 March, 2009 Growth in Violence Against Women

3 March, 2009 Boy of 14 'stabs fellow pupil in class

3 March, 2009 Grandfather blinded in broken bottle attack

2 March, 2009 'Marriage penalty' of Labour's benefits system makes divorced women better off

2 March, 2009 Church schools could be forced to promote Islam and homosexuality

2 March, 2009 Lesbian partner can be named on birth certificate

2 March, 2009 Baby boomer drink habits "may be time-bomb"

1 March, 2009 Violent attacks by teenage girls have more than trebled in the past 7 years